True Religion Bootcut Jeans Womens The girl falls

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True Religion Bootcut Jeans Womens The girl falls

Postby ywal3REk » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:25 am

7:00 pm yesterday ,Jimmy Choo Boots The man convicted of parking and security rough spots to hold t,True Religion Bootcut Jeans Womens
(Reporter Wu Guangliang) Shapingba walker avenue a ruddy girl suddenly falling from Chongqing Bei Road 58 residential mansions killed a passing girl was Zadao the floor was seriously harmed
muffled bang lying two

8:00 last night, reporters rushed to the scene, the dwellers downstairs market salesperson Sechin, last night 7:15 so, she was sitting in the doorway of the mart when I listened the flutter! a yellow girl down in the ruddy girl approximately the duo head always cruel
audience among up,True Religion Jeans Mens,not by inches the security compartments police plus Xieqin arrived and ambition be blocked,plus dialed 120. Red girl in a alongside University to learn plus her boyfriend rented cache on Unit four we occasionally ambition arrange a welcoming Reporter visual girl rental housing to floor,True Religion Straight Leg Jeans Mens,almost 20 meters.
guess debate and jumping

correspondent Sechin guidelines down to the red girl rented house, police housing has been blocked. Reporters saw along the gate the house namely extremely messy,get out of the way the zone broken bowl shredding, police were at the scene investigation. Site janitor Xieqin, the girl in red reflect the neighbor girl crash onward the dispute with her boyfriend, the girl has died along the scene, her boyfriend was taken away at police for investigation,True Religion Hoodies Womens, downstairs impaired girl was hit at her has been sent apt the ailment hospital.
smashed girls bosom bleeding of

yesterday at 9:00 pm, reporters rushed to the hospital of the tumor,merely that the girls buffet the ruddy girl has been sent apt the Southwest Hospital. 9:30 that nightfall the correspondent arrived along the Southwest Hospital crisis apartment the girl's parents plus relatives are anxiously approximately in front.
smashed girl Er Yi,Jimmy Choo Slingbacks Year-old girl to take care o, the girl appointed the Xiao Ruoxi, who equitable cornered 19 years old this yearly onward entering the important establishment of the hospital reading Time of the episode Xiao Ruoxi with classmates Ting Yu was rushed to the educate The correspondent afterward learned from the emergency department medic the Xiao Ruoxi been in a coma,backbone plus neck fractures,and accompanied at a pleural hemorrhage.
with Xiao Ruoxi home introduced apt Ting Yu waiting in the hospital back the episode she saw the woman buffet of Xiao Ruoxi upstairs falling back down to the floor eyes roomy open, blood from her brain on slowly oozing. Reporters apt leave the 11 o'clock last night, Xiao Ruoxi still in rescue
claims may be very difficult
apt Yang Chaomin, Juli Lawyer in
Chongqing, Guangzhou had experienced alike asset Yang Zhaomin, the deceased adviser Xiao Ruoxi injured responsibility subject, Xiao Ruoxi family only to find the deceased claims If the deceased quit a legacy of the, Xiao Ruoxi home apt ascertain the heirs of the deceased is responsible for compensation,whether the deceased did not have heritage, the demand ambition become a problem. Yangchao Min said that the deceased inferior the parents of the deceased want be responsible for only forward to the current situation, the deceased are academy students,ought be grown,but there will never be the heritage of the parents of the deceased is not the cardinal responsibility for Xiao Ruoxi ambition be intricate to earn compensation .
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