Chanel Clutches Bags Students dissatisfied with th

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Chanel Clutches Bags Students dissatisfied with th

Postby zEKfCrws » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:17 am

weekly May nine reporter Zhao Lei correspondent Han Lianhua ) along noon aboard the 7th , two graduating academy students deserving apt the taxi driver atmosphere conditioning ,True Religion Jeans Man to spend 10 million apt hi,Chanel Clutches Bags, with a dispute and beaten
seven 1:00 pm , Beiguan police station received a The police rushed to the scene comprehend the situation , immediately summoned the two juvenile folk to the police station among accordance with the decree
police investigators , two men Sohn plus Han Weicheng District,Chanel Demin Bags Outlet, North -related summer graduating from college this year Noon on the 7th , the two ride a taxi apt work the Weicheng Development Zone,Classic Chanel Bags Outlet, a plant applicant On the bus , they feel the automobile muggy drivers atmosphere conditioning . The driver said , 89 hospitals resemble the front gate Sohn inquired to obtain off. The driver stopped the car apt 6 yuan to Sohn . Sohn discard the expenditure service namely not agreeable The driver was shocking they gone grabbed Sohn . Sohn counterassaulted give the driver a punch,Men Chanel Wallet, Mr. Han likewise approximated the driver punched and hit Drive after the driver broke free plus ran,Chanel HandBags Australia Photo American artists to create three-dimensional paper sculpture,and shrieked the police .
Sohn and Han Weicheng Public Security Bureau has been held in administrative detention .
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