Women Chanel Purse Rainy night in the successful r

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Women Chanel Purse Rainy night in the successful r

Postby pyZEB7fj » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:02 am

Yanqing County, dispatched 60 folk to expand the rainy night the liberate action

WASHINGTON (correspondent the Gude Yong Liu Wanjun ) last night 6 Yanqing County sent 60 folk apt enlarge rainy night emancipate operations subsequently the search of the elapse night six
10:30 that night ,Chanel sac, Yanqing County Emergency Command Center received a police intelligence : six climbers amid handle Hill , Den access behind from getting lost,within absence of liberate Emergency Command Center immediately advertise the pertinent departments of the Yanqing County Public Security Bureau , the shire blaze brigade ,Chanel Shopping Bags Ms. boyfriend express birthda, the County landscaping Board plus Zhang Shan town ministry instantly dispatched rescue teams composed of more than 60 people convened instantly marching to the ocean Tuo Shan .
was also never make sure the exact location of the lost staff inquiry and decree the 1st emancipate troop composed of Yanqing County forest flame brigade Yanqing Squadron 12 , with lighting , communications,Women Chanel Purse,plus shovels plus other tools to the direction of the ocean knob moving. At the same period the foot of the mountain rescue teams aboard standby .
the night of rainfall to bring difficulties apt the emancipate Lin, deep grass slippery plus the more up the mound to work the more there is no road ,Chanel Messenger Bags, 12 drenched rescuers complicated before They cornered over the 1st mountain missing persons began to call merely had no response . Under the command of the field headquarters among the mountainside occasionally when the adoption of mobile phone contact apt make sure position, Yesterday , 2:45 ,True Religion Bootcut Jeans Man download electroni, the emancipate crew finally pedestal the lost tourists . 4:20 , six tourists were rescuers or behind alternatively merge successfully put down the mountain by this duration the day has dawn forever night did never doze a wink .
It is understood that six lost tourists Beijing Normal University, UNESCO Chinese education 10 am begin climbing the mountain , the daytime 16:30 from small sea knob Shannan line down the mountain , the police afterward getting lost ,Chanel Bags Tote, six were in comely physical condition .
It namely reported that this daily Yanqing County, the third large-scale emancipate lost tourists . Yanqing pertinent departments to remind visitors never Gordon Wild , mountain climbing namely best accompanied by a regional consultant once lost agitate as soon for feasible Text and photo
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