Chanel Flap Bags Outlet Seventy couples at home, c

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Chanel Flap Bags Outlet Seventy couples at home, c

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The Jiujiang Police cordoned off around the guilt houses. Yesterday morning

11 o'clock, Mr. Guo Jiujiang public to cry the journalist to reflect Jiujiang present bus station approach the long transport gas station contrary located nine Jiang Jinfeng Road, South Lake Village,sacs �� main Chanel, a roadside houses massacre . Victims Wu couples are accessory than 70 annuals old was seriously slashed the brain is cruel was rushed apt hospital. As of press period the age couple is never yet out of danger. Heinous,aged two-year-old grandson of criminals longing be dripped from the second ground broke into solemn injuries. Currently,Chanel Denim Handbags Kilos pigs born with only tw,regional police are investigating the matter.
seventy pairs brain was chopped

Yesterday 14:30 Xu,Chanel Flap Bags Outlet, reporters rushed apt the long transport gas station is located amid Jinfeng Road,to discern across the avenue Waldorf periphery of the hostel has been the police tug up cordon, the police are being asked nearly the surrounding residents
the 1st floor of the hostel dormitory police are hurried footsteps,Men and women bus drivers amid contradiction apt block the bus (Figure ),busy scene investigation.
3 pm,while the reporters rushed to the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Jiujiang City,theoretical that two aged folk injured amid critical condition, hospital ICU crisis apartment emancipate
surrounded the crisis dormitory gate the correspondent saw the pants piled among one place The two elderly Shangdebuqing. Said: The old madam brain perforate wounds, as well as point of awareness,merely still a severe coma.
cut the couple's two sons in the crisis apartment gate anxiously awaiting. According to the eldest son of the aged yesterday morning, nine also with the elderly along telephone,acquainting the aged where the pipes do never identify it,to their own attention to the body. After the incident,Chanel Snakeskin Handbags Outlet, he hurried to come behind his father fell on the 1st ground of a apartment her mother fell aboard the second ground of a apartment
in connection with the lease disputes

kid live, and utterly devoid of conscience,also he was only two-year-old babe lost from the second ground windows.while he drove kin the kids fall and obtain bruises, and immediately bring their kid to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Jiujiang City emancipate When he open a closed door,pedestal the parents down among a pond of blood.
According apt the introduction of the families of aged victims incident the army as the old house which injured the old pair All along the two age people regard the house to chang an I surnamed opened roadhouse Recently,Chanel Shopping Bags, house demolition, Yu Mou apt miscarry the lease contract,merely likewise oblige compensation as the old pair he renovated the hotel money. Government relocation compensation has never yet issued among place this issue has additionally apt be resolved

Police has set up a task oppress

according to local police five o'clock yesterday afternoon, a newspaper release to the middle said yesterday by eleven am,in the Lushan district Jinfeng Road, Chang Yun opposite the gas station Hua Dubin display vicious homicide. Wu couple of victims are extra than 70 annuals age and others seriously slashed two-year-old grandson were injured.
next the incident, the Public Security Bureau and the District of Lushan, Jiujiang City Public Security Bureau Criminal technicians rushed to the scene to carry out visits to the survey and site survey 120 Emergency Center has two injured aged and kid were sent to Jiujiang City Hospital and the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Jiujiang City,emancipate It is understood that the victim Wu couples Department of the Hua Dubin Museum landlord. Jiujiang Lushan District, two police has set up a task coerce namely organizing the police oppress full detection of the case.
Text / Reporter Wang Ping
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