Chanel sacs July -old girl allegedly as a result o

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Chanel sacs July -old girl allegedly as a result o

Postby iAUk9iY4 » Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:11 am

ovarian cysts 7 extravagant premature adolescence
reporter Wang Chen ) 7 months luxurious ovarian long cyst causing premature adolescence Yesterday ,Cheap Chanel Wallet Mens,True Religion Hoodies Man suspected annihilated hi, Liu Shenzhen Children's Hospital surrounded Wuhan City with her daughter surgery, removal of ovarian cysts .
March this anniversary Sharon gave birth to a beautiful daughter . One to see the children peerless healthy and are very cheerful Sharon abandon her job and family consideration of their babies Daughter grow up to seven months ,Chanel sacs,True Religion Straight Leg Jeans Owners to alter t, Sharon surprised apt find that her breasts seem to have appended signs . A month behind her daughter breast uplift favor one upside down bowl, begin to get black areola .
Liu is very anxious nearly the Internet to search as some information and found her daughter's symptoms of precocious adolescence is very alike Understand the Children's Hospital of Wuhan City, endocrine expert Liu peregrination long distances with her daughter flew apt Wuhan to retard
hospital endocrine specialist Yao Hui consultant of diagnosed children undergo from premature adolescence and the hospitalization beyond examination revealed that children ovarian cysts ,Chanel Bags 2.55, this cyst reason precocious puberty
Yao Hui ,Chanel Bags Canada, the outcome of precocious adolescence within addition to parents who are skilled with king precocious adolescence exogenous sexual precocity simple early breast development but there is a class of organic diseases , such because intracranial tumors, gonadal tumors caused .
experts , the main occasion of these tumors are mostly genetic, the other with her mum during pregnancy exposed apt ionizing radiation,noxious substances . Tumor -induced precocious puberty sooner the better treatment amid common surgical eradication .
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