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which we can choose Cheap UGG Surburb Crochet 5129

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For a computer user, word processing is necessary for some purpose,Cheap UGG Surburb Crochet 5129, we often need to protect the document. Here the word information in an unauthorized user to see; to avoid macro viruses, misuse, and other various reasons,Cheap UGG Classic Tall 5817, the document file damage, to ensure the integrity of the document. now I use Word for many years of experience (though a bit PUFF),New Gucci Purses, talk about the protection of Word2000 to (hereinafter referred to as Word) documents the methods and measures.
hidden document record
as when we open the Word see what?, just use the mouse to click lists the four most recently used files.; menu,Cheap UGG Sundance Limited Edition, by default this way,Gucci Travel Bags, we opened the file will be fully exposed without having to look for can easily be found.
for the need for confidentiality reasons, we often do not want to others see the edited file, to achieve this purpose, as long as you do not select can.
to do so no one can find recently used files? answer, of course, under normal circumstances, the Windows all the files that the user recently used on sensitive content should be promptly removed. we can by clicking the registry to achieve.
under in HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer branch to create a new DWord value named the create a new binary value named open to others sight
Now we can begin to ease editing files. well, suddenly someone came over mm sometimes we do not want others to see the document being edited. If you turn off the Word and other will also re-open the editor documents,Cheap UGG Knightsbridge 5123, has been set toolbar shortcut key combination (which we can choose, but do not conflict with the existing shortcut key combination). others walked away, then press Ctrl + Z key combination can be (in fact, this is the use of the principle). a long
to the document to set a password
text entry finally completed, if you do not want unauthorized users to use your save file,Cheap UGG Fox Fur Boots 8686, you should set a password to it. open File The two types of passwords for file protection:
modified, there is no password to modify the user can only open the document as read-only these two passwords are independent of each other, can be set according to their needs. The maximum length of 15 characters and are case sensitive. In addition, select The conventional way to open the need to remind you, do not think that added a password everything is OK,Mens Cheap UGG Classic Boots 5808, for many software crack Office document password length is too short or regular Office document password can be said to vulnerable,Gucci Shoes, so really need to encrypted document, we need to be more careful, try to use numbers, letters mixed case encryption. small measures

encryption even if the document has been encrypted and protected,Gucci Hobo Bags, as long as I move the mouse,Gucci Sunglasses, you can still understand your some of the content of the document with the mouse right-click the document, select
turned out a lot of people used to edit a new document when the first input text, and then give the document from the title this way,Gucci Shoes, Word will automatically dozens of words in the body of the document summary information saved so be better protected in order to make their own privacy,Gucci Business Bags, we have to develop the first to enter the title of the article or in a timely manner to manually change the title habits if you do not want to let people know some of your user information,Cheap UGG Gypsy Sandals 1760, but also in the Options
processing documents,Gucci Bags, after the above method can be said is basically safe. However, after we complete a document, you may also need to others to review, using the to protect others in the document on the original changes made with revision marks or comments marked form of record. Another method is to use the Save as r click view and deal with the old version.
macro virus protection
Word macro virus warning to protect the user can select the dialog box (Figure 4) to set various security levels recommended setting is users choose to run or not. However, some software (such as IBMViaVoice2000) may force you to set it to To really put an end to the macro viruses, you should use anti-virus software. emergencies
document protection
may sometimes be due to unexpected events (such as power outages, crashes) cause the document failed to save, do not let done all in vain? we should make full use of the time interval, this interval is set too short, otherwise frequent save a waste of time, two to damage the hard disk set, then the above situation encountered,Cheap UGG Evera, Word's AutoRecover feature in next time you use Word restore files automatically open the recovery file contains the last auto-save feature changes made to the document. If Word does not open automatically restore files,Cheap UGG Upside Boots 5167, we can manually open the recovery file suffix called the asd, its path Tools > Word document backup function. at the same time of the original document, Word will automatically keep a backup documentation (backup documentation is wbk extension).
,Gucci HandBags, said so much,Kids Bailey Button Triplet 1971, and we may have discovered that the original document file protection does not necessarily by encryption software to complete, and the Word itself has provided us with a lot of features,Gucci Travel HandBags, as long as we usually pay attention to accumulate, it will make the document more secure.
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Re: which we can choose Cheap UGG Surburb Crochet 5129

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