True Religion Sale Seven nonagenarian five annuals

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True Religion Sale Seven nonagenarian five annuals

Postby iAUk9iY4 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:11 am

among Kaixian , a remote mountain village , a meek brick house , which is family apt an annual seven - annual old he is cried Zhang Qingtian . Five years antecedent the village is this five-guarantee repair dormitory pull the cable security light lamp Five years after while one equitable graduated from the Village apt visit villagers stumbled aboard the measure of the aged for five years a utter of only six.1 degrees away . Extreme emotion ,True Religion T-shirts Ningbo 18 -year-old girl na, the young village officials and the elderly apt the network to the
October 21 , 2009 users He wrote amid the quote : Every yearly the aged have taken the initiative apt pay the cordless bill merely the impose collection comrades politely declined , the age man said: The correspondent learned namely the aged man appointed Zhang Qingtian , 74 - annual - age the Kaixian Riverside town of Waterford Village two groups of villagers , the village 's five guarantees . Zhang Qingtian life farming do not depart the village,True Religion Jeans,neither his wife and children Until he was 60 , was reported to transformed the five guarantees , countries can enjoy a stipend of 2200 yuan per year the holiday ambition receive the village condolence payments,True Religion Hoodies Womens, maintain a person's life namely not a problem .
aged only two 5W bulbs for usually only point of vegetable self-sufficiency in the dawn of the aged to obtain up the black apt sleep and basically do not corner on the lights . 62 -year-old families Ji-quan Zhang Qingtian to do a five-year neighbors .
elderly folk how to do five years, only kWh of electricity ? Users calculations . Each anniversary only an.22 kWh of electricity among the elderly is is a day apt 0.0033 kWh of electricity . Elderly , there are two 5W bulb never open simultaneously . In other words as long as Zhang Qingtian open every day a light lamp is never surplus than 39.6 minutes ,True Religion Jeans Mens Middle-aged pairs into a,True Religion Sale, five years may only be kWh . A reporter asked: Which did you retention it ? Zhang Qingtian : for personal savings . Personal savings ,True Religion Hoodies, the village savings .
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Postby skilabesjek » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:20 am

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