True Religion Jeans For Women The manageress three

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True Religion Jeans For Women The manageress three

Postby iyppAyCt » Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:58 am

three suspects within
withdraw 80,MBT Kisumu 2 Shoes,000 yuan from the victims bank cards, two men were caught the martyr peace

Yuanshi County, three jobless juvenile folk,for financial obtain the kidnapping of a company of Shijiazhuang City Sales Manager Court (a pseudonym), was almost buried living Shijiazhuang the Qiaoxi Public Security Bureau Weiming Criminal Police caught two of them surmise Yuan Ping family
go the way women managers were kidnapped

According to the Shijiazhuang the Weiming Interpol squadron vice captain Zhou Baobo, October 29, 2008 morning along seven O'clock 20 points, Little Court,consist in ... the electric automobile ride to ingredient of work while to Yuhua West Road and Friendship Avenue approximate the intersection, roadside bound up out of the two men suddenly shoved to the layer,afterwards arrest the cilia forcibly moved a white automobile parked according the front,along Yuhua West Road, west to tug away. The Court said,back the parties, these folk with a sweater aboard the bus kept among her brain,afterwards wrapped with adhesive tape,GHD Mini Straighteners 50_4097, non-stop attack on her. One of them and said fiercely: diagram could never all over folk could not find. Fear of Yuan chance the leadership of the company sent approximately seeing until the afternoon, the scene of the opportunity the staff pedestal that the electric cars of the Court to throw by the roadside, that a vehicle contingency We find the west become the traffic police squadron to search for and no small Court information. Company leaders to find a bank catalogue surrounded small Court bottom was a few million among two bank cards, and so reported to the police.
strange phone lock suspects

Weiming Criminal Police received a report the case of important squadron actuator Wang Weimin led the police immediately rushed to the scene. A bank among the lots approximate the discovery of cordless bikes the police retrieved the banks appearance surveillance video and found to 7:20, two men moved the parties Court, her rack surrounded a white automobile The shade is very puzzling and never perceive a authority plate number which concluded that the small Court abducted. According to the relevant circumstances of where the victims were catered onward the company, the police rushed to the bank longing freeze the list of the small Court, the detection of timely commenced.
while the police launched the investigation, the driver of the small Court suddenly received a phone call, this person asked the company new situation,merely also inquire virtually the company without an opportunity Learned that behind the disappearance of the small Court manager, caller hurriedly hung up the phone. Phone call to the drivers dismissed the incident a week antecedent a certain man 26 annuals age Yuanshi County), this person ahead pedaling to the small Court,often drinking muddle things up, was discharged along the company among October 22.
a particular phone call quite strange, the police know that certain quite suspicious, and conclude that this person has a motive.
three suspects arrested two

the early morning of October 30, certain re-call that are important matters to argue,within accordance with the arrangements of the police, the current driver to new driver sensitive on the fantasy and said that a good-looking meeting location 1 pm, a place among the South Second Ring Road, the particular namely impartial one would be arrested according the police. Certain recognition of the kidnapping of a small Court.
among the trial of a particular phase the police theoretical that certain associates of victims of small Court was thrown into the South Second Ring Road and water Street intersection zone Police identify certain of the other two accomplices Shao Shuai man 26 years old Yuanshi County) and Shao Kai (Male, 26 years age Yuanshi County), because they short of money, conspiracy to hijack a small Court, October 22 particular was expelled they decided to obtain involved,among the morning of October 29 and prior to step a comely point, the implementation of the kidnapping.
guess a particular menu of the November 4 police amid Zhengding Shao Kai, the guess captured
martyr came near to being buried alive

the morning of November five Weiming Street vice squad, the sufferer small Garden Speaking of the situation at that phase still a lingering panic Court said, October 29,back the criminals tied the car she was plucked Luquan Dragon Lake, suspected of blowing on her,Burberry Travelling Luggage 44_6589, opening to 70 million in cash. Small Yuan said he did never so much money, the suspect she was again beaten,bottom and removed the phone, the body of the two bank card, and afterwards oppress her to acquaint the password. The two card perfect of 8 million yuan within cash, the two suspects into custody to the sufferer among the automobile,repeatedly guess to the bank money,True Religion Jeans, paid a total of $ 60,MBT Tembea Shoes,000 until the automatic teller machine is not longer providing services. The then morning to work to withdraw cash,True Religion Jeans For Women, a particular period onward the suspects to go out to call the new driver of the sufferer inquire almost the news would like to know whether the company agitate notwithstanding it is this phone has exposed the personality of the suspects.
the evening of October 29, the guess pedaling a automobile pulled the martyr among bronze smelting, Bao Duzhai four parades During which they bought a spade,want spade the sawn-off,prepared to paint finished the cash, the sufferer Court buried living
morning, October 30 by an pm, take into custody a small Yuan Shao Shuai Shao Kai go to inquire virtually the news of a particular call,merely the phone incapable to connect. They feel that the situation does not,also bottom that the Court bank card had been frozen, take not cash. They alarm hurry victims Court push to obtain off and ran
trial was informed that the guess Shao Shuai Shao Kai,scampering all the access driving a automobile find a bath surrounded nearly 260 hospitals, uneasy over night,subsequently daytime two separate escape The night of November 4 Shao Kai, was captured and confessed to the crime Police are Shao Shuai commence occupy
yesterday, certain of the guess Shao Kai has XingJu. Suspects per capita (the text namely a pseudonym) correspondent Dong Shijie intern Han Xiaoyu)
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