while Fayuan more thick Yun history and culture

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while Fayuan more thick Yun history and culture

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Hutong of Beijing Hutong Tour line is unique to an ancient city alley.
In Beijing, hutongs voluminous thousands around the Forbidden City and the surrounding, mostly formed in the Chinese history on Ming and Qing dynasties. Hutong Tour (track it the footsteps of the old Beijing)
, tourists in the north gate of Beihai Park (back door) about 100 meters west alley tour starting point to take the traditional old Beijing transport tricycle departure ( each can take two), arrive in a guided trip the first stop - the Drum Tower. Drum Tower was built in 1272, about 50 meters high, the old capital of the timekeeping center, guided guests board the Drum Tower, overlooking the central axis on both sides of the two sides of the alley of the city, to explain the formation of Beijing's history, urban pattern and alley, and visit the courtyard model.
2, leave the Drum Tower, the guests by tricycle through the alley, walking along the Shichahai period of Yin Ding Bridge and get off , a guided walk to the alley with a strong Beijing folk, and listen to the tour guide to explain the cultural connotations of Beijing's hutongs and courtyard, look at the traditional way of life in the alley and into the general residential courtyard to visit with residents chat, understand the customs of people's lives.
tourists ride a tricycle to go to the was built in 1779, covers an area of ​​3 hectares, is today the best preserved Qing Dynasty palace, guided visitors through the beauty charming palace garden and Crafts Jinyuan, visit the old noble family to carry out social activities organized by the Peking Opera Hall playhouse , compared to the lifestyle and environment of the nobility of ordinary people. tourists can rest at Prince Gong's Mansion gardens, tea, eat snacks.
Beijing Hutong Tour Line
alley is to understand Beijing's traditional culture and customs of good form.
first stop: West brick alley Fayuan Take the 102 tram godson alley station about 800 meters southbound. alley inside the building quite a few stop looked, while Fayuan more thick Yun history and culture, not wish. in February this year, Li Ao's novel but the basic facts or evidence-based, take a look at this to understand the Fayuan the value of your help. the Fayuan the cloves famous known as Hornsey sea and Chungyu Peony, Begonia, Prince Gong's Mansion, adding that Gyeonggi three blooming flower-loving friends, traveling abroad, please pay attention to the second
station: Ping An Avenue, Duan Qirui Government by 102 Road to the Xisi Ride 13 Road to the ten stations to get off the road on the concept of that is, . here was originally the residence of Duan in charge of the Northern Government, the construction of both Chinese and Western style, the main building of brick sigh for the work of God and here about the major historical events, such as Lu Xun, an article that mentioned the massacre took place in front of here and witnessed the history of screen wall in the last year, Ping An Avenue, the transformation from the original houses are freed and finishing a new traveling abroad, do not forget the fancy a. the third
Station: Sung Hyun the Street Piyong hall to take the 13 road to the Imperial College Station Road west of the archway of the alley is as Yin Street. Master, the country's second largest Confucius Temple is located in the alley east side of the Confucius Temple is of course important, but when it comes to the value of ancient buildings, Imperial College the circlet hall compared favorably with classroom lectures circlet is the emperor of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, built in Yi Lun break and a glass of St. Paul, Shuiraosimen, white marble bridge can pass. hall Saga Cui Wei, very spectacular, called the fine ancient buildings in China, Lu Xun had to tidy up in the house of the former palace bamboo slips for the industry. search today, as if Rengyi rare-a Aishou figure in busy previously mentioned glass arch, also known as the St. Paul Park, through teaching translation, similar arch in the only remaining one is so beautiful human cardiac arrest. the fourth
Station: playhouse alley Berlin Temple. out into the Yin Street East, across the street playhouse alley. old trees famous of the Berlin Temple, a Borneo tree had the Republic of as a capital odd tree three or four one, Unfortunately, the temple has been no one can say clearly this tree still is not. Temple Ming Bolin, the tree naturally no lack of Cooperstown, but valuable to the temple of old trees, seems to be the Millennium ginkgo 700 years bungeana and 300 years Zhaohuai the top surface. No wonder our ancestors trees worship, read the best of the vicissitudes of old trees abruptly in front of you, you will feel the knee has to desire.
the above attractions, in addition to Fayuan can be free to visit the whole tour down the ticket fares also up and down 10 yuan, described as the benefits without your free reason, they Renmin University of China are now a number of cultural units (such as books, newspapers information Center, the Capital Library, Chinese cultural relics) using the National People's Congress of these units are to understand themselves on at left in appropriate cases, an important cultural heritage, visitors are very polite.
but is due to these neglected heritage and do not care about ordinary people live in these few streets, often with extraordinary enthusiasm and come to find
Shichahai is the pearl of the city of Beijing, an Yiu Chan, 34 hectares of water surface rippling blue waves, Yiyi weeping willows shade of the palace, temple, the Bell and Drum Tower and the former residences of celebrities. after centuries of historical change, the area still has the old style stroll along the edge, standing on the Yin Ding Bridge may Yuan Wang Xishan, close look at the lake; into the serpentine twists and turns of the alley with a patchwork of courtyard, but also the joy of Guanfeng asked vulgar.
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