Burberry Men Bags Playground operatives solution t

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Burberry Men Bags Playground operatives solution t

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The scene of the chance the deceased's body was cloth cover. the
deceased Tang wife broke down among tears.

Chengdu Zoo zoo preliminary investigation that the become may be the workers' unauthorized operations

Huaxi Dushi Bao seats the Qinling Liu Xiaona photography Wu Xiaochuan

3:00 pm yesterday, 40 points, Chengdu Zoo play zone recreational facilities pendulum equitable stopped the 43-year-old operating workers Tang safety cord prepared solution to the visitors stepped spout after accidentally fell into the approach the breach of the yellow iron plate, the body namely tightly grab After half an hour of trying to retention lives, the doctors may eventually repent to announce his death.
park's preliminary investigation base that Tang Jin may be because of illegal operations, the iron plate amid the bottom of the large pendulum will go to never entirely approximate stepped visitors spew slip so was only clamped. The police in the investigation, the Zoo activity region has been entirely cease business for rectification.
with repent the opportunity

management side: the deceased Department of abnormal operations

Chengdu Zoo, vice principal of Chen Xiaode, the dead line of playground workers,elderly 43. According to preliminary investigation, the opportunity may be the sequel of Tang into the unlawful operations.
tread on vomit slid into the iron plate breach

reporters along the scene saw the bottom of the colossal pendulum at four yellow iron plate. Chen Xiaode meantime the chance happened Tang progress into the yellow area to plan the solution of the safety rope to tourists. In accordance with the rules of operation, the operator Don must await as the yellow iron plate Shengping entirely stopped after the operation. However,Mens Burberry Scarves, the incident happened the yellow iron plate namely within the process dragged up, and there namely not full of peace and boom coming to a complete stop Early entrance into the Tang,stepped tourists vomit careless fall into the breach between two iron plates. At this point,namely among the the Shoulong process of the two yellow iron plate continue to go the gap within the Tang into the tightly clamped. Other staff seeing this, immediately click the emergency button, so that the climb of the pill to decline, Tang into the body to release the iron among The crisis medic came struggling to emancipate about half an hour,Burberry Tote Bags sale,but eventually announced the death of Tang into the.
currently Chenghua police are investigating the occasion of the accident
happening 7 Recreation Area to halt operations

Chen Xiaode activity area of ​​the menagerie is a menagerie to attract foreigner investment projects,began trial operation within January this anniversary was officially opened among March.
safety management aboard the rides, the menagerie has been very seriously, Chengdu Zoo, the commanding company was responsible as the supervision of the business services and recreational facilities. Zoo, a vice principal of concentrating aboard the safety, supervision and recreational facilities to utensil the rules and regulations. After the incident, the menagerie asked the fun region full cessation of operations.
journalist watched within the park, actually posted the operating programs of a tremendous pendulum, recreational facilities safety inspection certificates,Burberry Scarves, Tang into a huge equipment operator certificate.
Chen Xiaode Next, the menagerie ambition disburse extra concern to the safety regulatory issues,aspiration conduct safety training.
a sudden death to rescue half an hour invalid closed her husband eyes

five o'clock yesterday afternoon, the West China City Daily correspondent arrived by the Chengdu Zoo things scene. At this point, recreational facilities all stopped running.
Tang Jin's wife Lio Kuok-man memory almost 15:40, a hireling fled to call her The medical staff are engaged liberate
Later, she thought,escaped home to package a sack of clothes you husband may be sent to the hospital.
she returned to the scene,doctors are already struggling to liberate half an hour, announced the death of Tang into the packet of clothes namely no longer irrelevant. a family's unfortunate

husband and wife attach had intended to only two months behind three years,44_18380, Guizhou

Tang accidental death of his wife, Lio Kuok-man hard to adopt
Lio Kuok-man, said she Guizhou,Burberry 44_21649, the husband namely the song perfect man. Tang Jin has been working among the menagerie,starting with cleaning, and afterward as the Recreation Area. Four years antecedent Lio Kuok-man with two children back to Guizhou,Burberry Men Bags,departing only the Tang into a person working amid Chengdu. In July of this annual the eldest daughter, junior lofty school graduation, to Chengdu, a hairdressing teach to teach a ability reunion. Distance from the become that daytime the couple was accompany as surplus than two months.
Lio Kuok-man, her husband a month namely only one thousand two income, she is working in the garden, a barbecue a month income of one,000 yuan. Life hard,but the pair a very good-looking relationship. The pair contemplating the eldest daughter after graduation, her family returned to Guizhou to be a small affair
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consultation with the home of the deceased with the aftermath

Zoo play region director Lin nearly the interview, the 1st sentence is She said that usually a agreeable relationship with the Tang into, out of such things, own it. Speaking of excitement, could not support yet exploded into tears.
Lin said that the activity district has been to cease affair for rectification. Next, the company will staff safety training.
, she said, the mammoth pendulum item three workers. During the National Day, many tourists, Tang into the illicit operations, the additional two did not enter. Why my colleagues reminded each additional to expenditure care to safety? Ms. Lin said, may be compact noisy call can not listen Safety oversight model because follows: in dictate of greeting to the foreman, the foreman then asked to convey to the operator and maintenance staff. Nine projects throughout the region, oversight of the security patrols at the three folk
Lin said, the company want actively cooperate with the investigation of the occasion of the public security organs, and among consultation with the home of the deceased with the aftermath.
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