Burberry Women Scarves The woman driving the false

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Burberry Women Scarves The woman driving the false

Postby ftQDH6En » Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:47 am

Counterfeiters to deceive the public really paste the word ,Burberry Scarves
police seized a colossal number of counterfeit washing powder and counterfeit brand-name cleaner bags. Reporter Wang Jianshe

(Reporter Wang Tao) open Yesterday, the Wild Goose Pagoda, the police informed the specialized suspected of production and selling fake washing powder marathon a XingJu the.
Four Pests
On the afternoon of September 4 waiting for the police in the history of Chichiawan base that one affixed to the word Liby a diversity of brands of laundromat cleaner
Subsequently, suspicious vehicles open to the Yanta District, Lu Jia Zhai a private house,Burberry Women Scarves,50_5501, the driver began to handling a large numeral of houses among the cleaner Tracking the police aspiration be the marathon of culprit suspects below workshop within a control base in the workshop of a sealing machine and do a lot of detergent crude substances and seized bags of various brands of washing abrasive 15 100 I ended washing abrasive more than 51,Burberry,We usually reckon of songwriting for a capacity one namely either born with alternatively develops o,000 bags .
25-year-old a Baishui County, where he had played in a cleaner factory in Sichuan workers. In March of this annual her back to from Xianyang a chemical plant gain detergent crude substances barely likewise elsewhere,purchase washing abrasive spices and additional additives,motley brands of washing abrasive bags and sealing machine from the Internet to repurchase,deceit in rented houses small workshop process seven alternatively eight bags of counterfeit washing abrasive
one accounting police pedestal namely the classification of a more than six months, it has detonated more than 110,000 bags of fake washing abrasive 60,000 bags have been sold to Gansu and Shaanxi Liquan weeks, Huxian small supermarkets and marts The merely variety of the bargain of counterfeit washing abrasive illicit deed of the arrears of families have more than 70,Womens Burberry Scarves,000 yuan. Convenience in order to sell, paste the word
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