I direct response is three cheers

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I direct response is three cheers

Postby e9ji8e5h6e » Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:22 am

When a veteran counselor to students, please do not give your nanny
as from this year, including nine universities, including Tsinghua University students will be hired veteran college counselor as not only to the students to implement Grandma Grandpa-style counseling, but also counselors to be father and mother of the current leadership style of counseling. (Beijing News)
read this report, I direct response is three cheers, we are born as early as husband and wife, my son is not in these schools, I not as a counselor, the feeding activity and finally with our family missed the.
comes out of this old man, so naturally reflect on what they called ideological education is Gesha? fifties passion of course valuable, was the Great Leap Forward and iron and steel of the absurd result of wiping the face black; their country of allegiance was the anti-rightist and the persecution of intellectuals during the Cultural Revolution became a hot play on the cold face of the bottom of the comedy. and many people are afraid to do so is not thought education qualifications, as long as you look at the reign of social problems and corruption, also intends to face the elements, it got the message to go home a comfortable old age, do not come out disgrace.
not advance respect for the old young patient heart good?
Chinese elderly is not easy to pay too much for the younger generation; but China also recruit young old trouble, which causes the so-called counselors with the same event, it is not self-righteous self-esteem . children can understand a person, then all the adults at home, became the object of long-winded; to the school and teachers and school leaders to endure the long-winded. due to inconsistency with ethics and discipline, they had endured, while the old thinking that said to myself rational, they listen, in fact, people want to give you a slap in the face of the mind has for now under the age of 30 counselors (in fact I am more baffling role of this position), with leadership, with her mother and wife's mother, said that with patience and respect for parents is not easy, and now and then popped one of your ancestors to make irresponsible remarks guidance, older son is really a sin. Respect stunned labeled by the Chinese people in China, but not able to young people's love and patience too far.
Please counselor far less affordable to students, please nanny Food safe and secure; women's colleges and universities in kind can be said to correct a very serious psychological problems; ease the middle-aged women in prominent presence employment pressure. The most important point is that in his arms to see a tight grip, do not affect the community's students, thought not a problem, in line with official requirements.
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