Burberry Handbag Villagers arrested as of a trivia

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Burberry Handbag Villagers arrested as of a trivia

Postby vy18rpbb » Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:55 am

WASHINGTON ( correspondent Young correspondent Lee l ) Recently,38_5741, the the Wudu police surrounded the investigation of the circumstance successfully captured an absconding 16 years online murder fugitive .
the beginning of August ,Burberry Scarves, Wudu District Public Security Bureau of the Interpol police brigade among the investigation of the circumstance the personal information of alien personnel Zhao (a pseudonym ) living among Trois-Rivieres Wudu break Village roused the suspicion of the police afterward launched a secluded investigation . Screening of always displaced persons among the field of Trois-Rivieres and the almanac year aboard household staff information and driver information and conveyance information to a comprehensive comparison , the police identified the third namely 16 years ago Zhao , Nanyang City ,Burberry Bowling Bag, Henan Province murder fugitive Moumou . Subsequently, the police amid cooperation with relevant departments below the immediate and thorough investigation Moumou hiding place Police posing for merchants income pepper , to find out the suspect's campaign patterns and the characteristic situation . August six by two am , the police came to Moumou kin ambition be caught
investigation, the evening of 23 December 1995 , villagers amid town County , Nanyang , Henan Province ,Burberry Wristlets,Glamour Ghd Straightener 40_503, temple countryside Chao Beizhen Zhaolou community Moumou Zaoyuan Township,Burberry Handbag, Town God's Temple Village Pai Chang natural community watching movies trivia villagers Zhang altercation occasioned along blows Moumou a knife surrounded the tussle process sprain death of Zhang fled . The regional police aspiration Moumou Internet fugitives amid the country At current Moumou has been handed over to the Henan police .
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