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for teachers born, but Wu Kezhong and investment bond. years ago, he joined the PE field, the advantage of capital (private equity) (hereinafter referred to as the dominant capital), founding partner, started a new journey.
advantage capital has its own unique positioning, the cast after the service in an important position, and to this end the implementation of the investment process and modular, in order to ensure quality of service.
pot of gold
Wu Kezhong very early exposure to the investment.
in 1987, he stayed on to teach after graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, In 1989 the course of the technical and economic, to coincide with the People's Bank of China to lead the preparatory Stock Exchange, Shanghai Jiaotong University homeopathic first to open a securities course. Wu Kezhong the initiative to apply the teaching to the securities field, and became well-known pundits.
Since then, his life and investment integration.
in 1992, when he was vice governor of Fujian Liu Wu Kezhong article on the securities markets and corporate restructuring in the newspaper that, I feel very informed, then sent the invitation Wu Kezhong returned to his hometown in Fujian investigated for several listed potential business advice including Cao Dewang founded Fuyao to.
become a turning point in the fate of Wu Kezhong PE investment field, he was pulled from the secondary market, but also he made a pot of gold of life.
Fuyao, Wu Kezhong contact is far today scenery mm located in Fuqing City Town, the old factory, not conspicuous. Cao Dewang of its founder, three meals a day in the cafeteria, improvise, and long-term sleep at night in the glass factory.
in 1991, Fuyao Fujian the first public offering IPO enterprises, has released a number of price per share of 1.01 yuan IPO. However, many people do not pay, and even bought the minority shareholders of its IPO requirements withdrawal.
Wu Kezhong specializing in the securities field, however, has seen the opportunity.
1993, Fuyao successfully listed its shares rose nearly 50 yuan from 2 yuan Wu Kezhong by low-cost acquisition of stock to make 2 million yuan. <br win-win situation
the end of 2002, Wu Kezhong with friends Chen Rong founded with capital advantages, Wu Kezhong is the largest individual shareholder, the scale of the initial capital of 110 million yuan.
since 10 years, the advantages of capital invested in hundreds of projects, the listed companies amounted to 30.
billion, if you can not cast out, find a good project, then your money at any time may be LP (fund investors) to recover. the on the layout of the project channel.
PE investment projects require agencies through the channel system to explore. The advantages of capital, regional distribution, to establish more than a dozen offices around the mining project, for example, outside the core partner in addition to the three headquarters in Shanghai, will be the national market is divided into East, Qi Xin Gel Ink Processing, South China, north, southwest China Hong Kong five partitions, each partition by a regional partner led. In addition, in Dandong and Chongqing and other cities also set up a fund, the regional characteristics of each city to find the project to meet its investment criteria.
channels of the advantages of capital not only in 2009 with the ICBC raised a fund of 500 million scale, but also by the depth of cooperation with banks, effectively promote the transformation of the bank to achieve both a win-win.
the best resources, the last to find their relevant departments. personal LP, the bank's risk control system to make up for our deficiencies. way after three years of running and understanding, in 2011, the advantages of capital to become the ICBC to raise two funds will also through the various regions of the ICBC bank distribution in multiple places, with bigger, President Chen Xiao, a group of entrepreneurs began his career in PE investment, Wu Kezhong on their own and the advantage of capital re-positioning mm that is, to find a good entrepreneur, after the effective provision of investment services through its early development, as well as in enterprise development available at all stages of capital on the interface, and enterprises to share the proceeds of its rapid growth.
investment in my opinion, is originally leased vehicle transformed into a Ferrari process, while the capital, but high-speed sports car running in the process of gasoline, if you do not be transformed into a Ferrari, to achieve real growth, even if there is more capital, the enterprise can not achieve sustainable growth of high-speed, is provided after the PE investment services, the service, not every PE institutions are able to do.
not much, and we sucked the stick. In general, our price is lower-middle level in the investment process, we are not a very high price to invest in, if someone 12 times earnings, we usually only nine times, because the business has always been showing rapid growth is not realistic, only to establish a mechanism to help business growth, enterprises can be achieved compound growth. ?
ultimately bring great losses to the Fund experienced the throes of a brain drain, Wu Kezhong inside the advantage of capital investment process to be cut to achieve the investment process and modular, and talent-training strategy to ensure the quality of investment services, which changed the drawbacks of the investment community is usually a person responsible for the investment and investment management.
to determine that this project has a value of investments, followed by investment, we will have a team that specializes in providing value-added services to help companies achieve standardization of operations, to help businesses achieve completely docking with the capital at any stage, real good job PE institutions to act as the capital markets value the role of navigator, final www.qxby88.com enterprise development more quickly and reduce the detour.
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