after entering junior high school

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after entering junior high school

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Temptation is the enemy of self-control stuff is a smart
lovely little boy, a child the whole family thought he looked cute, after school on academic achievement has been a leader in class, plus he can articulate language of the mouth, the class teachers and students all came to love him with age, stuff things around and focus on the increasingly widespread in his eyes, his life in this big world, made him feel strange The confusing thing is simply from the ease of remote control cars, planes to a wide variety of pictures of various anime, video games until the mysterious .... All of this fresh food as a channel to stimulate his appetite, the stuff of Interested children will fall to give them.
after entering junior high school, listening to the students talked about in the school play on the computer to exchange the new harvest, the stuff standing only envy, but not on the street bits and pieces because he has no computer at home. home, Mom and Dad made stuff to buy PCs. stuff mom and dad said nothing so I agreed to the request of his son, whose decision is so simply, a out of his son's favor, the second is to declare to the people around, our family's economic strength is not hand in papers on time every day than
why unsatisfactory results?
homework must be completed for each student learning areas. many students because of this link are handled badly, resulting in academic achievement is not always ideal, Xue Feng is one.
since promoted to junior high school, homework every day are many and complex, almost breath, but the weight of Xue gas to. had not only sacrificed his play at a lot of playing time, but also a lot of work is often confused by confused, a little to the effect not forget this is lost as the As content of the deeper homework Some can do the job title is not an easy out. As a result, Xue often feel powerless, and sometimes even the next day at school has not completed the job order not to suffer the teacher's criticism, he had a copy operation by students trouble later, Xue Feng has found a shortcut to help him complete the job - do not run into the evening as long as the problem, he asked the students to call, so that an action would not have to Chaozuo Ye was discovered to be afraid of .
Xue this way day after day, month after month for academic errand, he did not even notice him behind
their kids to know the final analysis, responsibility
children are social beings. Since it is social beings, we must contribute to the social responsibility to develop children's sense of responsibility is every parent can not be ignored when making tutoring an important element of today's large number of parents are often biased because of cognitive or that young children do not take responsibility; or because the child's over-loved, like acting on their behalf, taking the responsibility that should belong to the child; or too much emphasis on children's rights, ignoring the obligation so to do, kids will inevitably lead to lack of sense of responsibility.
younger children, you can give up their sense of responsibility for the cultivation of it? do not know how to make a responsible young people, adults will naturally have a sense of responsibility after it? The answer is no, because a the formation of people's sense of responsibility is a progressive approach, from perceptual to rational a process of accumulation, we do not hard to imagine a family who will have the collective sense of responsibility and responsible; Similarly, a collective sense of responsibility is not people can not be responsible to society.
family is the smallest cell.
wish all families new and old friends
auspicious Year of the Rabbit,
Happy New Year!
do not use their own weaknesses than someone else's strengths
- how to eliminate the trouble (3)
Wang Kai lively, playful, love to laugh, born a carefree look. but with age, so that Wang Kai more and more things to worry about, especially after entering high school smile on his face suddenly close off a lot.
exactly what happened to Amy is so unpleasant it? with age, Wang Kai side Several male students are in the sub-bass bass to grow taller, even in primary school that has been sitting in front of his male students were higher than the son of his length. But Wang's head is like froze like but not long. see Wang Kai look short and fat, the students are playfully called him the kind of real man's image far worse. Wang Kai cares more about this matter, on the trouble is ridiculous -
how to eliminate the trouble (2)
Fangjing Rui is a very nice girl, regardless of shape, appearance or grades in the class are few, but when she saw around talks with the students a laugh, for a frolic, while she herself was not happy how. usually in the school often silent, like a stomach filled with mind, his classmates are from different school few people know she is within character of the people, see the look of the thing she thought what she views it on their own. back home, too, even my parents rarely see her smile, her father called her humorous princess , which makes her lose face. On another occasion
do learn from the masters, do not do scores of slaves
long been circulating in the campus on this mantra: ; points, points, the lifeblood of students. So the students, students with good results are often too small for their papers one or two points with the teacher care about.
Han Wenzhong students in primary school good, and in nine of the subjects is more, but since the junior high school old always feel a bit powerless. started final exams last semester, he made a ninety-one exceptionally math, language, foreign languages ​​and other subjects actually not a very last nine when his father handed Han Wenzhong hand to transcripts where, when, his father Ancestors to Lianyi Chen, then a burst of scolding his mother on the side of successive repeated phrase: wronged: obviously own study hard, who
parental choice: for the best
in the child's growth process, parents often face many choices in the pre-stage for children selected kindergartens and various interest groups, such as English classes, dance classes, piano classes, guzheng classes, painting classes, etc.; to school age, will have to choose the ideal school, such as bilingual schools, art schools or private primary schools and other characteristics; quite well known in junior high school will have to choose the brand-name schools or private schools with higher quality of teaching; when the test will have to find ways, even at heavily focused on the child into the local high school; college entrance examination, the volunteers help the children completing college, select the specialty is the brains ---.
the children grow up to make choices for their children, when parents can not shirk responsibility, especially in children is not very sensible in the case, to help them make may be superior living conditions for them to enjoy more and better educational resources, the child will undoubtedly lay a solid foundation of growth, however. just having good intentions is not enough, alone enthusiasm of the moment can not be run with the tide take, because to leave rational thinking and scientific attitude, even the best wish will come to nothing. parents to choose the standard is even
the most important things to do in front of
- how to eliminate the trouble (1)
young people will encounter in the process of growing a variety of troubles. troubles are not happy, worry or anxiety is a kind of unhealthy psychological and it can range from scattered people thinking, depression, affect their learning, work and life, re- disease is caused by the body and the spirit of organ disorders. To this end, we should carefully analyze the causes of various troubles and unhappiness, targeted to find solutions to problems.
According to the survey of youth 14-18 years old Youth often have trouble
not the end of the ship rudder drifting
only with the wave, like many students, Huang Xiaoli usually can not say hard to learn her lessons to concentrate on listening, but also after-school homework seriously. home after a headlong into her own little room, in addition to eating, sleeping, and she almost never left that small desk. Although Huang Xiaoli's performance in class can also be routed to the middle position on the side, but she always harvest not proportional with the pay she was speechless heart grievances, she always wanted to find people who can understand a spit as fast.
day, Huang Xiaoli found the courage to guidance counselor. patiently listened Huang Xiaoli of talk, and then targeted with her following a conversation.
Teacher: Do you reflect the situation of universal significance. Many students study very hard, why the results are not always satisfactory? In addition to motivation, study habits, learning methods, the very important issue is the lack of a clear and realistic learning objectives. This is like a ship lost its rudder control direction, even though it's power is enough, in the blue waves of the sea can not be how navigation to the desired shore.
Mary: So, if there is no clear goals, our efforts will be wasted?
do not use their weaknesses to strengths than others - how to eliminate the trouble (3) very funny for the small trouble - how to eliminate the trouble (2) do learn from the masters, slaves do not do scores of parental choice: for, the best thing to do in front of the most important - how to eliminate the trouble (1) There is no rudder ships can only wave drift Sina BLOG & Feedback About Sina SINA English
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