In the hospital during this period of time really

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In the hospital during this period of time really

Postby jacky8554 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:20 pm

, bienen Ning has ,got a room, also engage in intensive care .I laugh at Ning Ning ,boss, vulgar is vulgar point, I still want to say ,the money is good .Ning Ning hand patted my face ,pig ,I the face of you people are scared . I stroked ,boss, swelling disappear how ? Ning Ning nodded ,can ,can ,can see . I disdained the pie piezui ,rely on ,when I fall to see it ? Ning Ning . at Ning Ning give me an apple ,banana peel ,the warm heart, there is a super beauty so good to oneself ,do not know how many guys to envy .He said that to me the treating physician ,see Ning Ning ,glasses behind the small eyes bright enough to be a lamp .Of course I followed by dipping ,the meticulous care . Ning Ning asked glasses ,my sister when able to leave the hospital ? sees a beautiful woman, questioning ,glasses laugh even mouth to find, not much ,in 2 months . ?This is not much? I said ,with the best of the best medicine ,the best care ,how long will it take ? be injured in the sinews or bones one hundred day, as you say ,at least 1 months . thanks, I invite you to dinner . said to eat, glasses spirit ,we are not ,then please and I ask the arab . glasses off ,but I said ,what is he ?Also get a treat? what is beauty ,see ?Ning Ning grinning at me . cut !I disdain his white one ,is that the glasses did not see good disease sangsang . two people on the way with the mouth ,say you say me ,as if the past things that never happened ,seems like we never existed as Chen Yang .I suddenly have a little hope ,will be able to live here for a lifetime the good, let Ning Ning so care about me ,how beautiful . when I tell Ning Ning Ning Ning ,the tears of laughter came out, on ,you think I still do not want to do .With me is you a maidservant ,not issuing wages also inside money . me please look at Ning Ning ,boss, let you spend spend . Ning Ningyao shook his head ,how do you let people hate ? finally could not help but ask Ning Ning ,boss, and hippo between how to say ? Ning Ning silence ,did not say anything, I can handle it . I didn ,Ning Ning ,you say ?Otherwise ,you run oh . Ning Ning touched my forehead ,rely on ,did you have a fever ?Why should I run? So many things I don ?Could you image what I me ,damn it a mad about money guy ,certainly not hungry ghost is frozen dead time . why say so ugly, Sangsang ?Ning Ning glanced at me ,I all these things is labor income .Car ,house ,not the hippopotamus to sell, is my last boss to send ,so do not have him .I was doing a bit of false account ,but most of my income is my salary and signing bonus .Still, even the hippo gave me some money ,I work for him so it should be .I extremely admire looked at Ning Ning ,boss, or you not .How do I learn ? Ning Ning also laughed ,you ah ,ed hardy shops,less draw something on the line . you what is the next step? is of course and hippo negotiations ,first ,I have a portion of his evidence ,he won a life-and-death struggle ;second ,I have his child ,at least he won treat you like to me ;third ,even if is really audit ,a little money ,could not bear so much responsibility ,responsibility or business owners ,I am just a joint and several liability ;fourth ,he is now one of the most important to do ,is not how to treat me ,but to think of another way ,to protect his assets . look Ning Ning so be arranged in good order analysis ,I was shocked .In my secret mind ,never so one two three four thinking ,always go to where there is .I just want to worship in front of the beautiful woman . you scared me ,thought the hippo really won let go ! I just analysis ,Ning Ningtan said ,I will not he make every move only after mature deliberation .I just bet, he has the last bit of conscience . should have ,I said ,see, he really loves his daughter .Then what, you have with her children . as children, Ning Ning without the usual angry .Subconsciously she touched the belly ,Sangsang ,maybe you can not think of ,I think, I now not so hated this child .I was reading a magazine, says that more than 2 months of babies ,has been taking shape ,eyes ,arms and legs ,there are .See here ,I think, my children also forming the is it right? .In what, is a small life .If you want to do ,really is a bit reluctant .I was Ning Ning do mind Sese, boss, do not want to do ,was born .How can afford .I am the upgrade small aunt . Ning Ning also laughed ,you can children astray . I laugh, Ning Ning ,you take your things . Ning Ning nodded ,I know ,I worry about you . day break ,Ning Ning be rash and too much in haste in . ?I want to open your eyes ,people sleeping . I bring you who ?Who is it ? I to Ning Ning behind ,on ,Luohu !The boy holding a flower ,handsome handsome gas station where .Day !I have a blanket over my head . what are you doing ?Ning Ning asked . asked ,did not live, he is so ugly, why not ?Too hurt . Ning Ning pulled the quilt ,Sangsang ,you are installed . I happily laughed ,and Luohu students Hello ,handsome . Luohu put the flowers well ,come to my bed ,sister ,okay ? much better, my intention to move the legs ,you can play ,no problem . kick your head .Ning Ning on my leg . how do you know ?I asked . pig ,you think you care about the small ran ?You are not so I often go to see her ?This time you leg is not good ,I want to see .When Luohu was born, will know .That ! I smiled ,looked at Luohu to the shoulders and long hair ,O brother ,your hair is longer ,is my sister . Luohu students also laughed ,sister ,how can you be so careless? So big people will hurt his leg ?What a worry ! not ,I just want to explain ,Ning Ning busy with a wink ,I understand . not what? not let brother worry, to make everyone love me .Yes, the small ran better ? referred to An Xiaoran ,Luohu smile convergence ,gently shook his head ,still, Ann quiet ,not noisy, always smile .In the doctor I bought the guzheng to small ran .Alas ,watching her play the look ,feel bad .How so ?Such a good girl . my heart aches ,appears initially to small ran home by listening to her play the past ,brother ,you must take good care of her . I will, Luohu said ,if it is possible, I took her back to Qiandao Lake ,may leave the city ,for her help . actually, loss of memory for small ran not necessarily happiness ,Ning Ning to speak ,even remember ,in addition to pain, then? You have to do ,just to make her fall in love with you again . Luohu students nodded ,Ning Ning Jie said was right ,so I want to take her back to Qiandao Lake . I looked at health Luohu ,brother ,and sister were discharged, and then look at An Xiaoran ,you take her away . Luohu students laughed ,rest assured ,sister ,waiting for you . time passed so fast ,in Ning Ning care, a month had passed .Light ,like a pig to raise a body .Is already in late autumn and early winter ,Chen Yang to the south for about two months .Think of him, my heart like a fire, a moment does not sit, think of the leg immediately good, can go to look for him . but looking at Ning Ning ,I always think ,is it right? Send Chen Yang to her? However, Chen Yang as a restricted area ,the two of us are not easy to talk about . and Ning Ning boring time, we talk about in the school scene ,memories of a bedroom .The boss said to them ,one by one ,as if in the eyes .Speak of \ after the graduation ceremony, go to the ZZ Best Disco crazy .A few little girl, first dressed so Hyun ,wherever are back rate a .Crazy for a night, I remember I drank 4 bottles of blue ribbon .Go back, is already more than 5 in the morning .Several drunk also spit .I call BB ,let he met me at the school gate .Seeing me, he put me in his arms . you remember what you said? Ning Ning asked ,you just say ,your BB gas almost hematemesis . I feel shy smile, do not remember . you say ,rely on ,there is no music how to dance with you? Ning Ning said this could not help laughing . in each other laughter, suddenly reminded of the youth ,I want to cry . Ning Ning hold a smile ,Sangsang ,tell me ,how much you love Chen Yang ? this month ,the first time talking about Chen Yang, I don how to answer . honestly ,Ning Ning look at me ,Belstaff Jackets,we do not hypocritical . my honest answer ,very love . can never betray ? I thought, nodded his head ,if he still loves me, I can . Ning Ning knead by hand in my hair ,fool ,how can he don you ?You walk that day ,I hit you .Haven his eyes ,there are many heartaches .Is the eye ,let me crazy .He never so distressed to see me .He loves you . fool ?Thinking of Chen Yang is the so called my heart once again ,sorry ,I am holding Ning Ning hand ,boss, you on top so well ,we don go to a Chen Yang trouble .I don long yet Luohu health handsome . Ning Ning smile ,you never hide their emotions people .Love and hate are written on the face .This is your greatest strength is also the biggest drawback . me hey smiled . don ,really ,to Chen Yang ,to start a new life ,I love him . I froze ,boss, are you kidding ? I say is true ,Sangsang ,Ning Ning looked at me seriously ,tonight is my last conversation and hippos ,successfully in a study between .He said he would give me two way let me choose .I don ,what will wait for me .If no accident ,after a week ,you leave ,I can come to fetch you . I firmly hold the Ning Ning hand ,boss, you don give accident ,not . Ning Ning took a deep breath, I hope . that night ,a man was lying in the bed ,my heart ,do not .I really want to get out of it, I Ning Ning hurt .Even Nanjing Nanjing analysis so reasonable ,but the hippopotamus that kind of person, what do . finally could not resist .Change your clothes ,I secretly ward .The legs can fast ,bumps into the wound will faint pain ,other nothing much wrong .I like a thief sneaking out .Smooth to the elevator ,secretly pleased with his clever .On the first floor ,the elevator door opened ,I cross out .When I celebrate success when, come across a man .I just glanced at ,is scared back over to .Gosh ,how will be the glasses ?Too terrible .But unfortunately still occur, glasses came to my front ,top ,what are you doing here ? I go down to eat something .That won it ?You have a look a few ?11 more .Back to back .Your sister when you leave today also told me to look at you .I want you so a little girl will fly ?I never thought I met . I beg at him, the doctor ,please, I go out for a while . no. !Something happened to you? Back to back . glasses don give me opportunity to clear himself ,almost escorted me to the upstairs .Specially to the nurses greeted, this girl ,watch your step .I am not convinced of lying in bed ,get so difficult ?I criminal ,need it to be this watch ? out there is no hope .I get to lie in bed ,was an unsettled state of mind ,toss my agonizing . I saw the university campus ,a lot of people are going .I just got out of bed ,with dishevelled hair and a dirty face to catch the first class .Heart still says, the old man ,don call ,don call .But turned a corner ,but suddenly find class classroom .The campus was suddenly disappeared .I stood there ,bewildered .Desperate to find ,hard to find ,I still can a ? is worry about it ,suddenly someone called my name ,the .I turned ,Ning ning . four, wait as graduation ,why don ? I patted his head, can not, forget the forgotten ,graduated . follow Ning Ning ,do not know how to turn the corner, photography place .Everyone is waiting ,from two to eight ,are very worried .I sin ,grinning station to them .Ning Ning stand beside me . as ,according to .The photographer said, looking at camera ,looking at camera !Click click as not to stop .I wear a mouth of a Jin giggle ,laugh in the face of pain . photos came out, everyone over to see .I was robbed of A .As well, I am glad to see the hard .But suddenly found no Ning ning .I am anxious, when she just beside me ! Ning ning !Ning ning !I call loudly ,Ning ning !Ning ning ! Laoliu came up ,shout what shout ,she isn as ! heart like what touched one tremble ,cheating ,she is beside me ! can not be Ning Ning ?Why not ?How are there ?I very want to cry .I in the campus shuttle ,see students ask ,see Ning Ning yet? See no see? see there ?See no see? Sangsang ,are you all right ?Suddenly it call my name ,I opened my eyes . rely on ,it was a dream !The body was wet through, one has no strength .Eyes is a lens blur face . how you always call your sister ?Glasses asked, 8, nurses should give you dressing up . suddenly want to cry ,I pulled the glasses hand ,doctor, Ning Ning she ?Is it right? That won it ? glasses to be rather baffling gave me a look ,I see nothing, you have . I stubbornly does not let go, I say ,doctor, you said Ning Ning Ning Ning nothing right . glasses to see I did not let up, had to coax a child like that ,all right ,all right ,Ning Ning . I let go .Looking out of the window ,the sun has just risen ,dazzling beauty .Is a vibrant in the morning .But ,Ning Ning ,last night you well ? waiting Ning Ning day, is my 24 years in the most difficult time .Have never been so worried about a person ,concerned for her safety .It is the time to 1\/1000 seconds ,almost can slow slow .On the bed lay ,suddenly want to sit up .When you eat ,suddenly want to cry .Originally, Ning Ning in my life so important .In I do not know the situation ,I have to think of her as a family member .Lying in bed at night, repeatedly thinking ,are the day her as I kneel lens .In reply ,what you are ,is worth a person like you? at noon on the third day ,I couldn ,to Ning Ning a call .As imagined ,the phone is a woman voice of the regular course of official duties ,sorry ,you dial the telephone is off .I know ,it is Ning Ning character ,she is not willing to hurt nobody .No, I must go, must let the lens release ! glasses to guard room ,staring at him, can he be rather baffling . Sangsang ,today I is it right? Very handsome ? what is today handsome ,is never so handsome . glasses happy ,is it right? What intrigues you today ?Tell you ,your sister go but confessed ,never let you go . cut ,so listen to my sister ,is it right? Like my sister ? a quiet and modest maiden ,a gentleman .What vinegar ? I jealous .Doctor ,I talk ,you promised me to go out and buy some snacks ,I help you to pursue my sister . glasses small eye in smaller ,MI nearly invisible ,Sangsang ,what you said is true ? play .I feel happy about, right ?You ask ,Sangsang when to speak not count ? really !Glasses tone suddenly become serious ,girl ,you can stay . Watch glasses to ward ,I am anxious, pulls him ,doctor, you let me go ! you how so ?You this but intensive ,more comfortable than outside .Stay . I stand at the door ,blocked lens way, doctor, please, let me go out of .Just a moment . glasses is angry ,do you not listen the doctor ?Now your leg is recovering ,cannot go out .Have an accident ,disability on you? I was angry with him ,the doctor ,I said ,I today is TMD is disabled, I also want to go out ! how do you swear ?Glasses more angry, you said Ning Ning so sensible girl ,how to have a sister ? no name-calling, I have not so much ,I pointed to the glasses ,today you let me out ,I TMD want out . finished, I turned away .Glasses caught me ,you come ! I didn come ! you here ! I didn come ! I and glasses like tug of war in the corridor on the pull and push ,while some other unit who came out to see .No big deal ?Is not a broken doctor ? you have a look ,the doctor hit ,hit . glasses angrily staring at me ,you don make an unfounded attack upon sb . as long as you let me go, I wouldn cry . on !Do not put ! I must be very anxious tears come out ,you know? It will kill !I don out of life ,but I know I put you out ,is irresponsible !The nurse ,fast ,hold her ,crazy for her, the girl ! several nurses walked over ,desperately hold my .I like the head mad beast, with all her strength to struggle, however, they were too many people ,how do I get rid of it could not break away . I really anxious ,roar, never let go ,I will bite you !Bit a ! behind at that time ,a woman ,you bite a ,has the ability to bite me ! this sound ,too familiar ,accompanied me for four years .Ning Ning Ning Ning ! I once turned head ,see Ning Ning ,is still so beautiful and noble ,she looked at me ,eyes filled with full of pity . tears do not know how to fall down the face, not blocked ,I looked at Ning Ning ,sobbed ,boss, you really hate !3 days without any news . okay ,don shame .Back ward . nurses open hand ,I have the dream feeling .Is not true ? I opened my mouth, hard bitten arm .It really hurts ! Ning Ning be rather baffling looked up at me, pig ,do you? I like laughing ,I have a look .Is it right? . in the ward ,Ning Ning put a lot of food on the table .Is my favorite ,shrimp ,potato chips ,bugles ,plum ,chocolate ... ..Me be wild with joy ,I wanna hold Ning Ning Pro two .Open a bag ,a big eat ,comfortable ! glasses please look at Ning Ning ,Ning Ning ,your sister is really not good tube ,with great effort . I washed the glasses made a contempt for hand shape ,secretly scold ,how these men have such beauty ? Ning Ning glared I lay in bed ,a smile on glasses ,troubling you . OK ,OK ,next time you got, also let me see . I couldn shouting ,remember, a week I was discharged from the hospital ,you have no chance . glasses also shouted ,remember, not for a week ,it will be at least 7 days . Ning Ning smile ,I smile . glasses out ,shut the door ,Ning Ning sat down on my bed, hate hate to say ,why are you so don let people worry ? I wronged ,they had a bad dream, so worried about you . dream? my dreams telling Ning ning .Ning Ning hands rubbed my hair ,rely on ,also college students ?Letter of this . I feel shy smile, you know what ,Ma Zhe I are copied to pass . quiet for a while ,I couldn eldest brother ,tell us your opinion what ? hippo is now sitting at it ,quickly look up his account .So for me without you care less .Now he saw people are very careful .He gave me two Lu Xuan ,one is to give birth to his child ,he gave me a lot of money ,let me go ,but the child must be in contact with him .Another is ,can not to have children ,but not pay me ,give me liberty ,no longer entwine . Hippo how this human ? everybody has a little kindness ,sangsang .Ning Ningchang took a deep breath, you guess I choose that one? and said ,second ,and now you are not short of cash . wrong . I stared ,boss, don ,once again you chose money ! Ning Ning smiled ,rely on ,I am in your heart really became like this ?I chose the third road . what road ? I want the baby ,however ,do not pay him ,and, with my own money to go abroad, and he never entangled . he agreed ? why didn agree ? I watched Ning Ning ,is really a too clever woman .Her wisdom ,I learn . remaining days ,I honestly in the hospital stay ,be light of heart from care as a happy excess pig .Such an outcome ,I dare not think .However, subconsciously ,I also feel that happiness comes too easily, less reliable .The faint feel wrong ,but do not know where is wrong . Ning Ning was not always accompany me ,busy the sports car and house changed hands .The girl looked at me immensely proud ,four, is also a good money . watched her despise me ,hate me root itch . house and car in a short time has a buyer, speak good house in Ning Ning abroad before delivery ,and the car was simply deal .Ning Ning so neatly at work ,my strange ask ,boss, you were so anxious ? pig !Of course so fast .These things are not solid ,only to get at the hands of their own money is truly their own .I can early treatment ,breakfast at ease .Besides, anxious to do the visa . me a thumbs-up ,high ,I admire !To which country ?Canadian ,American ,British ,French ,Romania ? rely on ,how a mouth is that several countries ?I which do not go ,I go to a place you in unexpected places . despise you ,what matter ?Where to ? denmark . I almost jumped out of bed ,how do you go there ? what there is not good ?Ning Ning solemn up ,that when I was young, always want to go,chanel sunglasses, I want my children to grow up in a rich fairy place .Don like his mother and the aunt ,to see so many gloomy and sad . heart and astringent ,visa easy to handle? you rich ?Money is good . how long? around two weeks . so fast ?
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