Louis Vuitton Outlet Giorgio Armani created the co

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Louis Vuitton Outlet Giorgio Armani created the co

Postby jacky8554 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:36 am

. As a designer, with his intuition of aesthetics, luxury to attract the elite of today's society. Giorgio Armani is not only a most respected in the fashion and luxury goods sector, the most well-known brand, it is the most valuable one of the fashion company worth almost three billion euros. Armani Armani George,

George brand system

George, Armani in the market segments of the social elite groups and fashion also used in a similar way to extend the brand. George Armani brand now constitute one of the main brands and five sub-brands, these brands in different price levels to meet different target consumer.

signed by George Armani's product lines: clothing series of Armani clothing and Oscar dress. The series price is extremely high, its main target consumer group of 35-50 years old.

the Armani Collezioni: Armani bold to enter this market area slightly lower spending power. Basically, this brand has to meet two types of people, a class of those who are keen to wear Armani clothes but can not afford expensive Giorgio Armani, and the other is eager to add new clothes for their wardrobe. people. Selling price than George • Armani Armani Collezioni brand, 20% lower to provide consumers with an excellent and affordable fashion line.

Emporio Armani: the brand is specifically targeting 25-35 year-old professionals groups, and related to the target population has a contemporary design.

the Armani Jeans: This is the lowest level of Armani clothing brand for the mass market, while George Armani, is targeted at high-end market. Armani Jeans fully meet the needs of young people 18-30 years of age, it has the tendencies of fashion and luxury clothing.

A / X Armani Exchange: Armani product chain Chartered outsourcing retail brand. To provide consumers with some of the charm of the brand's service to do now. Armani Exchange to provide consumers with a full set of clothing and accessories to filling the Giorgio Armani all the luxury fashion sense.

these sub-brands Giorgio Armani in many different fashion clothing market operation. But this is not all. Armani not only across many segments of the same category area but also across the different categories. increase brand equity in the field of fashion, Giorgio Armani to invest in other categories, such as glasses, watches and cosmetics. Armani did so in order to ensure the above categories to meet different market segments. Is often claimed, glasses, perfumes, watches and cosmetics, and fashion and luxury goods is highly relevant. Therefore, the fashion brand natural brand extends to the category. Giorgio Armani is a strong proof in this regard. The use of professional experience in the fashion and luxury goods industry, cosmetics, watches, jewelry and glasses, Armani product line to win the concept of victory.

However, Armani did not stop in these categories: brand extension into other categories, such as Armani House (furniture), Dolci (sweets), and Armani flowers (flowers) . Armani recently a real estate investment agreements reached and the Emaar Group, established in 2011, 14 Armani brand hotel chains. This is Armani to expand the brand department.

2009/2010 spring and summer menswear show in Milan elegance

George Armani future, the brand challenge

George Armani The company is the founder of the classic case of facing a dilemma. The owner and CEO of the company - George Armani has 70 more than. However, the company does not appear to Armani after the departure of the matters to be planned. Armani passage in a recent interview widely quoted, he said, looking for business partners and the successor is not for today, tomorrow the sake of, and may make other plans for the future. While some companies through a variety of efforts, the founder of the deceased is still alive, but such examples are rare. Armani and key management personnel should establish a structure to identify and train to continue its business after the founder of the deceased successor. The

overstretching cause brand dilution: the most fundamental purpose of business is the pursuit of higher profits, and to increase shareholder value by maximizing the return on investment. Investment to establish and manage the brand's one of the main reasons are the same, as we know, the strong brand allows the company the ability to use of the limited investment to develop new markets. This provides a rich source of revenue for the company. Clear that such a simple but powerful fact that most of the world's strong brand to increase its brand equity and brand extension to the new class, new markets, even by the newer market segments,Louis Vuitton Online Outlet, it is not surprising.

the points mentioned above Armani, we found that increase the strength of brand equity approach a little too far. Armani's core business is fashion apparel, but it extends to the brand, such as luxury hotels and candy so different category. A very important fact: the exclusive fashion brand created a fashion brand and its value. These brands to get involved in a wide range of products, and thus lost an important part of the strong brand equity.

management brand system: Armani figure not only in the fashion field but also in other markets in the future, the effective management of these different departments of brand will be the most significant challenge. Armani brand extension to the different areas with different types of customer interactions, reflecting the different brand personality, so it is necessary to maintain the consistency of the marketing communication and other behavior. Although the use of the same brand name in different sub-brands, Armani, but it was a double-edged sword. The one hand, so that Armani has a great opportunity to establish a strong unified brand; the other hand, which lay hidden dangers to dilute the brand equity. Armani faced with the plight of such a strategy, be careful to walk every step of the future. Armani also realized that its brand is to rely on it in the fashion aspects of the business there. Armani brand extension into a different field, Armani should be concerned about the new pressure in the development of resources.

to maintain financial independence: From a financial point of view, Armani is also very rare. The company was established up to now,Louis Vuitton Sunglasses, Giorgio Armani is the only shareholder. In addition, he also did not use any bank loans. Armani is a few successful so good one of the operating income of the company. And since 1999, Armani spent almost € 700 million to invest in their business. Financial independence of great help to the Armani company to enter the different areas,Louis Vuitton Outlet, not required to bear the pressure of shareholders do not need to worry about the face of the quarterly target Armani quite successful operation. Knowledge of the fashion industry: a concept or a product you want to gain a firm foothold in the market, it takes quite a long time. In the gestation period of time, the company operations do not have to face every day of the financial pressure on the environment. Have the financial independence, Armani critical success factor.

but in the future, Armani would like to continue the Many industries have undergone a merger, for the fashion industry, the merger is only a problem sooner or later. The event of a merger, this is a major challenge for the acting style and the continued success of Armani. In this sense, when there is room for Armani is best to think of other options.

to maintain a consistent brand personality: the most important aspects of a fashion brand is its personality and characteristics. Establish and maintain a consistent brand personality, and always be able to resonate in the minds of target consumers to establish the most serious challenges faced by the strong brand. Armani involved in different markets, with a combination of a wide range of products, to coordinate relations with the different types of consumers. Therefore, it is to establish a brand personality resonates with consumers the same strain and can lead to a huge challenge. Armani also faced with the endless competition of the fashion industry in the future, the continuous development of the brand sector, and thus to establish and cultivate brand personality is a huge challenge.

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