very easy to progress. Unfortunately

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very easy to progress. Unfortunately

Postby Xiy94shx19 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:14 am

A move mistakes loser. This sentence to describe the fitting Raikkonen Silverstone British Grand Prix legitimate Raikkonen top speed approaching Hamilton, a sudden rainfall and an error to change the tire decided to put an end to Kimi Raikkonen's win machine. After the match, when Kimi Raikkonen in an interview that they only made a mistake.
Q: What game is very difficult to do?
Raikkonen: We only committed one error, that is the wrong tires. we do not expect it will rain, so the first pit stop we keep the old tires. that time, the speed of our car is fast and can win the game, but that mistake ruined us, but at least we got some points. the car did not achieve the desired competitive, it certainly could be better.
Q: in your team to make recommendations to change the tire issue you?
Levin Corning: No, this is decided by the team, the team relates to everyone, so the decision was made with. Sometimes the right decision, but unfortunately we do not do the game may be in various forms. but when the speed really quickly, but that is at that time it began to rain, the tire is too old, we are powerless. points very close to championship contender
Q: You under half season looking forward to?
Raikkonen: In the past four races for me really is not easy. us a good game did not do last game I am very fast, but the car there is a problem So if you look back on those two points of the game, look at the back of the two games, this is really not very good, but we still tied for the lead of the standings, so not too bad I can be quite sure We have a winning car, and there are a lot of games, we only need to work, I think, once we are all part of the operation in good condition, we will win the game.
Q: The game early, you Hamill Dayton faster. rule out tire problems, we can say that Ferrari is the fastest car on the track you?
Raikkonen: I have always believed that we have a good car will not be our car suddenly bad The tires we made a bad decision and put an end to the game. until that I am very fast, very easy to progress. Unfortunately, this is just bad luck.
Q: You mentioned the problem of tire. but even if it is replaced by a new intermediate tires, your speed is not fast. Why?
Raikkonen: I am behind the others. our car loaded with fuel until the end of the game, so that when our car is very heavy. off the track but also because of the rain I have several, so I am sure that the car did not show the ability to finish the race, the poor weather conditions and I am sure, if the our opponents selected tire, we will fight for victory. things like that.
Q: the game of your own work better than the team, is not it?
Raikkonen: not regardless of victory or defeat are a team sometimes we make the wrong decision, we should learn a lesson I will not complain about the team, the team will not complain I can be very simple to say, you should change the tire or no change, but sometimes difficult for a team to make the right decision and we just need to learn.
Q: outbound catch up with Hamilton when you did not ask team like Alonso, as re-tire change?
Raikkonen: no. we have been looking forward to the rain soon stopped. had never stopped, so we decided to stop. we have lost too much time, but again said that we should change the tire that is hindsight. First, we did not anticipate that it will rain, then we expect the rain to it a few minutes and eventually we kill back to fourth place, which is a disappointing game, but in the end we to obtain a little and tied for the top spot, so we did not lose hair car
Q: What went wrong?
Raikkonen: I start great, I plan from Heikki (Kovalainen drilling in the past) and Mark (Webber). But Mark to the left to rely on, I have nowhere to go fourth on the grid, Hamilton made a good start, he is more than all, I was really there was no way to go. I am very fast, but had to slow down.
Q: Can you describe the last moment the battle between you and Alonso?
Raikkonen: great fighting always enjoy one of the things those points is very important for me, but I do not want too risky for Fernando (Alonso) he did not have nothing to lose, so he can take on more risk and I must to ensure that they can get extra points, and ultimately I overtook him, it's great.
Kimi, fuel, I believe this year's championship will be you, I will always support you, get rid of Alonso's actions are really beautiful , come on!!
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