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Marilyn's bio

Postby many8hi0 » Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:41 am

I love organizing tips. Even before I became a professional organizer I was always reading organizing tips to see how I could do something faster, and more efficient. Here are three favorite organizing tips from my friends that can also help you to be organized.
Edna does three things on Friday, no matter what else she does that day she changes the bed sheets, does the laundry and goes grocery shopping. What a good organizing tip to have a routine and a goal. She has done this for several years.
Cindy only keeps things that light her up. If it makes her happy or brings her joy she keeps it. A wretched person had given her a curling iron in a gift exchange. Every time she used the curling iron she thought of that person and the old negative feeling came back to her. She donated the curling iron and bought one she liked. Now she only surrounds herself with things she likes and things that bring her good memories.
My organizing tip is I always put things back where they belong after I use them. I try to only touch things once. For instance; instead of putting a dish in the sink after using it I put it in the dishwasher. This saves a step and also saves time, helping me to stay organized.
"Winnie the Witch" is the cutest book written by Korky Paul and Valerie Thomas. Winnie lived in a black house in the forest. Everything she had in her house was black. An organizing tip she could have used (and we can to) is to use different colors to make organizing our homes easier. In our offices we can organize files with different colors. My favorite filing system is Freedom Filer. Purple is for resource, red is for permanent files and so forth.
Winnie had a cat named Wilbur and he was black. As long as he kept his eyes open and she could see his green eyes that was okay, but when he closed his eyes she couldn't see him and she sometimes sat on him. When he sat on the carpet and closed his eyes Winnie couldn't see him at all so she tripped over him.
She waved her wand and said ABRACADABRA and Wilber was bright green. Now she could see him everywhere in her black house. But when she put him outside he was the same color as the grass so she couldn't see him and she tripped over him again and landed in a rose bush.
This time she waved her wand five times and turned him red, yellow, pink and purple. She could see him now no matter where he was. He climbed a tree to hide and wouldn't come down. He was miserable and all the birds made fun of him.
Here is another organizing tip: when you are organizing other people's things in your home make sure they work for them as well as for you. Get the cooperation of those you are organizing for and you will have more success keeping it organized.
Winnie didn't like to see Wilber miserable so she got a bright idea and changed him back into a black cat and she changed her all black house into beautiful colors and everything in it different colors too. So now, Winnie can see Wilbur, no matter where he sits.
This is an organizing tip I picked up from Winnie: if your first idea on how to organize doesn't work, keep trying until you are happy with how your home is organized.
Marilyn's bio: Marilyn is a creative organizer who helps women, seniors and their families create space and end clutter in their homes and offices by setting up custom made systems. Marilyn invites you to visit her website where you can find solutions to your organizing needs. She offers free tips in her blogs, articles and videos for your home and office organizing solutions.
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