CVT transmission

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CVT transmission

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Fire-sale of the Prius, when the workers of the students
economic crisis, Toyota in Japan, did two things. The two things that all companies are in the dry, but in line with the principle of a big tree attracts the wind, Toyota has been awarded the most powerful.
first thing people cut. we are cutting people, Toyota also cut when the Toyota serious excess capacity, production capacity is far greater than the market demand, it laid off a large number of front-line workers . After the cut, while Toyota has been criticized, when Japan's online almost see a Toyota on the good word.
second thing, price. we are in the price, Toyota also down. Since it is the first Japanese a car company, then put forward a first price in Japan. Then, in May listing of the new Prius, would have a very good car, and got a fire-sale, where to sell. This dumping Although loved by millions of consumers in Japan, he was scolding all of Japan's auto companies a lot.
(Note: the standard version of the new Prius, 1.8L engine, CVT transmission, the hybrid system, one hundred km fuel consumption is lower than 3L, in Japan, priced at RMB 14 million, not including government environmental grants. ultra-low prices, the Japanese car companies collectively as
Now the economy has finally improved a little, the Japanese market also began to increase car sales, Toyota suddenly discovered a new problem: lack of manpower, which is no other way to do two things before, staff can be strange. bloodletting big sale The new Prius received the first month of the listing of 20 million orders. This demand can be scary, took Toyota to engage in senseless: no capacity ah!
increase Prius production ability has become a priority: You know, after all, just order the order, pay no car to not receive the money, and if again and again a few months, chances are that the order is not your home has.
increase production capacity, need workers. people come from?
recruit people? not impossible, but we must be cautious. Toyota have realized the economic crisis to make two points: 1, this year's market is good does not mean the market is good next year, things should not be too optimistic; 2 easy to recruit people, is hard to cut, do such a thing, is to be scolded.
and now the Japanese car market is mainly the support of the government bailout grants, this grant, according to Minister of Economy and Industry position, gone after March next year, so the market after March next year what happens in the end, again, like last year will not be a crash, we all know are not the end now hastily recruited too many people, if to when they do not how to do? cut, though difficult, would you just move up a few months cut, is more difficult, non-heart thick-skinned person is ruthless manipulator does not dry out.
it a small group of a small group to move it, step by step up.
9 months, Toyota has finally new tactics to the first group of workers, about 800 people, mainly into the production of the Prius line, a little market to ease a bit demand, but obviously this 800 is not enough, after careful calculations, and finally decided to add a 8,9 hundred people, but not recruit workers, but took aim at a group of university students, that is, Toyota has just entered this year's graduation of Health.
10 end Toyota has spoken: the students, to plant it, there needs you.
bunch of Japanese students of elite of the elite, to be sent to the production line when the workers, so this hit Japanese companies Toyota history of a record. The news came out, the whole country uproar: Now this troubled world, really sad. you know, the Japanese students how valuable that people ah. I remember when the last hit the Pacific War, and even teenage child soldiers are beginning strokes, and also reluctant to move students; last is not manpower, and time from college students is to start recruiting liberal arts students, huh, that Polytechnic students (technical personnel) but also preserved and now Toyota, you do such a law, completely Well when the talent is not the students.
do not agree with this sentence Toyota Toyota believes that college students of course is talent, but not flexible use of personnel of enterprises, is definitely not good business.
and Toyota, is a very good business: to make use of the hands of college students live. Then enter the Toyota group of university graduates this year, will be in January next year to March, each input to that section by the Japanese car company accused numerous times The new Prius production line.
below this figure, the last two years, Toyota's recruiting situation (full-time employees).
This year is the year Heisei 21 years
recruited a total of more than 2,000 people graduates, while the production line to be sent to about 900, but this is only superficial. specific analysis, which are 900 and technical staff from the Service, Service is to take office, technical staff is engaged in technology development; and job skills that are generally came from the Toyota subsidiary of vocational schools, senior workers to train itself is used, will be sent into the Toyota plant; business is engaged in sales staff, medical staff is into Toyota's affiliated hospitals. is to say, this group of newcomers, in addition to engaging in sales and a doctor, and then master's degrees apart from the rest basically put the first line of production.
Japanese university students graduating in March , and in early April into the company (if you can find it) This year's was held on April 1, Toyota-style join a company (similar to the admission ceremony), and although the economic crisis, Toyota, this is still more than a thousand graduate recruit 2 Health, held in style when you join a company, and the scene is quite spectacular (see below).
was sitting bowed
television coverage of the economic crisis, Toyota join a company can come up with such spectacular style
in the hierarchy is very strict qualifications to be extremely important in Japan, is a share of a very fine job. uneducated, what to get a diploma after the decision what kind of job, what kind of appropriate social status of these high-spirited young man, when the No one should be thought that one day they are sent to the production line will go.
but objectively speaking, Toyota engage in this method, most people just sigh a bit of this troubled world, and not too harsh to blame for Toyota . of circumstance Well, the economic crisis, everyone's life is not easy, while college students do, by the point of temper is quite good, no need to take yourself too high.
final with a Japanese online to find the Toyota factory photos, these students are new posts.
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