for example through innovative design UGG Sale

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for example through innovative design UGG Sale

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:50 am

Text \/ Si Rui calm days of PC industry began to boil. Two days before the 315 human rights day,UGG Sale Boots UK, it exposed the HP quality gate event. Battery heat, the black screen of display, the flower screen. In fact or the core because of hardware matching problem,Gucci on sale, and HP in the official website acknowledges hardware problems, but these problems in after sale service link concentrated bursts. not HP Customer Service service level or an attitude problem, but the quality of the product defects caused by. This reminds me of the earlier media reports: PC industry has experienced over the price, service and brand competition, as the basic quality of commodity function gradually to occupy the market competition environment in the main position, the PC industry competition began to return to the quality of competition. and now, quality is the major PC vendors in the market development, if HP's hardware to ensure quality,UGG Sale, then it is possible to protect the user's application, could have been exposure ? Of course, as consumers, we are not concerned with the HP quality gate event to end, we just want to find some problems, and how to improve it. This is the laptopBrain lack any problems, or quality,Gucci UK, quality influence on PC,Gucci UK, users can bring? to domestic user,UGG Sale Boots, perhaps, durable, reliable quality, user-friendly design,Gucci UK, the user feels notebook computer quality is high enough. But for business customers,UGG Sale, quality represents the value, because of high quality means that " higher efficiency, more stable operation, higher level of security " and so on. The reason is simple, no quality assurance, application value can only be castles in the air, if there is no quality assurance,UGG Sale, if business notebook once in unstable state, safety problem, caused by the loss of business,UGGs on Sale Cheap, far more than one computer hardware value, so smart business customers will pay more attention to product quality caused by the application. so from this logic to derive words,UGG Sale Boots, notebook the most what lack, the promotion application value? The answer is, and is in the security on the basis of quality promotion application value and application value.,Gucci UK, Wu Waihu higher efficiency, better security. In high efficiency, for example through innovative design,UGG Sale, make run faster, have better battery life support capabilities, enabling usersIn life, enjoy digital fun, work to help users efficient office, efficient operation of enterprises. In terms of security, less information leakage, less nude picture scandal event, enterprises have no commercial information leaked any menace from the \"rear\", the introduction of comprehensive information technology helps the rapid development of enterprises. for a behemoth with PC industry, every industry predators to oneself product applications have different understanding, even has an HP quality problem,Gucci UK, in its commercial notebook have a " the value of innovation into more efficient worry-free application and operation environment, drive IT innovation value " concept, and another an industry predators associate, in the Zhaoyang K46 business notebook computer new product reports, also has a " released the full value, the achievements of commercial users of commercial advantage " concept input, puts forward deeply from cost, efficiency, management,UGGs on Sale Cheap, security and other aspects of the industry to create more customer value,UGG Sale Boots UK, whether it is the dual drive, dual battery,Cheap Gucci, or upgraded associative safety management center, it is to enhance product value, drive IT tremendous energy. predecessors, later generations of teachers, HP qualityVolume door to PC manufacturers on the vivid lesson, PC industry,UGG Sale, must return to quality,UGG Sale Boots, only in this way,Gucci UK, can we talk about application of value.
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