The toes only couldn't have your cold with out UG

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The toes only couldn't have your cold with out UG

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From zhangsimon and http : \/ \/ \/ BBS \/ post \/ view ?Bid = 103&amp ;id = 9974401&amp ;sty = 1&amp ;TPG = 1&amp ;PPG = 1&amp ;age = 0 # 9974401 now has a lot of &quot ;cry up wine, and sell vinegar &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;titanium alloy ;those who actually only contains &quot &quot alloy ;titanium ;titanium alloy . definition is :titanium based joined other alloy elements of the alloy called titanium alloy .Titanium alloy has a low density ,high specific strength ,good corrosion resistance ,good processing performance and other advantages, is the ideal structure of aerospace engineering material . research scope :titanium alloys can be divided into structure of titanium alloy and heat resisting titanium alloy ,or a titanium alloy ,titanium alloy and a + B B titanium alloy .Research also includes titanium alloy forming technology ,powder metallurgy technology ,rapid solidification technology of titanium alloy ,the military and civil and so on. ( a development process ) in the early 50 ~ 70 in the early 1990s power : in order to meet the demand of aviation industry demand for material ,titanium alloy attention and development ,technology is mainly based on metallurgy and technology. main characteristics: this phase is characterized by the material from the research towards the main application .Materials are Ti-6Al-4V ,Ti-5 Al-2.5Sn ,mainly used in aviation ,aerospace engine with pressure vessel shell ,engine . typical results and products :typical materials :Ti-6Al-4V ,Ti-5Al-2.5Sn in 70 ~ 90 demand power :expanding the scope of application of titanium alloy ,the titanium industry obtained the rapid development, new technology and new technology to promote titanium alloy forming technology development. main features: the phase characteristics of 1 ) titanium applications within the aerospace industry is increasing ,the other industry such as marine engineering ,chemical industry ,electric power ,metallurgy ,medical and other applications is on the rise ,become the third metal .( 2) a new titanium alloy constantly available,If youe seriously worried about wearing UGG boots within the warm summer months, such as high strength titanium alloy ,heat-resistant titanium alloy. ( 3) the introduction of new technology such as superplastic forming ,rapid solidification technology and isothermal forging .( 4) in order to enlarge the application and to reduce cost. typical results and products :typical materials :Ti-1100 ,Ti-1023 ,IMI834 ,Timetal62S ,SP-700 ( two) current situation and development of titanium alloy is the aerospace industry a broader application of the metal material ,can be divided into the use of titanium alloys and high temperature titanium alloy (using temperature &gt ;400 degrees C) . structure of titanium alloy with Ti-6Al-4V as the representative ,the alloy has been widely Is widely used in aircraft ,missiles, and has by secondary load-carrying structure to the main structure .In order to adapt to the higher strength and toughness requirements ( such as intensity increased to 1275 ~ 1373MPa ,than the strength was improved to 29 ~ 33 ,the elastic modulus increases to 196GPa) ,in recent years developed a number of new titanium alloy, such as the United States of America .Ti-15V-3Cr-3Sn-3Al ;Ti-3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr ( b-C ) ,Ti-6Al-2Sn-2Zr-2Cr-2Mo-0.23Si ,That UGG cardy boots may be broken after you feel,Ti-4.5Al-1.5Cr ;Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si in Britain ( IMI500 ) ,SPF00 Japan ,CR800 ,SP700 and the former Soviet Union BT22 .Ti-15-333 castings and b-C can replace the precipitation hardening stainless steel and nickel base alloy ,Ti-6-22-22 in the United States Advanced Tactical Fighter ( ATF ) is the prototype of the dosage in F-22A 22% ( weight ) .Japan ( Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe ) ,not only the strength is high ,and in 755 degrees of superplasticity, extending rate of up to 2000% ,good formability ,low processing cost ,can replace the Ti-6Al-4V ,has been used in aerospace components . high temperature titanium alloy in recent years some progress has been made in the United States ,in the middle of the field ,and the British occupied advantage. But two of the development method and the focus is quite different .England is adopted in the a phase solid solution strengthening in order to improve the creep strength necessary means without B phase coexistence approach ,focusing on research The last type alloy ,is developed to improve the creep strength based Ti-4Al-2Sn-4Mo-0.5Si ( using a temperature of 400 DEG C ) ,Ti-11Sn-2.25Al-5Zr-1Mo-0.2Si ( IMI679 ,using a temperature of 450 DEG C ) ,Ti-6Al-5Zr-0.5Mo-0.25Si ( IMI685 ) alloy and to improve the fatigue strength of Ti-5.5Al-3.5Sn-3Zr-1Nb-0.3Mo-0.3Si ( IMI829 ) and Ti-5.5Al-4.5Sn-4Zr-0.4Mo-0.8Nb-0.4Si ( IMI834 ) . USA is used by the sacrifice of fatigue strength to increase creep strength method ,focuses on the study of molybdenum content high alloy ,such as Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo ( 6242 ,with a temperature of 470 DEG C ) ,6242S ( using a temperature of 500 DEG C ) alloy .Subsequently, and research and development of the Ti-6Al-2.7Sn-4Zr-0.4Mo-0.45Si alloy ( Ti-1100 ) ,the use of temperature increase to 600 degrees. recently the United States of America and developed the Timetal21S ( Ti-15Mo-2.7Nb-3Al-0.2Si ) ( also known as b21S ) ,using a temperature of 704 DEG C ,can be used in the manufacture of high temperature tube and pressure pipe ,optimized for the United States national aerospace plane ( NASP ) airframe metal matrix composite substrate material. At present, the new high temperature titanium alloy have been into practical stage . high strength titanium alloy * * * plastic forming technology is developing very fast ,it is the development trend of gas forming isothermal forging and vacuum forming method . beauty Country on the titanium alloy development and application ,has been in a leading level, according to the statistics in the United States of America aviation industry,The toes only couldn't have your cold with out UGG, titanium consumption ratio of 70% ,the United States of America in titanium alloy superplastic forming ,mainly adopted under the condition of isothermal forging and sheet metal forming .In order to reduce the cost ,enlarge the application ,the United States launched a new brand alloy ,such as Timetal62S ( Ti-6Al-2Fe-0.1Si ) ,using iron instead of vanadium in cost than Ti-6Al-V ,and the performance of the former Soviet Union . titanium industry has more than 35 years of history ,its development process is stable ,no major ups and downs .The production of a large number of Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-5Al-2.5Sn similar alloy and a series of high temperature and high strength alloy ,In the 1981 finals Discount jerseys,and the study of special corrosion resistant titanium alloy ,such as 4200 ,4210 ,4207 etc. ,in the space industry, the former Soviet Union widely used titanium alloy superplastic condition air pressure forming process . Britain in heat-resistant titanium alloy research and application with the United States the advantage,The acquaintance who gets your present of Gucci shoes is so crucial for you Gucc, but its focus on nearly a alloy ,i.e. develop energetically in order to improve the creep strength as the focus of the alloy ,such as Ti-4Al-2Sn-4Mo-0.5Si ,Ti-11Sn-2.25Al-5Zr-1Mo-0.2Si ( IMI879 ) ,Ti-6Al-5Zr-0.5Mo-0.25Si ( IMI685 ) ,where IMI685 in Europe has been widely applied .In recent years ,Japan in the research of titanium alloy has also made great progress ,such as to lower the cost of the development of SP-700 ( Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe ) alloy ,the alloy forming performance is better than Ti-6Al-4V. Japan by low strain rate superplasticity vacuum forming process . in the dental field, now use or pure titanium ---- international label type G2 ( domestic A2 type ) for more. Ti-6Al-4V ,Ti-5Al-2.5Sn titanium alloy because of good physical properties and processing properties of dental titanium was used as doing research for a period of time ,The toes only couldn't have your cold with out UGG boot styles UGGs on Sale,but because the Al \/ V elements in biology is not the ideal element and faded out of the dental field. domestic and foreign scholars have studied Ti-Zr alloys to improve Ti in the dental field use value ,but these a few years I think on the one hand, pure titanium on understanding more and more deeply ,on the other hand is due for dental titanium alloy small dosage and research costs ,thus suitable for dental applications of titanium alloy has not yet appeared.
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