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the cheapest

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out electronic magazine
Vol.30: animated, lively. we are discussing a topic: 80 officially entered the three-year-old a time, numerous voices in the 80 descendants of imparting instruction, hole uncle thousands of years ago the phrase has been to wipe out again, once again worship.
Born on 30 good times, this age is an important nexus of people's life stages, from chaos to clear, clever towards wisdom, from the impetuous move toward peace, from complex to simple, is the courage to face their own, self-confident, independent, mature moments.
in life, some nodes - out Vol.30 frontispiece
Lu Jinbo wrote a luxury men's road map: : NIKE; 20 years old: IPHONE; 25 years of age: Armani; 30 years old: Rolex; 35 years old: BMW; 40 years: Tomson Golf; 45 years: divorce, marry young and beautiful female anchor. , but sometimes the reality of social life, mm is designated as numerous time periods and nodes, each node corresponds to do things. but each node, corresponding to different things.
very fortunate, OUT readers probably not the pursuit of What this life is a trip voyage of discovery mm, who predicted the most beautiful scenery where?
however (really more a turning point in life, so much, however), some things you must not miss, because the time gone , you never go back to those moments mm Well, you understand, and those things with the time-related, has nothing to do with the material:
small, to enjoy the play mm if you miss, so you do Mom and Dad, let the children enjoy the play, really are not many innocent years;
university, ask yourself how your life to be had, can be a loss, but do not spend too much time;
work, ask yourself for yourself, for others, what the future to create some kind of value, which is to return you to discuss the future of the only weight;
Life is like a container, there is no absorption where's the pay, so not so busy, more to learn. so you vulgar things to do, families are struggling with work, school think that it is too late;
parents at the time, to spend more them, and do the little things mm intimate son wants his parents to be, it is the greatest happiness in life, on the contrary, is the biggest pain;
young, to try to travel mm paper come Zhongjue each time travel, life experience and vision is to expand;
everyone has their own life, a list of people you do not see, others you do not have much information on the meaning, Because only you know: In this stage of life, what things do, to make their own future, not to miss and regret.
like a friend said it: , friends, love partners, love children, however, to really live for themselves. year-old will always have insights and harvest.
Lee would like: career after 80 good example: This year, like 29-year-old Lee, on the age, he said: should be written to this age. small business owners, and now, after the beach with friends in opening a stall.
find the coordinates of your life: No matter how you choose to spend your life, no matter what you went through what was given in the three-year-old The life time of the arrival of the node, as the dew on a lotus leaf lotus leaf roll edge, your heart will softly tremble for the moment: Life is over half of the remaining later life, how do I spend?
Saturn is just practice and test the first 29 years of life, that is, the ancient Chinese love to say have had their fantasy wedding? warm sunshine, beautiful wedding, beautiful shoes, sweet cakes, flowers and friends around, and you love him and let you move all the time hh
Travel | 7000 meters above the taxi: Muztagata Peak, elevation 7546 m the father of glaciers, ranking first in the world 69 altitude snow-capped mountains, in China the best ski resort in the mountain, we coming! so, we really to climbing? No, in fact, we are here to ski!!!
elsewhere | Taiwan coffee taste: Many people ask me for maintenance prescriptions, including the Queen of Bhutan, some people even have the exclusive sale of my youth recipes , now open to the public free of charge, the cheapest, simplest and enjoy the first tips: eat bread every day wake up to drink a large glass of hot black coffee.
suspicious mind is a good tool for learning history: the Yuan Tengfei author of the book, the quasi-middle-aged Guaishu Shu's success is that he his , so, this book will also be able to sell a few one hundred thousand.
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