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is to the company

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Deng Jianguo shocking style all their own (photo) [original]
2007 年 1 18, because at night we take the TV serial The next day, the two of us get Mr. Deng's hospitality. Red River wine is hot, the star's heart is warm, as Mr. Deng in his blog, write, star hospitality, really deserved reputation.
in Mr. Deng, where the greatest feeling in addition to enthusiasm, the biggest shock is that emotion and even Deng boss so busy, actually learned to write every day send text messages to each middle management, middle management, he also asked each person to write their own experiences feelings each employee every weekend Mr. Deng's friends and colleagues will receive text messages and greetings: a nice weekend! Deng Jianguo ..
his star in the school cafeteria blackboard on the wall, above the student, the employee's birthday directory management people understand human love and truth management.
Deng Jianguo SMS when I was eating and drinking, he was general manager and vice president by the time they gave me a good few, the feeling is very real , and feeling great. greetings and messages are thoughtful, have ideas, work experience, life sentiment.
Deng Jianguo repeatedly said he is working, is a farmer, he would reveal where the determination and solidarity with the struggle .
Zero and staff exchanges between Mr. Deng may be the secret of success. This is a pro and a style all their own, there is a creative, cohesive.
Star Film Company Studios has taken shape, can be described Chinese and Western, both built in classical style, there are exotic. his staff told me, is Deng Jianguo own design, which compelled people to admire.
a success in certain areas, the the other is by analogy, the main reason is the ideological positioning and mature.
Deng Jianguo small blackboard and text messages that we did not expect, can be said that windfall and surprises found.
Deng Jianguo, said he is himself I feel the farmers will not be artificial and humility, in fact, came to their own fair assessment, but also to narrow the psychological distance of the best employees, and your subconscious is the same.
boss is working, to whom work? of course, is to the company, to employees working. employees to work for his boss, the boss to employees to work, where I hear most of his sentence and his staff for his words and proud. (The following is a superstar The Studios Picture)
Ma: The two sides will lose-lose confrontation to consultation and negotiation instead of confrontation should be the core
Tip: KMT candidate Ma Ying-jeou 08 election 11 afternoon meeting with the international media repeatedly stressed, on the mainland is willing and consult a variety of issues, he pointed out that both sides should be based on consultations and negotiations instead of confrontation.
the other hand, the DPP candidate Frank Hsieh 08 election date also an international media forum, the two sides talked about at great length the concept, he said, If he is elected, will fully promote cross-strait dialogue and negotiations, he also said that his mainland policy is to take into account the stressed that the international media at the meeting, both sides should be consultation and negotiation instead of confrontation, he pointed out that a double loss.
comprehensive Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou said that the most important thing is both sides have to negotiate instead of fight, not because the fight will not negotiate, because only negotiations can solve the problem, confront it will result in a win-win possible. , also will tour the mainland tourists to Taiwan from the opening day 1000 to day 3000, the first year goal is to attract 1.1 million mainland tourists to Taiwan.
Ma Ying-jeou and explained that the island has recently cause
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