plate rolling

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plate rolling

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Haha look at ... estimates are reproduced very interesting to read the first part of
, hearing (10%) listen to the dialogue to complete 1 to 10 questions, pay attention to dialogue and listen to three times each, and 1 point for each question. (Omitted)
second part of individual choice (25%) completed 1 to 25 questions, in A, B, C, D four options to choose the preferred option questions, pay attention to only one answer for each question, each question of the 1 point.
(1) Kunming, then the (2) Kunming, greeting people generally do not say is () A B Which will lead to you slightly you eat the whole friends which point D C you carved out of play change
(3) Kunming words word that means () A child Haizi B C D shoes and write
(4) Kunming often mention strongly expressed strong anger surprised C D said he was delighted
(5) in Kunming, then D Imperatives Imperatives and interrogative
(6) A father holding a child in tact zoo, animals, pointing to a disabled child, said: the father said, Silly silly microphone package d on one eye, the least and the most derogatory derogatory, respectively () A a and c B b and c C a and d D b and d (
(8) Kunming school after school, Many students will stay in school, threat, a threat to men in general say, D under the other two the other two with his knee under the
(10) Kunming, which in the following cases, people say, D agreed to ask for help themselves to their own requirements
(11) Street, West Temple Lane ... Day Eye ; rejection, Wow, swelling, inverted D-resistant children
(17 )powerful than a day's reputation
(18) ; means: A to B to sing karaoke OK right corner of the wall to defend the motherland C D onomatopoeia
(20) person teaching his son the D C I do not care that her father dressed in a powder house when
(21) (22) . cleaning, D. C. to KFC meal mahjong twist
(24) speechless
(25) called someone someone care for the environment
third part of the Glossary (20%) Please explain the following phrase in Mandarin form, the 2 points for each question.
(1) plate rolling (2) solicit information from wildfire (3) Cat miles children (4) large pull pull it (5) Gross Division (6) Sa children (7) eggplant children (8) tie it insects (9) depends on the ancient groom children (10) pressed the seat
Part IV, reading comprehension (30%) read the following section of the article, and complete the article later questions 1 to 6, where 1 to 5 questions 4 points each, Question 6 10
Kunming it is not anti-Chinese dishes that do not do sub-areas what food the child. Kunming before too far behind you, so the dishes are basically open it to the child in the 1980s, mainly as security Wuhua the first, the long and strong, Simon ENERGETIC cover the small number of places, Why there are some small Hanhan other small it is also the first child. vegetables do what the Governor is a suburban farmer, pick it early Qing eight dishes into the city to sell the bear, some dealers also fall vegetables to sell. it is about one ha At noon it time to buy to buy, food is the capital of the sub-human, furans to furans grams, and sometimes guilty of what some called the child in play tricks, pecking found what was kind enough to grace street shouted. pecked foot step on it as well, wins hands pecking it, pecking carry bags of it, take the words of the old Kunming, it is A. anyway, ah, ha what food do I fear most of the sub-gram friends.
later years of reform and opening-chi, urban development, then some The child also pecking food better book of the matter, the government and from the first new plan, the first built in the new district of the child to do dishes, Woyo, some vegetables that are now sub-Chi is board tie you, it is fixed in the first stall, selling do it live meat dishes separate from the Governor, as well as a noodle, pea powder of it what some have special pavement. now what food the first sub-district governor does have fiberglass roof, rain will not be won pecking pecking each First there is cat food keep the child, and a lot of friends than before and now I live is like my wife grams do some dishes that are sub-ceiling around friends.
please answer the following questions
(1) the first paragraph of the article () A ghost dirty rice on the eye then B then C Bala Shi D nuclear seven mess it do Ma Kwu Tung it
(3) the second paragraph of the article, cleaners B C D farmers to buy food for the people
(4) meet the following four in the contents of the article is () A Kunming in the 1980s there are four major markets, to provide the public with the whole eggs, meat, Kunming. B Kunming, the vegetable market in the afternoon is the most lively, bustling. C unscrupulous traders Duanjinshaoliang acts embarrassed after being exposed to flee the market. D lead author do not want the jolly because markets are dirty.
(5) in the first paragraph, part of the essay (15%) Title: Kunming, then combined with the process you learn to talk about why you want to learn, then Kunming in Kunming, then the feelings and learning. subject self. Requirements: must Kunming dialect writing and shows a new, clean beginning of a book . words no less than 200 words.
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