then people can not help but ask

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then people can not help but ask

Postby Lk25feyf28 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:05 am

used in the ad that was a bit exaggerated with heavy voice to tell their own brilliant experience, may at first people thought it would sound post-production machine, I wonder, how can sound deep to the point where hh
easily Indeed, the experience of DAB brilliant enough, but what will happen next, we do not know, I can not optimistic to assume that he would United will not work and life is so, it determines that his difficult as large, though he shape of the sun, extraordinary skills, be regarded as the backbone of Chinese basketball, hope for the future, but still difficult to stop me his question, and even boredom I do not like the media as Niwai to call their This broke the whole thing together against the integrity of the Chinese people, and some shame. rookie lot, why other players do not appear a farce, but had the Chinese Yi Jianlian wants you special? great country, honesty, Since the NBA went to where people go to the draft, as on the draft rules to follow, so that responsibility to others, but also to ourselves, which is related to professional ethics. selected by others, but go back, and placing the interests of others expense, not lukewarm Hao Zhao, equivalent to a waste of people this year's draft, the team places like this, then what? If all the players in the draft in accordance with their wishes, and that the current draft system and What is the significance?
such practices may be in the NBA is allowed in the rules, but also only for the individual restless local players, Yi Jianlian is you represent the Chinese people, you should come up with enough integrity and responsibility to glory for the Chinese people, rather than irresponsible loophole in the rules, to transform itself into Milwaukee sinners and enemies, and then bring disaster to hundreds of millions of Chinese people!
Yi Jianlian of China's behalf, but it made which is not necessarily just to China! Huang shelling was justified, you own the whole Yi Jianlian Do not be so high, that would be too hypocritical! In fact, everyone knows you think Yi Jianlian, but want a little fashion city, as it is more a cast aside, maybe business sense in today's society is necessary, but only as a 20-year-old player, but not so utilitarian as well.
Please make a it, in the patch of fertile ground for basketball, basketball condescension in the sacred; in that quiet little town, ease of playing basketball it.
two Bushitaiju.
NBA basketball is sacred stores , to play there all the basketball player's dream. each NBA team are great, every team is worth the world forever pregnant with piety. Milwaukee Bucks selected Yi Jianlian to, even if not really lucky , also regarded as fate, not only does not know how to value and feel gratitude, the people hanging up, but also of the great sincerity of the Bucks turned a blind eye, you Yi This is really more than your voice still deep!
you hold anything against male teams in Milwaukee enough quality? Do you think you are? really think of myself dish ah!? Crouching Tiger, you know how many players in the NBA level than you? You can not become the next Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, NBA teams can not play an important role in every game played can be mingled a few minutes is very good. In fact, even if Yao Ming was selected Milwaukee, he also will choose to report, and can be far less than you yi one-tenth of Yao Ming, so how can you install X?
Bucks vote for you, that is your privilege; Bucks management to show good faith, it is flattering to you. but you really Yi Jianlian is too Bushitaiju, you can have any future?
Third, unlike men.
Yes, Yi Jianlian is not the performance as a man. speak Manmantuntun, doing ink ink trace typical weak-minded and responsible; even face the sun goes, and now it seems people think Niwai.
so many days, despite how anxious Milwaukee side, the concern of how Chinese fans, easy to build Union did not come out say something decent, then he said he did not want to talk about the topic on the Bucks, and just want to prepare for the national team and I rely on! this to avoid this? the current team have nothing to prepare for it? now solve The problem with the Bucks, than to participate in the national team prepare for what is much more urgent, > advise Yi Jianlian, a man clearly on to resolve the matter as soon as possible, do not ink the ink trace, endless, and for others the Bucks, the majority of Chinese fans would have to have a good explanation!
pattern of decisions success, style achievements in the future, the future is destined Yi Jianlian is slim. like Yi Jianlian these children to act like a man who, even on behalf of China are not eligible again, he has become a Chinese man's sorrow.
Fourth, regardless of the overall situation.
toss, the toss over and over again, the end result will happen? guess you have to go to the Bucks Yi Jianlian likelihood it. If so, then why not this period farce avoid it?
happy to go to Milwaukee, and all will be how happy! and even went after a farce, this period of naughty inevitably have Yi Jianlian for all of your views. to see how the management team? fans, how to see? Enlightened many, unjust to help so few, you lose Yi Road has become a person, and after the road, can not go, okay? estimated Milwaukee's court in the future, even if you are easily construction of a joint play, and can only get boos from the home this hh
the most reasonable choice obediently report to Milwaukee, then people can not help but ask, you toss Yi Jianlian this so what's the meaning ah? took his career as a trifling matter, in addition to call you out such a farce, another seedling after we went to China to participate in NBA draft, Yankees people who would also like to pay attention you?
in line to see some of the U.S. media's comments on Yi Jianlian events, see the American Ironically, really makes me a little sit still. let people scold, criticize not one of us as we, at least for the sake of discussion, will not have any malicious in the twinkling of an eye, in my mind from the Yi Jianlian's Chinese basketball want to become a useless stupid X, I do not want to accept this reality, but the fact of the matter, I had to resign to fate.
I'm sorry, the people of Milwaukee! Chinese people beg you to forgive this young man's folly hh
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