A 1.3kg big MAC perigord truffle was on a sale of

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A 1.3kg big MAC perigord truffle was on a sale of

Postby bluestone185 » Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:08 am

supra shoes,Recently, in France in agricultural products market of perry gore appeared on a weighed about 1.3 kilograms of "big MAC" perigord truffle, clinch a deal valence is expected to more than 1000 euros.
According to information, ordinary perigord truffle average only 10 g to 200 g, weighing 1.3 kilograms of perigord truffle is very rare. supra footwear store,Edible truffle in Europe is always regarded as a precious ingredients, including Italy and France bai songlou perigord truffle won the praise of the global gourmet. Perigord truffle, in Europe normally used for top ingredient is its social and caviar, goose liver sauce and other senior food tied for, known as the food "three top leaders". jordan shoes online,Because of its growth strict, production around the world each year is rare, so the price is fairly expensive, could be compared to gold, called on the table on the "black diamond".
nba jerseys online,Perigord truffle, is a kind of growth in the wild edible fungus underground, the appearance of rugged, colour and lustre is between dark brown and black between, a small convex shape, in gray or shallow black and white texture, the special smell, it is difficult to describe, someone like mushroom) / garlic/leaf/wetland/fermented corn/pickles/honey/salted gas/wet straw/cheese/cinnamon/moose sweet, and not like a wash of the bed sheet, and even people describe the smells like semen is known mainly distributed in the Alps and the Himalayas minority region.
jordan shoes for sale,Truffle on growth environment very selective, as long as the sun, water or soil ph value of a slight change can not grow, is the only country in the world can't in order to grow delicacies. Under a tree will grow truffle, and next to look the same of another tree can not, yet people are not sure why. supra shoes uk,And mushrooms commonly different fungi, truffle spores not transmitted by the wind, but through the defoliation truffle animals to spread. Truffle mainly grow in oak, beech trees, hazelnut and sour orange tree, and this is because truffle can't photosynthesis, no independent live, must use with some roots symbiotic relationship between get nutrients.
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