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Postby jacky8554 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:52 pm

Fast fashion clothing majestic sweeping the globe, as well as its violent trend can not ward off even the luxury brand in China clothing brand is stepping on the road to explore the beginning of and at the same time that international brands are in the front then. Fast fashion the logic behind the trade What? ZARA whether their trade patterns is the only selection of fast fashion? financial crisis was to ZARA and H & M's fast fashion, represented by the majestic sweeping the globe, in many premises, even those classic Mongolia is prepared favor. over the years, the major fast-fashion brands in addition to the layout of first-tier cities, it is also thought to spread its tentacles into two or three-country, can see their great attempt of China to explore the brand's fast fashion Good Waters? prestige launch participate in the garment industry in this ZARA and H & M's model in the expansion - the play rules to operate the case, where for the same consumer groups, as they are our brand strength,Coach Outlet Stores, the price is missing tired disadvantage, it is difficult beyond product design, supply chain speed is not perfect, how consumers will pay the bill? but , the original soil from time to time the brand is also suitable for Chinese enterprises to explore fast-fashion way, such as to promote the new brand of fast fashion - Country eighth day (URBAN EIGTHDAY) in an interview the general manager down to the Chinese brand to some other place than H & M have a better understanding of , approach is to explore, but not the real thing China can have a The answer, we must figure out the logic behind the fast fashion. the logic of fast fashion clothing fast fashion clothing is negative logic, after the cheap fashion. replacement quickly. This takes thought, there are several nuclear export of meat to: fashion, update rapidity fast, the price not too high. fast fashion clothing trade after negative logic is like? fast after negative logic of fashion clothing decorated with the endless stream of profits made. sold without clothes, but fashion sense. FMCG spend taking the difference is, where the efficacy of the clothes Top thoroughly abandoned properties are the basis of only the added value of the clothes off note - that that is, fashionable feel. With the feeling of the line, the ability excitement, emotion is often consumed propulsion garment. For enterprises Road, no longer selling products, but the youth beat, fast fashion is that non-renewal of customer value to build this type of fashion experience to the customer. ZARA type of fast fashion is the kind of logic to operate in accordance with: the amount of the expense of quality, price drop - so that more people buy only, often to buy. fashionable shopping hand, fast copy the big board - so you do not Debu tongue. move to the supply chain, updated every day style - you always feel left behind. small quantities, out of stock - so you always have , also read to the next. powerful combination of terminal categories - large, small, your, Savage, and children, all-inclusive, so you always have a reason to buy: Since people can not buy to buy a Savage, a large pieces do not buy that buy small pieces. more experience the atmosphere - you will be eager to see the clothes. appropriate to the brand plastic system - so you can always go buy ZARA, Trade Street, the big stores - feel is necessary to the shopping at It should be said that such trade fast fashion model for many companies, more of a concept, just filled the center of the concept of fast fashion to do, should have done a lot of ways, such as inferior to the amount of low-cost fashion is a choice, then they have high-quality low-cost fashion taste is not an option (as in China, the poor quality of the West is not the lack of low-cost fashion, fashion is very excellent volume of the lack of parity). As another example, a large shop is a trading Street species selection, the community is not a small taste of the end has been selected, there may be higher due to customer devotion. explore the , we will immediately read to ZARA. In practice, China's garment industry is no shortage of examples of fast fashion, but as a small range of comparison, we often ignore them in detail, but these examples is perhaps the ; the way out. the other place operation of the law of comparative fit fast fashion, which is called They operate on the adequate use of the fast fashion model number to be dirty, and full day with the disadvantages of the network, carried out to obtain a relatively good, worthy of homemade, old phone sound super. We step the public clothing (maizhongfs . mall.taobao.com) as an example to analyze. its initiative of the crux of the law a few quick fashion. In addition, these companies also had to apply to master) + moving rapidly around the world re-made copy version (the right combination of Ganon) + OEM + + third-party supply chain collaboration when appropriate fashion leadership the field of professional market segments, so easy to cut into the best of, but also is a field so deep, so thoroughly (2) individual trade shops where street street trade shop refers to are those compared to the individual women's clothing store . operators are generally women, four weeks generally start at the community store, clothing will generally compare individual are the owner came from a search of the day, generally have very little inventory of each style, so the clothing styles are updated frequently. a very rare type of shop However, large local and everyone will put it in contact with fast fashion, practice, these stores have a few fast fashion rule. products: search some of the trade from the premises of each single product, generally only the most drip style. the supply chain: the small group of quality, small batch, because it is the end of a single trade, it is generally a few pieces of each style. In order to maintain the shop business, they must constantly seek new models to search (usually These stores should have the active cooperation partner to accompany.) terminal side in: General Line Road, take the community, operating time temporary, and would constitute a capital event of the customer base of people. brand: the fashion preferences of the owner who is generally the ordinary is their choice clothes, the shop owner will naturally constitute a personal style with the style, giving a natural feeling. (3) integration of these modes trade shop model, it is a single store, similar to the extended version of the trade shops, rapid integration of buyers + product + end of the shop mobility tide Fair There are many foreign brand, etc. Some of these enterprises will adopt the method of transport to do with the line, such as wheat network and its line shop, of course, these companies generally do not call it fast fashion their own, but as they are born out of the same individual trade shops, of course, their speed is also a new update has arrived fast fashion brand speed, but a lot of fast fashion has the potential factors, such as just the perfect type of store buyers system, establish good at product purchase complete network of partners together to do plenty of applications to accompany the effort, each day of rapid integration Global (China parts can be) of the individual products, and gradually strengthen its brand abstract terminal (step by step to understand their reservations, there are familiar with branding days), then this model will also have the potential. really the occasion, many brands are over the direction of the best. explore the localization of the fast fashion model as described above some of the local category slaughter hand . Another example is that people can serve a single mixed group of white-collar workers have, or are deeper segments, such as focus on Wei strictly done, booking the same brand. home portfolio, add accessories, to jewelry (such as scarves, ornaments, etc.) and clothing to enhance each other, adding to the frequency of the master into the store (or the network side hit rate) due to the market segments you serve on, the self will reduced into the store the frequency and consumption frequency, so to add new rush forward into the store the frequency factor (2) the use of international capital flow disadvantage, innovative products demand chain warning from the street trade in shop mode, through the integration of capital flows, to strengthen the product supply chain apologized special interest groups to create their own experience, start to establish the value of put-style network that is where the integration is not limited to trade shop-style short simple two-product purchases or OEM, but should create their own experience of the apology by the value of a strong network structure repair, through the power network members work together to ensure the market's move to the response, collecting family stories from the Internet can see the importance of community for the elderly, should seek to speed up the product chain is a value network integrins, but a brief and general sense of integration there are very different, the value of the enterprise network is strong between members of the benefits of a separate body, can guarantee to reflect the market faster, but yet do not have to worry about the disintegration of the alliance the Chinese system of things together made a big ball of textile country, production design, making a lot of resources, and thus the fast fashion clothing industry, where appropriate, the value of the network must be integrated model, of course, establish the value of the network is also a big challenge. (3) organization repair itself, the design strength, enhanced localization of fast fashion model in the present mouth of the elements of a nuclear power is through the rapid plagiarism international brands tend to follow the drip line. pilot study, if all of our brands are in the plagiarism, the ultimate lead to inter-brand out there personality differences, then the only fashion but also where road? Thus, the domestic brands in the fast fashion journey, we must gradually build from the plagiarism of my web design efforts (such as ZARA designers of their international allies, like the air force). In addition, in product design should be more thought of by some of the voice called dirty, rather than to simulate foreign models. End Qi copying foreign styles, many Chinese people and their differences suitable size and a good trial, enter into the real markets lower This disadvantage will be more obvious when, as he, localization should be vital to winning local brand (4) terminal and adequate drainage to speak of this with a model innovation network, the perfect and fast fashion line. Taobao shop on the analysis of what can be seen on the network is based on a complete fashion clothing consumption of consumer province network had clothing consumer group that is a tributary of fast fashion consumer groups, they care about is fashion, 48kg shoulder width due to the network turned over to the suspect as a fashion touch more and more lunch, so the network is more sluggish consumer fashion. Web to buy things more
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