successful there must be ways

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successful there must be ways

Postby jacky8554 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:49 pm

Blinders to see the forest in China, many companies when faced with channel conflict, it will take immediate symptomatic and treatment of the offers for higher quality or to spread the goods? it is not difficult, to shop, we know that the main business district in Hangzhou Shanshan most representative of Intime there's no counter, most popular in Hangzhou, Yan'an Road, actually do not see Firs of a store. the same situation, stroll Shanghai Nanjing Road, asking many finally a shop in an inconspicuous corner to see the discount promotion Shanshan suit is.
and competitors Younger opened in Hangzhou on the only five large flagship stores, shopping malls counters is more, showing a clear king of the air; Younger Nanjing Road in Shanghai flagship store large image, and is separated by two, separated by hundred meters or so, if Shanshan's strategic location is not set up these stores, then, Shanshan brand or offers for higher quality it? even, consumers may think of Shanshan has disappeared from this world, because consumers are forgetful.
channel revolution, reform whose early life
99, Shanshan has 35 branches nationwide, more than 3,600 sales personnel, a complete sales network and channels Shanshan won China's suits for 6 years The first market share achieved a lot.
Firs in the same year began a radical restructuring, the clothing manufacturer to sell Japanese and Italian, or entrusted, to individuals to manage the outsourcing business; large-scale reduction of marketing staff , have removed their offices across the country, with franchising channel model would be the production and sale of all outsourcing, Shanshan is only responsible for the operation and promotion of the brand's core, and clothing design, which at the time of the Chinese garment industry looks is indeed a very bold and very ahead of a business model.
the end of 2001, Shanshan huge branch sales system basically all dissolved, replaced by a more than 70 franchisees, and hundreds of two franchisee level, but this lost the Chinese garment enterprises rank first, while city rivals, followed by Shanshan years to catch up, but took the opportunity to replace the Firs Youngor the market in the first place, and keep still.
bitter experience, After surviving the long winter nights in, Shanshan finally faced up to, its sales channels beginning of the and the recent revolution will bring to the Firs where? In fact, even the executives are not sure Shanshan. failure is not terrible, terrible failure, and no in-depth analysis of where their own fault in the end office, large hands and feet are still moving on the surface; the most horrible thing is that strategic direction is wrong, but in desperate efforts, nothing in the parable mean far-reaching. Shanshan mm are trying to do like Dajian mirage, beautiful natural looking, when the light sea breeze brush when the wind will swing, when a broad surge of the hurricane, its only taken away the natural.
then Firs what the root cause of channel conflict? franchise is not wrong, Direct are not wrong, fir cedar root causes of channel conflict is no standard system construction and efficient control system.
only the supply chain, not the value chain
no standard, no control; no chapter can not, naturally in the disordered chaos,
Shanshan suppliers and headquarters there is no effective communication between each other, there is no effective co-operation, it is impossible to form common values, to maximize system resources are not operating, in the end it is impossible to provide consumers with value for money services.
Nike's suppliers is how to cooperate with the Nike headquarters it? Nike's $ 500 million investment to build up a rapid reaction capability of the supply chain system in the Nike world for more than 600 independent OEM factory warehouse, Nike are installed in the information control system, each species and stock suppliers, synchronous Nike h
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