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Cheap hermes Handbags One purpose that why Hermes

Postby chouq662 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:26 am

an introduction: (teacher) Today we open a class meeting, the ideal.
(teacher) ideal, like a rainbow, high to attract us to study hard, hard. Russian thinkers Chernyshevsky said: A person is not ideal,Outlet ghd, just as the sea leaf unmanned boat, wind storms may be swallowed up at any time, even calm, it is difficult to reach the other side. A person is not ideal, there is no goal in life, living is meaningless. Only a small set ideal for the realization of an ideal and strive to learn,Outlet ghd Australia, grow up in order to achieve the ideals and contribute to the motherland.
(teacher) Each person should have a good heart, then your vision is what is it? Everyone together to talk about it.
Second, the representative of each group talked about the ideal. (10 minutes)
(teacher) seems, everyone's ideas are really good, a good ideal to inspire a better life. But the good ideal, not the fantasy of the rainbow,Cheap Hermes, but also step by step starting from the foot. But I found ah,Cheap hermes Handbags One purpose that why Hermes, some of our students,Outlet ghd Australia, ideals are very brilliant, but did not actually do it step by step,Cheap Hermes, learning is not serious, fear of suffering Pareto, learning can not keep up opinions discouraged, there is no way to achieve this ideal. Here we see a skit where there may be your shadow Oh, please cast to play,Outlet ghd Australia!
three comedy shows: (5 minutes)
A: Today our teacher told us a lesson on the lofty ideal, I listened to really benefit, it seems,Outlet ghd Australia, No not really lofty ideals ah. Starting today,Moncler Jackets, I will strive with determination, to seriously study and strive to achieve outstanding results. Without further ado, immediately to learn English first.
B: (knocking) A home?
A: (open) you ah? Something wrong?
B: Today,Outlet ghd, Saturday, than go out and play you?
A: No,Outlet ghd Australia! I want to review English, my English grades were not good.
B: Bank of the line, what the English ah,Cheap Hermes! The weather was so good,Outlet ghd, do not go out is a waste, gone!
A: (look at the job, take a look at the weather) Well, go out for a while now!
hour passed,Moncler Jackets Clearance, two hours later, three hours later ... ...
A: Today, playing a day,Moncler Jackets, tiring ah! (Inverted bed to sleep)
(teacher) seems ideal for students who we can only achieve his dream to go. In fact,Cheap Hermes Bags, we often encounter the usual things,Moncler Jackets, the ideal we have,Moncler Jackets Clearance, but can not withstand the temptation around, the ideal and finally slowly gone away from our hearts. Here to share what we have encountered setbacks in the ideal. See how to overcome difficulties and reach the other side of the ideal.
Fourth, the discussion: the ideal process of setbacks. (5 minutes)
five, the students speak. (10 minutes)
six (teacher) I know that students are prepared for this class meeting a Shouchao Bao, the following exchange about everyone,Moncler Jackets Clearance, to appreciate what, first prize,Moncler Jackets, second prize and third. (5 minutes)
in our hearts, the ideal is a noble word, it is like a beacon to guide the way forward in life, according to lit journey forward in life, there is no ideal will be lost, they will lose motivation, and we are in establishing good, clear goals in life an important period, is very eager to pursue their own struggle and achieve their personal value. Students, at all times and accomplished career provide us with a basic human experience: a thousand miles begins with one step. Success is to achieve a target of continuously accumulated up. Efforts from the beginning today, will be able to board the heights step by step and enjoy the magnificent scenery; to start from today, will be able to climb trees, taste the sweet fruit; to start from today, you will be able to enter the most glorious life the temple. I wish you much effort, work hard again to start the desired wings, on a growth path to overcome a problem

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