are the focus of both this year in April 1 (1)

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are the focus of both this year in April 1 (1)

Postby x6moncler » Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:20 pm

According to , while Apple's iPhone accounted for only 23%.
the day finally came.
fascination for all of Apple's iPhone, please note that is all. the of marketing This is not to compare the first two winners, the first and the other giant Microsoft WPhone doing the comparison, Microsoft, Apple, Google, which is the world's three giant IT industry, but Apple and Google in an aggressive offensive front, Microsoft's performance is somewhat overshadowed. Why would cause this to happen? We may be able to find hundreds of reasons,Why not take into consideration working with a Chi, but one of the most crucial one is that the user experience from another perspective, that is, micro-innovation.
give the simplest example, we installed Windows systems, will integrate a Windows Media Player stuff, but it was how many people use it? it can listen to songs, but we do not, we TTPlayer, years before it was defeated TTPlayer; it can see the video, but we do not, we use the STORM. TTPlayer and STORM victory, are a classic case of micro innovations, micro innovations TTPlayer lyrics, micro-STORM innovation is compatible with various video formats.
micro innovations, so that Apple and Google are themselves, so that iPhone and Android into the Soviet hegemony in the mobile phone industry, while Microsoft does, only a small sitting bench , champagne sidelined.
If I have to compare the Apple iPhone and Google Android, then it is: Apple iPhone was today, tomorrow, get Google Android In other words, today's Apple iPhone is very, very successful, but tomorrow The world is Google Android.
Why? The reason is simple. Apple iPhone is a man in combat, Google Android is not the Apple iPhone is a closed system, home world; and Google Android is completely open , and be tolerant to diversity.
from the terminal to see, Apple's iPhone is Apple playing myself, although the play is very beautiful, but the power is always limited myself. Google Android addition to its own brand of Nexus One (soon to be heard Two of the), he and everyone in cooperation the U.S. has more than, sooner or later, the world will be exceeded.
coupled with the legendary all-powerful that the cottage, in the future, all will be replaced with Google Android , that will be another group of wolves.
from the price perspective, the iPhone's price is high, and Google Android can be very low, such as in China, now as low as 1,000 yuan.. If you have a large cottage reached the scale, the price will be more advantage.
short term, Apple iPhone, Google Android is more than the ability to make money, because Apple has a closed toll system, and Google Android is completely open, completely free, but We want to see is, App Store Apple's revenues account for only 1% of the bulk, or to rely on hardware sales.
for developers, the current Apple iPhone more attractive than the Google Android because Apple can help them make money quickly, and Google Android can not but have the next Google Android. For example,The Classic styler will change the old GHD IV medi, QQ, is completely free, but most bars do value-added services, now has market capitalization of more than 300 billion U.S. dollars, among the world's top three Internet companies.
whether Apple's iPhone, or Google Android, are active in the layout of the future, such as advertising,1 (1), are the focus of both this year in April, Apple introduced the iAd mobile advertising platform. iAd able to plant ads run on Apple mobile devices into the application of them, while Google $ 750 million acquisition of AdMob received antitrust regulatory approval, Google has become the largest mobile advertising company.
However, in the future, Google Android, Apple users certainly larger than the amount iPhone users, coupled with the Google ads DNA, you say, advertising campaigns, the two who will win it?
Today, Apple's iPhone earned bowl full of pots full; tomorrow, it is dominated by Google Android. ( Liu Xingliang)
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Postby inetryconydot » Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:57 pm

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