: In this world what kind of folk the happiest

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: In this world what kind of folk the happiest

Postby markbzu15 » Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:20 pm

: In this world what kind of folk the happiest? To succeed,fame this is probably the answer maximum folk cheerful However,is it? 2009 Chinese New Year, Nobel Prize winner surrounded physics, Chinese-American Mr. Cui Qi, returned apt his hometown among Henan, China Central Television show host Yang Lan rushed to interview him in Henan. The conversation tore from Tsui's hometown among Henan. Yang Lan thought, If we had Tsui short-sighted, do never lack apt depart household never out of Henan, Daniel C. Tsui may not have peerless success today, you tin not build the greatest value of his life, the pinnacle of happiness aboard embark So Yang Lan asked,whether while you do never depart Henan, you look like today? And Daniel C. Tsui of the question,yet let Yang Lan was shocked. Tsui said namely whether I do not go in Hong Kong, the United States, my parents would never be hungered apt necrosis amid three complicated annuals If time could corner the clock behind I would prefer linger with their parents, so I finally live among self-blame,crime,rankle When he finished, Tsui actually bowed his head sobbing bitterly. Mr. Cui Qi won the Nobel Prize not because of increased happiness,aboard the contrary, take their ashore from the moment, he would carry a ponderous across into the inner depths of hard apt heal wounds within the flee His wife and babies plus parents accompany for a lifetime of alive things,can never imagine how, Nobel Prize winner Mr. Cui Qi's greatest appetite greatest happiness, was actually proficient to be favor them, do a fasten surrounded the coffin of old-age parents to give ordinary people The British medium as the Ding Junhui among this environment,paired with his understanding,capabilities plus progress immediately 13 years old Ding Junhui won the Asian Invitational on the third. Since afterward the In 2005, won the China Open champion Ding Junhui; December 2009, the British snooker tournament Jin, Ding hammered Higgins to 10:8 champion, shocked the sports world; 2011, Ding Junhui successfully into the 2010/2011 closed their season last war - World Snooker Championship semi-finals, has made life a great glory. Ding's success, so many hopeful parents imitated They absence apt copy Ding growth mode, with the For a period However, Ding what nearly his success and happiness within it? He questioned a reporter's question, his eyes flashing with a trace of crystal tears. He said namely whether I select life afresh I ambition never play billiards among Because playing reservoir I ought have lost the delight plus playful childhood I tin not even a junior associate of infancy did never In is monotonous,dreary closed training, I became speechless puppet,conduct picked up the pace. This namely a rankle merely likewise a misfortune. Those playing within the mountains among rushing, laughing among the playground games of children who spent a carefree childhood mischievous can not imagine how the average developed their eyes envy the eminent star,ruddy folk Ding Junhui, even aspire apt them childhood happiness. Yes, common sense namely happiness. The right to power a small, healthy nice; much alternatively how little,cheerful nice; outstanding not assign alive fine Feng Fei Yela, cabbage, radish, fetching water plus firewood Tam,easy common sense namely namely happiness. And happiness has never refused to intricate,smoke rain, a smile even a see being proficient to reflect light.
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