After the joy of Christmas to do

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After the joy of Christmas to do

Postby niu4s29ob » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:32 am

After the joy of Christmas to do
Inscription: Nian Nujiao Christmas Christmas Q &
wings, nine miles, turning the vast land. Bear in Europe and America look to the future, are all Chinese cities. Lights flashing, men and women everywhere,full lace wigs sale, shaking down the Christmas tree. How had , Oh, I want to fly.
asked by the king to go where? merchant replied, a banknote over and over. but not this year's winter snow at the expense of several brothers. Santa Claus, donations, coupled with the gift. not allowed to loot ,bulk hair supplies, Look at socialism.
spectacular Christmas passed, and from the store to customers are the United States, the United States is well spent, beautiful. domestic demand, and can increase the value of GDP growth points. Perhaps this is to learn from foreign the benefits of advanced culture. Christmas is not named nor capitalist society, this is a matter of principle,bulk hair extensions, as long as conducive to economic development, must be implemented ism of this year, your Christmas yet?
we do not pull to the big, we consider the total economic growth is not within the scope of things, of course, ordinary people from small public point of view to consider the issue. The first point is the social stability throughout the country are immersed in the school of peaceful atmosphere,hand tied weft hair, which is valid the day? Lord's birth date , you have the nerve in the day to steal rob, to robbery? I told a newspaper is very unhappy, dare reported that a shopping mall in front of the Christmas tree on a small gift to be looted. it is certainly not the thief doing it, but a large crowd under; Besides, we have a good time, you earn our money, do not let us get some kickbacks? your tree on Christmas gifts, can be considered excellent value for money, or else had tonight, it no use of the Han. said the Christmas tree business took thirty thousand, thirty Suansha? we can settle scores if you dare let me see your books it? you just a few hours to see how much you earn? point did not earn? not, you almost were packed with shopping, you can say to you that we are there to warm it? is that if the spring days like Christmas, the birth of the Lord, he gnaw a little commemorate people who do not consider him the convenience of it?
Secondly,front lace wigs cheap, lovers and eventually became husband and wife, according to statistics, Christmas Day as a statutory registration of marriage the couple of lovers, more than usual doubled twice as the concept is Gesha that usually there are N couples to register, and Christmas, when there are 2N 对. N is equal to a few? little things you do not ask me this, he was willing to let a few is a few a year ago, after Christmas, you girlfriend ear prettily told you, she hopes next year's Christmas, Santa Claus will be a big diamond ring a year over, and you look back to eat a handful of breakfasts, you can finally get your girlfriend last Christmas The short lines on the waist belt a year ago, you no longer feasting, Hupenghuanyou, just to be a great girlfriend in the eyes of Santa Claus, little desire to meet her point you are not already ready to wear for a year did not change the rotten socks stretched before her, told her that there is a Santa Claus to send her diamond ring, and this is her year's wish.
one month in advance you buy diamond ring, for a Romantic Christmas, there was dreaming, hope hope the moon-like stars looked forward to a night of passion and tenderness coexist. A few days before Christmas, you start to create that atmosphere of Christmas. pressing the street, go shopping,skin weft hair extensions, girlfriend suddenly in front a bright, spotted a flash of fur clothing, and Smooth talker tell you, if you have such a costume Christmas, this Christmas will flash in her life. Chanxiao your face, spit blood, in order to have always dreamed of that night, the parents would prefer to enjoy once again stern eyes. hand out for help, then squeeze two drops of crocodile tears in front of them pretend to panic. With the fur clothing, how to match the boots do not glow in the foot , with this whole match, how can we not match the hat box.
This is a wonderful romantic Christmas good, middle of the night just after midnight, the night you stay beautiful. Do not matter how tired the sake of our happy wedding night. 27 09:40:29
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