Huang Qiaomin Christmas

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Huang Qiaomin Christmas

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Huangqiao Min Liang Christmas
newspaper correspondent reports from Beijing acacia tree next to his family, Red Sox yard possession of Christmas, a white beard,Lace front wigs, red clothes, driving elk car, carrying large bags of Santa Claus is slowly to hh when you walk people around the world are celebrating Christmas, maybe they do not think most of the Christmas products from China Yiwu.
Christmas this year, Huang Qiaomin should be Currently the company exports Christmas products they have been shipped,Front lace wigs, and some have been placed in the United States and Europe on store shelves, and now just waiting for more than 20 million dollars in back section.
Huangqiao Min is the largest Christmas Crafts Yiwu enterprises mm Xian Rong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xian Rong Company) is responsible for foreign trade, general manager of the company more than 90% of their goods directly exported to the U.S., Germany, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, the Middle East and other countries and regions on the phone she was pleased to told reporters: is Yiwu People's Congress to make money day.
Huang Qiaomin never know the true meaning of Christmas,Weft hair, only know that many countries are very advocating Christmas, proud that more than 40 countries around the world Christmas home decorations are out from their factory, Christmas tree,Full lace wigs, are also export our production. For Christmas gifts, the novel's style is an important factor to attract buyers eye. Huangqiao Min told reporters that the main export this year and Christmas balls Christmas tree two varieties, of which more than 10 million Christmas trees, Christmas ball over 50 million, The total amount of more than $ 20 million. According to reports, a 60 cm high Christmas tree just two to three yuan domestic, the company sold to foreign countries, the market price of the cheapest of 2-3 U.S. dollars, the most expensive up to $ 50 more.
now Yiwu Christmas gifts Christmas gifts are becoming the international price of the U.S. retailers are sure to follow up one yuan. and export of, according to Huang Qiaomin, the company now has received more than 300 customers ordered home, there are many online customers.
before Christmas only to the months faster shipping offer Wing's benefits. ; one-stop not export, have your agency help, services can not keep up. fellow workers in Dubai, some of them began to import some of the commodity in the Middle East home to sell, because commodities cheap, very good sales in the Middle East.
and companies engaged in offering Wing Christmas sales and exports, it is They began exhibiting abroad many times. the formation of today's situation. less than. ; outbreak has had to slow down and offer Daiei when newspapers Previous news caught my attention, that is when we are trapped in Yiwu r l SARS can not go out when the exhibition, there are still some companies with Internet buyers remain closely linked, the business is not affected. story of my great touch, although we have a stable sales channels in Europe and America, but every year the company spent a lot of participation in the costs,Lace wigs, hoping to develop l-fu Manchester r brand (Xian Rong Group was also set up Yiwu Foster Arts & Crafts Co., Christmas is the flagship brand, the way. e-commerce sites, introduction, promotion, contact, such as a stall selling something. shipping companies, shipping. plan
domestic market and popular with the popularity of Christmas, many ordinary people began to decorate their home on Christmas, Christmas in China small commodities market seems to be more attractive. Xian Rong company has gradually developed domestic market, now their products have been put on the Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and other major cities of the counter, is not mature enough.
more importantly, the Yiwu small commodity producers are mostly small enterprises, lack of advanced management ideas, Christmas can not afford to cultivate the domestic commodity market, to carry out large scale marketing activities in this area, Yiwu Municipal Committee Lou Guohua told a reporter, Yiwu, the next step will focus on developing the domestic market.
Yiwu order to fight the Business Prospering City Yiwu should be built into a truly international wholesale market, the domestic and foreign businessmen can go to Yiwu, the world as a platform for them. this wonderful vision of her future, she was only interested in whether there is money, she said her company knew Commodity City, Yiwu municipal government's attention very early in Yiwu city set up six booths, arts and crafts in Yiwu Commercial Street grab seven stores on now, Yiwu River near the small commodity producers and other cities have the sales department are located in Yiwu. Christmas is fast approaching, and only one day each Christmas, Santa Claus distributed gifts on that day only, then other times he doing? Xian Rong companies have encountered such an awkward situation for the Christmas gift manufacturers mm ,Hair weft, the very clear distinction between peak seasons, then the half-year off-season period, the company how to maintain the normal operation of it?
Huang Qiaomin now placed in front, is a 2006 production and sales plans in Huangqiao Min fax sent to reporters, the reporters surprised to find, throughout the year have a very full program, including Christmas, the period before May's off-season. Huangqiao Min told reporters: a Christmas gift alone is not enough. In order to pick up the slack the past few years we have been introducing new products, current products have been involved in around a dozen Christmas gift categories, 4,000 products and now we are of Valentine's Day gift, and strive for a romantic night in 2006, icing on the cake. Related articles:

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