Mubarak after the end Pyongyang into frightened -

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Mubarak after the end Pyongyang into frightened -

Postby niu4s29ob » Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:12 pm

recently, North Korea's State Security Department into a super state of emergency now in North Korea circulating universities and comprehensive market revolution on Africa Tunisia and Egypt, large-scale public demonstration of the democratization of information.

sources on the North, the State Security Department democracy demonstrations broke out in Africa to ban North Korean residents, and in particular the gathering of three or more students. In addition, removal of North Korea is still the country's partition restaurant. As long as residents gathered in the market, it will immediately ran over to defend the workers to disperse.

recently escaped from a North Korean defectors who said: partitions. should step down. , the official newspaper of Chongryon Hundreds of government agencies and foreign exchange departments of the people, they heard the Egypt-related news in China, quickly spread to North Korea's upper class.

concern in North Africa, the situation inside North Korea, because the system is for the Guinness Book of Arab dynasty Dynasty particular sub-set model, in particular, Egypt or the Arab countries with close ties to North Korea one of .1973, the fourth Middle East war,Synthetic Grass, the North Korean MiG fighter pilot was driving the war, Egypt and Israel to help fight Mubarak is then Egypt's air force commander.

North Korea and close

It is reported that Mubarak, Cairo, missile, North Korea conducted its research process, to create its own missile. Hosni Mubarak to visit North Korea on four occasions and has met with Kim Il Sung. Hosni Mubarak came back from North Korea show great variation. It is reported that Mu Barak began to consider to make way for his son Gamal, but also because the power to see that Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, until recently Egypt and North Korea has maintained a close relationship between Egypt's largest group, the largest mobile communications North Korea's telecommunications operator Orascom into the market, responsible for North Korea's mobile communications business operations.

Kim selection and mobile communications companies in Egypt, may want to learn from the Mubarak regime for 30 years of dictatorship, and in mobile communications successful experience of the cause of North Korea's communications technology and the introduction of Orascom capital, in open mobile services throughout the North. It is reported that Orascom mobile phone is also produced in cooperation with North Korea, easy listening, eventually expanding Orascom mobile phone service provided North Korea's domestic flow of information , prompting North Korea to change. There are rumors, Orascom Group President Najib - Egypt's Sawiris in the demonstration was to go abroad after the outbreak of refuge.

sequelae due to currency reform and the cold weather and famine, North Koreans living increasingly difficult. people eagerly awaited the fall of the Kim regime, to form North Africa North Korea should be the same as the change in the consensus.

has been thought to occur in North Korea, bottom-up revolution is absolutely impossible, because hand to grasp people's army, the State Security Department,Artificial Turf, Security Department and all other powers of Kim Jong Il did not allow the people to resist. North Korea political prisoners around the construction of shelters and prisons all over each channel of the Security Department so that the people could not rise from the bottom.

Yellow ironworks events shake the North Korean regime

20 in the late 1980s, the disintegration of East European communist countries have, the North Korean government began extensive control population, and emphasizes the different Eastern and North Korea author in 1989 when North Korea one day, I overheard the broadcast to hear Romanian dictator Nikolai - Ceausescu was the news of mass executions, when the whole body feel stiff.

very close Ceausescu and Kim Il Sung, North Korea is to Romania to create the same characters like North Korea was completely blocked the news, after the incident over a long period of time before the a brief report. see the report, people much impact they are communist countries, Romania and North Korea is extremely similar to the event, seems to imply that the Kim dynasty's future. As a result, people began to take the Kim dynasty and dictatorship, Romania by comparison, and Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il began to recognize the system will die in 11 students studying in Eastern Europe fled to South Korea,wicker baskets, the news spread through the wide range of leaflets in North Korea after the elite had severely shaken.

to resolve the crisis, Kim Jong Il will be expelled and go to Pyongyang, the former East German party cadres and cadres called Labor Party issued a tear-jerking speech when listening to speech, a high-level defectors, said: that many of the original speech to overthrow Kim Jong Il regime cadres should change her mind. br>
Kim Il Sung died in 1994, in order to serious economic difficulties in the maintenance system,Artificial Grass, Kim Jong Il put forward the large-scale public executions and detention, captured the lives of many people in this situation also occurred in a few pieces of the event to shake the North Korean regime is worth mentioning that the rise of North Korea's large-scale public events Yellow iron works, worthy of said the first popular uprising.

20 in the late 1990s, people starved to death in North Korea after another, then the workers have taken place in the Yellow Sea ironworks starving food crisis. party secretary could not stand this situation, the steel sold to China in exchange for food, but the state security department that he used in the manufacture of steel tanks and protect the country, to China, as such acts as the behavior of the workers to buy food spread in the country, public executions, the party secretary and the Yellow Sea ironworks cadres were involved,Home decor wholesale, but the workers launched a revolt when the witnesses said, the workers shouted, rice, if this is a capital offense,straw handbags, we would like to die with, Security Department to enter a state of emergency, the fourth Army into the Yellow Sea. ironworks tank unit stationed in the Yellow Sea, after crushing the insurgents in the field, and executed a lot of people, many workers were arrested and brought into political asylum if the Yellow Sea Ironworks event is not settled quickly, do not know what will happen.

1996 occurred in the first 6 pieces also make the military into a super-tight state Kim Jong Il in leading commander and political commissar , the South Korean intelligence authorities have linked with the 6th Army Division to develop the leadership of their own forces, and prepare some kind of conspiracy, but Kim was found half-way. 6 Department of all members of the military leaders were due to the execution or grasping into the asylum The direct disappeared when the witnesses said, after the general-level officers were stripped, tied his hands were frozen car towed away. Kim associated with the 6th Army soldiers for brutal executions, in order to prohibit the military recurrence of similar incidents inside to strengthen the Security Department of the Army functions.

former secretary of the Korean Workers' Party Hwang Jang Yop said: to Chinese-style reform and opening up. br>
2008, the market for the elimination of the 150-day battle, and 100-day battle, and the currency reform led by Kim Jong-un things came to light, the Kim dynasty completely lost popular support, monetary reform, in all parts of North Korea North Korean citizens to see acts of resistance in the market led to collective resistance, and come to stop the security guards failed to stop the market ladies who resist.

military acts of resistance also now joined the People's Army Most soldiers born in the late 1990s the like, beyond the limits of the military's anger gradually recently, a defectors also described their parents starved to death and suicide People's Army commander of the story.

people's resistance is more severe than in the past, although can not say, But Egypt's democratization demonstrations of the impact of North Korea, to promote institutional change in North Korea are increasing the possibility.

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