Mao Zedong's 10 largest foreign fans (reproduced )

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Mao Zedong's 10 largest foreign fans (reproduced )

Postby niu4s29ob » Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:28 pm

Evaluation of Mao Zedong: (Don King)
day, according to De Volkskrant, Pravda, are daily reports, who recently left the world on behalf of and on behalf of the world's six billion people in the world for thousands of years in the history of all the people named the grand launch of world history, great list . the list were ranked the ten great man:
1, Genghis Khan (Mongolia)
2, Mao Zedong (China)
3, Hitler (Germany)
4, Pol Pot (Cambodia)
5, Bosak (Central Africa)
six, Kim Jong Il (North Korea)
7, Stalin (Soviet Union)
8, Saddam Hussein (Iraq)
9, East Tojo (Japan)
10, al-Zarqawi (nationality unknown)
Mao's 10 foreign This pictorial is that's one of the hallmarks of American culture, which, Mao Zedong and his glittering red star began in New York, then shines throughout the United States and later spread to Europe, South America and other parts of the world, while in the last century. 1960s and 1970s, Mao Zedong impact on Western society is very significant in the United States, Europe, Mao's portrait appeared on the front page in newspapers, appeared in the ranks of the street from the writer Jean heat within the post-modern philosophy home Foucault and the Shanghai concert will be held the , then across Europe and the hippie movement, Mao was their spirit totem.
in the twentieth-century world political arena,linear actuator, no one political leader like Mao did the same esteem by the whole world, and perhaps do not like and some Western scholars on Mao's contribution to a very in-depth study beyond the high evaluation given to benefit the greatest scholars of the Chinese nation to give praise. After he passed away, leaving waves of China and the world is Mao Zedong fever,hydraulic power units, Mao Zedong of people affected, hundreds of billions of dollars. worship is divided by the hair of people 10,000 more than a lot of stars!! Now I put some of the world famous Giant fans r l make a collation, arranged (Please place unscientific understanding!):
1. Canadian doctor Norman Bethune
list of reasons: he is the hero of the country lost their lives!
evaluation of Mao Zedong: excellence. he will change the world. image.
3. Pakistan's former Prime Minister of this. Bhutto
list the reasons: sincere, the highest rating: perhaps a thousand years can only have one!
evaluation of Mao Zedong: Mao Zedong, as characters like In a century, and perhaps can only produce one thousand years, they occupied the stage, the inspiration of genius wrote a chapter in the history of no doubt, is the giant of the giant Mao Zedong, who make history seem insignificant, his powerful influence in the hearts of millions around the world men and women left their mark. Mao is the son of the revolution, is the essence of the revolution, the revolution is indeed the melody and the legend, is shaking the world's highest great founder of the new order. Mao Zedong did not death, he will endure forever, his ideas will continue to guide countries in the fate of peoples and nations, until the sun never rises,hydraulic pump, if only to measure the range from China to his epoch-making achievements, it would be detrimental to this place to commemorate the extraordinary figure of course, he was in China and 800 million people did a great thing, but Mao is a noble world leaders who contribute to the development of the contemporary situation is that no one can match today, the world are mourning the death of Mao Zedong, but by dawn tomorrow, will be up singing his immortal hymn of praise and my thoughts and feelings, like my compatriots, is extremely painful grief. The character of humility and humor, his glory and greatness His bravery and victory will never look to the history of Mao Zedong's name will always be poor and the oppressed of the great and just cause a synonym of human struggle against oppression and exploitation of the glorious symbol of colonialism is and the sign of the victory of imperialism mm Kissinger
list of reasons: see Mao when power is r l had an unusual feeling of a!
evaluation of Mao Zedong: I admit I did not this feeling; but in front of Mao Zedong, he really gave me that feeling hardcore fans r!
l evaluation of Mao Zedong: I start from fifteen-year-old Mao interested. I remember very clearly, when they heard the news of the death of Mao Zedong, when I shed tears the next day first class exactly the history lesson, you stop school, memorial Chairman Mao, I was delivered a eulogy. then Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and Mao Zedong Thought by many young people affected.
6 .. U.S. China expert Terry R. Seoul
list of reasons: He miraculously created an inequality: Mao> Marx and Lenin + Stalin +
evaluation of Mao Zedong: Mao is the 20th century, charismatic politician. hh his experience,hydraulic cylinder, enough to make He became Marx, Lenin, Stalin, as one embodiment of the Chinese revolution.
7. American scholar Maurice Meissner
list of reasons: some people say that now is the economy is zero for a very gross convincing criticism!
evaluation of Mao Zedong: In fact, far from Mao's era is now widespread rumors of the so-called era of economic stagnation. but the history of the world's greatest modern era, with Germany, Japan and Russia, and several other modern industry rising star on the main stage of the industrialization process of the most intense period of no less than in the Mao era behind, the history of the era of Mao Zedong stain picky, but kept silent to mention the achievements of that time has become a trend mm will be referred to as fear of Mao's defense, however, the recognition of a basic fact that the era of Mao Zedong in promoting the transformation of China's modern industry mm and is the most adverse international and domestic conditions do mm process made great achievements,hydraulic power pack, not tantamount to a defense of history as presumptuous, if not the Mao Zedong era industrial revolution occurred in the 1980s to reform will not find the object ...... almost like Mao himself dominated his time of political and social life, as the specter of Mao Zedong has also dominate the new era of political awareness.
8. American writer Agnes Smedley
list of reasons: to Jin Yong's martial arts people write the same contrast technique, shows extraordinary results!
evaluation of Mao Zedong: The Chinese Communist Party's other leaders, each with ancient and modern social history can figure on a par, but no one can match Mao Zedong.
9 former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Philip Davidson)
list of reasons: a very bold assessment: invincible!
evaluation of Mao: him in so many different types of long-term conflict invincible? increasingly loud, he does not fear the threat of the United States, he determined to reform, another of socialist construction. Like many Chinese people, often blurted out. Even more surprising is that he can even say a certain period of Quotations from Chairman Mao's .
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