I can see selling the platter

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I can see selling the platter

Postby niu4s29ob » Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:25 pm

Ding Xueliang North Korea Qinli Ji
[small press: the summer of 1999, I again visited North Korea and this country just emerged from a very strict struggling out of the great famine,Silver Jewelry, hit the people of! & Quot, but still every day to promote their official portray their country as enemies, a lot of talent to support only from China to the -, but their participation in the lower cadres of our hospitality, still being brainwashed: They are big capitalists. br> Reporter: There are reports that the outside world, North Korea, two, killed three million people died, 300,000 people have fled to the northeast, famine is very severe. you go to North Korea's lap, the real situation in the end do?
D : It is the sub-region of the famine situation, the most serious area, is dead calendar harm, and run people run a lot, but starved to death or near death of the death of the person, which is not let you see foreigners Africa's famine look of terror, is due to the government and the community under the jurisdiction of the following is not bound to, so people outside can see in North Korea, let us go where the best premises, but locals in addition to a very less privileged people, such as diplomatic staff, security staff, as well as translation, you do not see any tall people, white people do not see skin, but do not see a fat man. the whole nation's food deficiency is concealed. They are everywhere the soldiers, but all the soldiers and black thin and small, while the soldier is already a priority in their country's supply of food along the way to see big time during the day, workers in a collective farm in a row to lie down on the edge of the field edge of, sun bed, no one on the basis of the work. enough to eat, no power, had to sleep lying on the ground.
Reporter: What do you eat in the end to visit North Korea visit What? food and clothing can guarantee?
Ding: In addition to salvage a few seafood other than their own, we eat and drink all transported to China, they themselves can not produce, eggs did not even our Chinese visitors food and clothing can guarantee that the money we pay is much higher. in accordance with the scale of North Korea is incredible, and we eat a meal to pay the money, the equivalent of four to five months of North Korean workers wages.
Reporter: Is there Large numbers of people went to northeast China from famine?
D: There is this argument few years ago running more experience harm the Chinese side many Korean people, and met his fellow sympathy, thanks and relief, but North Korea's military and police on the flight over there who are very calendar harm. listen to the Yanbian Korean people that caught the beginning of the shot, but too many people running, not the old shot ah, later put the captured people, with the wire under the clavicle through the neck, a string of towed back to, causing China's protest, said that human rights are too aggressive, too saw the people as human beings. police after they tied the rope to the people back to, and sometimes dragged back through the handle with wire.
Professor Ding Xueliang, said the Chinese side, the North Koreans come to visit relatives and friends ran, if no one reports generally the village eye,Silver Beads, close one eye , also passed, but no account, and ran a long time too, will be sent back to the. Ding said the Chinese transformation of the former with today's North Korea is poor, soon after, but the transformation of an open economy, all of a sudden it opened the interval. North Korea policy of the ruler and his son two generations mistakes, they are also detrimental to the international situation and if compared to the same China, with the 1960s and 1970s,Mold, Learn on the situation is worse soon after the.
to North Korea trip, said Ding Xueliang, anyone can see, North Korea is not good natural conditions, the land is poor, unless there is a very good organic fertilizer, or the basic things no longer come on. Nevertheless,Wholesale Beads, the North Korean authorities still have to cut capital doctrine tail, according to Japan's Kyodo news agency reported Kim Jong-il has ordered closed earlier this year, free market, the operators returned to work. Professor Ding Xueliang, said there is no free market in the world of love is not who I am sorry, because nothing can to sell,China Mold, but as a friendly country to foreigners, Ding Xueliang they are still allowed to visit North Korea model of a free market, Gucci handbag.
D: I have been through the licensing of the free market is divided into two stalls; one can the surface of a table to sell small articles of daily, and there is farmers market selling put in the ground, which is their most liberal country, DC, to allow foreigners to see, so that the premises in addition to seafood, fish and a few herbs, Chinese customers will move us snacks than they sell hand industry and industrial products are not the same thing, seen touched upon China's farmers who sell laptops, home-based supplies, slightly better, and a look that is produced by China's township enterprises. and they Many are selling nails from the old furniture, pulled out again to buy the old house, showing them what the poor to land. As for the non-staple food fruits and vegetables, said Ding Xueliang, hardly any fruit, vegetable varieties are also very monotonous, Authentic louis vuitton handbags, you can see Chinese cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes, and pork, but the price is very expensive. pound cucumber equivalent to their small city two weeks wages of ordinary workers.
then, North Korea, the wages of workers at work is how it ?
Ding Xueliang, said: I see selling platter, and emblazoned with revolutionary slogans, less than six inches in diameter, sold for 20 yuan, 20 yuan of national currency quite four months' pay their workers in North Korea's currency and the RMB exchange rate is 25 to 1, which is 25 Asamoto that is a national currency. Asamoto 100 workers earn even a month, equivalent to 4 yuan of national currency.
in accordance with the purchasing power of Chinese people today and procurement scale, North Korea is no longer low-low, but Ding Xueliang also invented some good places for example, North Korea despite the unusual poor, but whether it is material or rural towns, the best buildings of the school, rather than Western countries The best bank and the church building is North Korea so humbly, so out of date, but whether small towns or rural areas, the best of any premises will house the school, which in China do not match their ruling the country and made mess, but buildings under construction on this point is that respect.
mainland China when middle-aged people over 40 have seen the North Korean film The problem is that Food is, people must first solve the stomach and food and clothing,Mold manufacture, and competence in teaching and other energy movement. If man-made disasters cause as severe shortage of food, no food, a large number of hungry people died, or from famine, Louis Vuitton Handbags, even border to escape, fled to China, the name has never been such a good school, what role do?
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