Chinese football is great.

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Chinese football is great.

Postby niu4s29ob » Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:03 am

1 treasure their lives after an absence of national football
2. Smoking is harmful to health, see the national football harmful life
3. Look for money to see Premier League football death
4. Accurate application of digital TV can be effective in preventing Soccer
5. Orangemen play it really is not a disease fatal
6. most cattle curse words --- A: I heard your brother play in the national team? B: Your brother was in the national team to play it! your family are in the national team play!
7. lao du (LD coach) asked God: What the Chinese team could get the outlet A
God looked Laozhu solemnly said: I think this session on the line
Lao Du (LD coach) praise: You TMD fun it
take me to the roar of God: I am looking for is that you acquire TMD music
8.20xx years, an old man dying of that, trembling lips their grandson, said: Grandpa, I will try to live that day. ; grandson unworthy ah, so many years, I waited, did not wait for World Cup qualifying, I am unworthy of the ancestors it! eyes still stare too much, and death does not rest in peace Yeah!!
grandson's death to heaven, one day he met God, and God said: I can meet you one desires.
He said: Japanese island sink it? on the sweat, said: . the plot is: a national team player left holding a football, right hand pointing to the screen said: , nothing seems normal in the crucial moment, the Chinese men's soccer team has once again come forward with concrete actions prove to the world - In 2008, Chinese football is still normal!
basis of the Chinese team by taking the offensive, stop base ball by hand, simply rely on extraordinary roar, simply rely on defensive hug
1, stopping
to their feet to stop the ball 10 mm guard, is the Brazilian players.
stop the ball to their feet 10 cm guard, is the Spanish players.
the ball stopped 10 feet to decimeter their guard, the German players.
stop the ball to his feet 100 meters, and the formation of shot, forcing the goalkeeper to make fighting the guard , is China
2, pass 50 meters
able to make accurate long pass, the players found the field his teammates,Concave Blade, is a British player.
able to make a fine two over 5 meters a player, is Argentina's players.
able to make a short pass within 5 meters pass throw, and back play forward 50 meters across the two had a player, member of the Chinese ball
3, shot
shot from 30 meters to break the players, the German players.
through with exquisite three meters in front of the player to play Buddhism succeeded, the Portuguese players.
penalty kick at the can players spilled corner flag, the Chinese players.
4, the ball
the ball from the side to the bottom line to the other half of the players, the Dutch players.
the ball from the side to the bottom line The bottom line to the other players, Brazilian players.
able to foot ball player steals from the side, and taken to the side where the goal is the Chinese players.
like Henry to the ball with the same, is Great.
5, the ball can wind
applaud the referee players, European players.
able to judge the players swearing, is South American players.
can spit and chased the referee players, the Chinese players.
6, riding a bicycle
can not even step on eight bicycles, players get a penalty, the Brazilian players.
can not even step on three bicycle, suddenly into the box assists the player, Portuguese players.
can even step on a half bicycle, broke his own players fracture, the Chinese players.
7, bolted physical
to 90 minutes without blinking an eye of the players, the Korean players.
to Mercedes-Benz 90 minutes, panting players, European players.
to running 90 minutes, the sweat of the players, the South American players.
to walk 90 minutes fell to the ground cramp players,Diamond Plugs, the Chinese the players.
8, speed
can run faster than the ball players, the Dutch players.
can run as fast as the player with the ball, is a British player.
able to run with the same referee fast player, Maldives players.
run, but even the referees are players, biological microscope, is among the Chinese players
Lu Bu ~ ~ Horse Pig Rabbit in Red widely Shanghai
If the Chinese team to qualify, I surrender! - pull light
If the Chinese team to qualify, I will end the nuclear weapons! - Ahmadinejad
If the Chinese team to qualify, I will reform and opening up! - Kim
If the Chinese team to qualify, micro-hardness tester, I'll split the shrine! - Junichiro Koizumi
hua Chinese team to quiet angry squid car line and Yi Qian sword swallowing? - Chen
if the Chinese team to qualify, I pull the light when recognized godfather! - Bush
can qualify if the Chinese team, I give the Palestinians of Israel! - Salon
If the Chinese team to qualify, I believed in Buddhism! - If God
Chinese team can qualify, I believe in God! - Buddha
If the Chinese team to qualify, I back and forth! - Chen Shui-bian said that if the Chinese team to qualify
I immediate resuscitation - Arafat
can qualify if the Chinese team, we quit! -
China Chinese Football Association said in conclusion if the team can qualify, I will turn backwards! - China on Earth that
If can qualify, I from the west! - If the sun that can qualify for
China, when I go to the cat bridesmaid! - mice that
If China is able to qualify, I will once again explode! - Finally, the universe, said the Chinese team
not play bad weather is not conducive to their own display; weather does not work too good, too help each other to display.
win the ball to go to * that * to celebrate loses to to vent
lost to weak teams lose to teams is normally lost by accident and soon after his poor team is not too tight to let go no matter who lost

how many are there regardless of the input Harvest's adapt to the broad-leaved grasses and other grass
Second, the meteorological
1, snow
2, rain
3, hail
4, the sun great
5, cold 6, 7 hot, lukewarm (not to cause trouble for the opponent)
Third,Diamond Grinding Wheel, the stadium factors
1, the venue of factors: A, referees help them B, the referee does not help us
C, opponents body is too strong D, opponents skill too delicate
E, post to help them F, the other goalie extraordinary display BT
G, stoppage time is too short H, stoppage time is too long LVrL.31Ln [06WqpFM
2 off-site factors: A, away from home,Tuck Point Blade, atmosphere affect B, home game, too much interference
C, the audience did not cheer for our D, it was to throw grenades inside
four, draw pits not good
1, the same group are playing teams lose, I copy the death of death of the group,Tile Blade, according to the general rule of course, should the Chinese team lost
2, the same group are middle level team play lost, the important thing is to win kiasu thinking too cumbersome, the players did not
3, the same group are playing weak teams lose, the opponent is not discouraged, numb to the effect, and sometimes overlooked.
five other reasons (external)
1 , lost the Asian teams play, the psychological fear of X at work, get out of the shadow.
2, lost playing weak teams in Asia, opponents raise too much, too big, we do not have secrets they can made
3, lost to Europe to play weak teams,
Chinese team lost to the European team.
4, the European teams (such as Italy) lost 0:1 playing, tell us a Good news: the Chinese team lost only
to 0:1 strong Italian team!!
5, teams of Europe (eg Italy) 0:10 to play lost,
kicked out of the Chinese team a habitual level of their own,
players are tried, the results are not out of the country people expected.
6, teams of Europe (eg Italy) 0:100 lost play, excellent race!
into a star in Italy of 20, 25 into a star! seems the Chinese team with the Italian team is the exact extent of the gap a little.
six other reasons (internal player)
1, & quot, polarizing microscope; sea turtles' did not lose kick back, we hide the main snow.
2, > July, for other reasons (intrinsic integrated)
1,Brazed Saw Blade, coach skills poor!
2, the poor quality of Chinese fans!
4, the Chinese team?? doctor skill difference!
5, the Chinese Football Association guide people?? office who pour poor Aunt sweeping topics related to the article:
Gartner: Global chip sales last year fell 5.4%
is actually my first ...
I am not stupid, I try to [Reserved]
music always with you super endurance MP3 recommendation
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