bath faucets , Dutiful son 17 annuals traversing t

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bath faucets , Dutiful son 17 annuals traversing t

Postby lpype106 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:34 am

Both were
home photo

father died juvenile four brothers and sisters below the consideration of her mama put up with difficulties complex apt survive. Suddenly an day life among the asylum of the mama lost the way back to her parents, younger brother and sister started looking, I did not anticipate this find is 17 years.
apt find his mum two sub-classes Silver City aboard foot nearly a thousand villages in four provinces avenue In the meantime, there have been 100 meals sleeping discuss the hardships of wilderness and there have been three days and nights without water meters coma mountain adventure, Wan namely the class kin sellers Silver City met the mother
newspaper reporter Cheng-Wen Chen amid Handan / map

seven 7 ZHANG Meng Meng Xiangnan Dongzhangawu spacious County a dilapidated farm countryside in the phone of a yard, 67-year-old Jia Shumei afresh after 17 years amid the family into the house, children are looking by the mama ruptured into tears, also cried, more than an hour's bumpy, the reporter surrounded a small hospital to discern a cozy class of Silver City, the reporter can not take away this very age man and the state full of wrinkles, slightly bent back from his many years of hard labor is the brand of living fall, a blue vest, a loose pants, only to have it point this guy looks youthful. See the arrival of reporters, Ban Silver City a mini nervous, the 1st action rotated out the card, the reporter saw that he was born aboard September five 1980.
duration back 17 years antecedent for his father died young his mother Jia Shumei hard life with four children, the oldest sister was brought to someone's household has sent amid his early twenties brother classes outdoor the metropolis apt go Silver City 13-year-old class, class 11-year-old sister and mama along family Silver E Dependence,three phase motors,,
1993 years,an daytime her mama Jia Shumei spur of the moment apt return apt her family roomy beam County village to discern soon after the notification of the children buffet the road alone. Never also distant out of the access the door Jia Shumei lost his access as illiterate, and poor communication with others, lost Jia Shumei grew farther away. The middle classes by home as a daytime of Silver City and other siblings did not come back your mama,among recognition of his mother's disappearance, the two rapidly began apt look for and launched the countryside of relatives and friends,quested eight miles around the village the results of any message without a mother The villagers told only versed classes Silver City, How does she come back? She Do not our brothers and sisters it? With one question, 13-year-old classes surrounded Silver City and sister cries float off apt nap within followed the afterward day to find them, a whole more than a week, still not newspaper of his mama The emergence of life namely so sanguinary distort
■ villagers eat 100 meals to feed a home

mother's disappearance, brother and sister's life more difficult Difficult childhood foster sister outdoor the village self-care, elder brother who go apt support the family the class itself alternatively a newborn unable apt Silver City and sister agriculture not eating. Silver City classes wake up each day thinking nearly the 1st thing namely to go to my sister and find your own edible,aboard contentment.
poor brothers and sisters nearly the neighborhood apt perceive from phase to period help to two,apt block Momo club today, tomorrow the West family sent bowl of peppery porridge, Little Silver City with her sister working hard and making the days. ? 'came out I asked to know two children is three two days without eating, and this namely her sister asked as it.
winter,for heartiness class brothers and sisters amid the countryside circling Silver City picking dry lumber and the village folk remember the next a thin winter sun followed by a more thin chap back the girl, the hands of two children holding the dead branches slowly moving, even below the snow and afterwards a huge two children who have never a lukewarm coat. Will be collected Kuchai lit, with fodder and afterwards covered among the next a cozy lair two children clutch together so tepid,constantly days,bath faucets ,,not light was cool woke up.
instant Spring Festival,listening apt every household festive firecrackers, thinking of his mama,dead or alive, classes along kin curled up in Silver City siblings sadly cried, Where? sister, brother curse as long as I live one daytime be sure to find your mama students apt see folk dead to see the corpse. p> After the Spring Festival, where relatives came a hint the mum has an aunt amid Wu'an, there may be clues apt the mother Class judged apt go apt Silver City apt find his mother Ann Wu, and that daily he was impartial 14 years age
sister $ five uncle six.4 yuan,8.3 yuan capitalists uncle,adjoin aunt 2.5 yuan ... ... carries a patchwork of 22.2 yuan, 14-year-old Silver City for the first phase the class embarked on a seek the mum road.
this road he is gone for 17 years.apt buy edible discern along my poor folk by the train station to the two buns, half a bowl of noodles, and even going to debate with the naval security. rushed apt vacant In the seek process, the class listened of Silver City Shexian more song among a brick field near the town lost a middle-aged women, the class went apt Silver City is more recreation apt leave town afresh obtain off the micro remaining body Silver City below a USD buy a few cents of ice apt quench their thirst only hungry a small Silver City began apt inquire nearly the whereabouts of the woman,yet he was afresh disappointed, it was not his mum
penniless,hungry and chilly desperate little Silver City had left to go amid that field tiles,as of their age is small, and powerless others obtain 10 dollars a daytime he was only two dollars of wages,pulling a small brick weighed several pounds of dry Silver City teeth more than a month, sleeping aboard the site each daytime he ought be remembered the assign of his mama and sister. I heard the mama of Silver City apt find things, the site workers are sympathetic, Silver City when never pulling a tricycle, A month later carries a small 53 dollar wages to Silver City and Xingtai,meanwhile working side to find his mother More than two months without any news,but unfortunately the go back family amid Silver City.
household in Silver City classes alone tears within his father's grave,gearcoupling,, Mother of the junket he is convinced that his mama must still alive, be capable to find. Each to a strange zone he 1st base a unexpected laborer,among his rush hour looking for information about his mother Because age namely still small,constantly he can never find a job,home begging apt be the only access to survive, some juvenile folk discern him on the door soliciting it is despicable, better to mention harsh words, more direct put the dog bites him,
After three years of looking, the class traveled Silver City, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, four provinces, where at all times there a mini information virtually missing age man, he would painstakingly arrived but afresh high spirits away,but again and afresh spellbound.
brother and his class metropolis to discuss this issue after all namely not looking as a access the two it was determined his brother out to find a lot of go apt acquire money,gain money as his brother apt find his mama specifically. In order apt make more money, the class sent to Handan metropolis aboard the western mountains and started a coal mine pit dug underneath the miners. It lives,but also the merit
classes apt obtain his brother's financial advocate Silver City, the mama ambition find the target aboard a digit of colossal cities, Zhengzhou, Anyang, Zhumadian, Weihai, Qingdao,gas valves,, Xingtai ... ..., during, Silver City has chanced household,yet the family income of 10 dollars even, Silver City aspiration be used apt find the mum never understanding among the extreme,fewer than one anniversary his wife left him.
uncle more than once apt persuade the class Silver City, are not so many years of looking for results, I am afraid that my life can not find your mother / p>
Silver City apt find his mama constantly camped class, this phase forward a juvenile chap he has chanced a middle-aged man of some stained white hair many years of looking for classes Silver City achieved that the mother can not read cities to find the infinitesimal results,help the medium may not be capable to discern his mum Class Silver City's attention gradually focused on a remote mountain countryside
order to help the quest for his mum the class came up with an fancy Silver City, he entered some Zhentouxiannao additional women and some small clips of goods,meanwhile carrying the burden of doing affair in the countryside,meantime asking the whereabouts of the mum In recent years he visited approximately more than a thousand villages.aspiration escape the long way,whatsoever this approach fatuous,yet quite efficient undergoing caves, temples, wheat is his haven district One was the highest breathtaking mountains among the west of Shijiazhuang a discern go on over. three days, until he was ready to restore the injury to bring him aboard his dry edible
Silver City classes are constantly encountered surrounded the process of looking for his mournful old man, once,among Shijiazhuang, the North Terminal along the station he listened an old man stayed as several months can never find by household he rushed apt the station, saw a 70-year-old curled up along the station, the family,yet the aged can never memorize a characteristic kin residence,merely unfortunately the body of work left Silver City after a few tens of dollars and had to depart
■ 67-year-old mum and met up Niangqin kin

2010 年 seven 月 six 17 am, classes, Shijiazhuang City, Silver City came apt town a man named Huang Meng Pingshan Jia Wan village a small bridge at the brink of the countryside of his teams played It’s about time! stalls, a team of women among Tanqian selection of goods. Engaged among small chat surrounded the process, an aunt asked where classes from Silver City, Silver City,fan capacitors,, said he is a class of folk among Handan, the aunt not a grain of truth pointing to a old man saddled with a bundle of sticks and said, the past. was hard ah!amid tears.
Jia Shumei told his son,while she lost after beyond and further away,begging came to the countryside quickly rescued according a good-hearted folk they linger in the area a flash 17 years, how many times the imagine appears finally seemed among front of his son, the age man wept.
7 days, the sky down with rain, 67-year-old Jia Shumei afresh after 17 years within the kin into the house.
Bimei the ancients, In ancient times,
inflammation of Silver City's summer class listening experience apt find the mum the reporter can not help merely shed a tear In ancient times,
saw along fewer than their actual age his face namely far older than the There namely entire an emotional resonance can navigate to social, there is all a move can hit the softest chapters of our centers,surrounded the course of virtually Silver City, this emotion has been demonstrated, I was buffet Reporters its never the slightest mistrust for the share of human respect is the highest real.
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