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At Ryoma's encouraging nuzzle to her neck, she smiled and continued to play the piano as she finished the songYou were my strength when I was weakYou were my voice when I couldn't speakYou were my eyes when I couldn't seeYou saw the best there was in meLifted me up when I couldn't reachYou gave me faith 'coz you believedI'm everything I amBecause you loved meI'm everything I amBecause you loved meShe held the last note for a few seconds, then closed her eyes finishing the song with a soft sigh on her partJust then Fry came out from the back of the ship, where he had gone a few minutes earlier to check on the dark matter reserves The fools certainly don't think we'd even consider betraying them Albus just told me that you had uncovered something very important, and my presence was needed as soon as he could make the necessary arrangements I learned to generate and harness chi like this," Ranma said
Sure she enjoyed taunting him, because Sesshomaru would make him behave and let her do with him as she will""Yeah, I saw that a little bit"Why you As of midnight tonight, all superheroes will be required to sign on the dotted line,""But I wouldn't want to because I would be without you
The pigtailedyouth was balancing easily on his head in the middle of the dojofloor, manga scattered all around him They would only deceive him, his ears and chi senses would best lead him through this battle "'Course not"I'm home!" a timid voice called out as the apartment door slid open and Shinji stepped in"Maybe you should stay out in the lobby," she suggested in a slow polite manner, trying to sound like she didn't think Xander was an unrepentant baby killer after just witnessing video evidence of him downing a screaming, wiggling toddler
I acknowledge that I continue to exist and function sufficiently to perform my duty without impedance HE ISFETCHING AT 25 I MUST SAY"So will I, I must admit Just us
"" Leaving the house, he jumped to the roof and lay there for several hours, thinking about this new twist in his all ready complicated life I was the same, mostly, though, as Makoto said, my eyes had changed Gilbert's were hardened crimson, but they showed emotion all the same"Kagome gave him the same polite smile she'd first given him, her emotions locked behind those crystal orbs

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