Louis Vuitton Sunglasses North seems still cham li

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Louis Vuitton Sunglasses North seems still cham li

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, One to a romance, is the

toss to midnight, excessive energy of the people still excited. An air of satiation, the XIA Xin Yu ring in his arms. Her leg leg dawdle, hang around big hands on her waist wandering, cross neck with ring, it touches real conjoined twins. Xia Xin Yu

contrary, tired and sleepy, body aching like run over by a car. Private intercourse | Department of liquid cool down after around sticky paste on the skin, extremely uncomfortable, but too lazy to move, only trained, trained like a cat, like the unhappy.

still Cham Northern pressing her cheek attached to his neck at the throat, Oh issued a smile subtle vibration.

very dissatisfied with her mouth bite the skin of his neck, listening to the top of his head, issued a

point ... ...

authors say: walk the talk, I even double-oh! If the two chapters of the flower, or so much, I will double tomorrow, more! This chapter does not know and not fleshy and your appetite for it? Next time you want fried, stewed, or baked!

Part 40 second very first night

still Cham North has always been a wonderful nightlife.

black, blind are playful loves to play the main, with Chen family patriarch intends to develop black, King regarded him wherever he goes, the first business practice, it is convenient of these young master who fun. Xia Xin Yu

class was dragged about King's, today is the birthday of black, is an acquaintance with the whole 十二楼 babes.

her a linen suit looks a little out of tune.

do not want to feel disappointed, off his coat thrown aside, there is a threshold sleeve silk shirt, but those with the dance floor dressed in a little sister than their cool, or too conservative, but at least law-abiding than the The coat should be much stronger.

still Cham came when the North carrying fruit juice, alcohol, not still frown, took the juice and beckoned him to sit down, Coushang to kiss her will, was a slap in the forehead of violence, nose pitiful gain sympathy, in the end succeed in pressing her on the couch kissing a count up until satiation, coquettish twisted ass along with electronic drums, took the summer Xin Yu to go dancing. Xia Xin Yu

frustration, followed up, can not wait for them to come to the dance floor, the Spice Girls who have been around the dance floor into a circle, surrounded by the sharp sound of the music, the track lights to play in the center, a woman posted with hot body dance, man is none other than today's Longevity black.

black silk shirt wearing only a button, arm, twist the body along with the constant rhythm, attached to his body dressed in a small cute babes, bold black swing around the body, hands actually has been to explore in his pants, doing the ambiguous, bold action.

DJ deliberately put a mixture of men and women breathing sound, so that wherever he goes High instantly turned the top. Black Arm pull the babes behind, holding up holding her slender waist difficult to do at the waist, along with the people overlooking □, lips grazed her neck, until the fullness of the chest ... ...

Xia Xin Yu

's face is a bit gloomy,Gucci Outlet, hold down the tamper hand, consider what, disapproval, said: box pop out. know Yawen not so simple people, but she is still bound to worry, clear again! what black people ah! Robinson family is now bleached, black is the eldest grandson, not surprisingly, three months, they have to break up. > He sighed, ring her waist, under the Baka in the shoulder, he be? a year younger than you!

? I would go to licensing.

Fortunately, the North has not yet Cham continue this topic, distracted explore the big hand down to her stockings skirts.

channel, about latch onto her lips, not at all blunt outward leg of her , mouth to curse was his tongue advantage of the loophole, deliberately walk through.

has been on the dance floor just hook up the fire, you know to watch this time around the dance floor, dressing room is absolutely no one. North may still be wily Cham. Xia Xin Yu

what is said in the dressing room with him refused to do such things, he got up and pushed hard, is not cooperation. Finally, not, had to use his legs, waist ring, dawdling like a baby, , then held her hand and put □, rubbed her is considered to give up.

two people holding each other to calm down, yet the North Shu Zhan export gas, and the meat rub upon her waist while she was out of the dressing room,

Xia Xin Yu

mirror, straighten out the collar, unexpectedly found that he was hit on the neck and come up with a purple strawberry, himself the curse gas exports, pumping. Xia Xin Yu

surprised, surprised looking great changes, . Involuntary trembling voice still a little wroth, high heels hit the ground, slowly close the chamber. I, I.

Part 41 who hurt

******************************** romance ****************** ****************************

Xia Xin Yu is more intense, just to kick the door of the chamber, the door has been opened, finished, I found myself

Tanya Wen saw her face flush, but pretending to be calm, and in with something, I dare say anything ah! br> hand to repair Yawen, red.

two people downtown for a while, stood before the mirror sorting clothes, summer Xin Yu frown against the hickey, which was that if the boy saw a few, can not not laugh.

Yawen glance, make up the powder, She Pie Piezui, discouraging sighed, thinking is not it directly upstairs, but a birthday want to come to the black, the result face to face did not play really well!

Yawen self-deprecating smile, dyed chestnut hair style is hot as Large, sophisticated look, a brand name, neck crushing diamond Ambilight, Tanya Wen blinked, facing the mirror of his mouth triumphantly. Take a look around the university is still the same as with non-stick powder Xin Xia Yu, a smile becomes more and more bitter, almost even remember her own cosmetics does not look like a stick! The past six months, it seems that over the rest of my life, let her insight into the high society of the young master's son in the end is how luxury malaise, but also let her know to get mixed in with how much of this circle.

say that although in this circle, but is not that circle of people. She turned,

out of the dressing room, two touches are disguised, never seems to have been so heavy conversation. Yawen brilliant laugh, spin into the dance floor, squeeze to open that quick smart babes naked, a mistress hanging in the black body posture, and as they should be. Xia Xin Yu

sit down, biting straw, feeling a person if they wish to change really quickly.

while, for the soft music, dance floor, jumped up in twos and threes walk, a group of people have withdrawn back. Xia Xin Yu

from purse and pulled out a black long been prepared and handed a gift, sister-in-law, you send this? see that their own, many are curious in the end what is a gift, take it over to look, can not help but laugh aloud, , opened read a laugh.

black bitter face, grumbling is called: talk with the aunt, her mother at the table to ask you. br>
Xia Xin Yu with a mouth juice, be it out

this radical reaction, the first initiator of a sensible nature is still Cham North, he Renzhao Xiao, help her take back, scoff a roar: > Black puzzled, Yawen laugh laughter, playful body tell him biting the ears hear all the dressing room to steal.

listening, black immediately eyebrow, raised a laugh is not pure, carrying glasses hug Yawen, son of Columbia have some sense, all a malicious smile.

rare to Yu Xin Xia confused speechless, her face buried in the North still laugh shake Cham chest, straining the pinch. Cham North

still around her, but could not help but laugh frown pain, he kept calm,

... ...

hours of the morning, people are scattered about, the difficulties of gooey fans are still Zhan Yu Xin Xia North pulled upstairs, showered, Xia Xin Yu lying on a large bed, solemnly declare that a night that did not mind that force, and hold you to sleep, to ensure that law-abiding.

still Cham north almost to fall asleep, listening to her I asked, fans gooey, said: br>
I do not know you that money! are in the black if it is relied on slapstick, which lag behind the others on you guys, and estimated that a child had squandered away. does not refute, stretched hand.

Mind wondering, this kid had to look up the money, two people finished, stumbled all sleep in the past, naturally night's sleep, wake up until noon the second day.

nearly CET, Xin Xia Yu is not meant to be funny, still clutching Barbara Cham Northern night study room.

she Leng Heng, lost a stack of test paper in the past, go to work! teach, teach over one turned around, kid actually stealing the solution touch the buttons behind her, his anger anxious Henti kick under the sofa, he sat down on the ground

scared she really kicked that bad, Cham north side pull her hand shouting, directly into the □, hurt blame, and her hard knock on his head, tugging at the ear shouted: results to the study room, still sitting on hard benches on the north Cham, boss do not want to. Xia Xin Yu can look resolute attitude, only to give up, focusing instead on doing papers.

the results still the north Cham is not bad, not him hard, but good natural mind, to the exam, even if it is eyes closed listening to others read, but also remember one about, in addition, he used to always overbearing, the invigilator in the examination room where the meaning is the meaning of over two transitions, how can I then looked at him really serious do not cheat.

a half hour, he was very straight and, on the paper threw Xia Xin Yu. Xia Xin Yu took

examination paper, but added seriously grant, 7788, Well down, comes in really had a passing score line. Very satisfied, big eyes, graduating from college can be mixed well, and consider what graduate students, he was not a bookworm.

up, this plan, the time is right, and her work is to quit, and that time, I'm afraid is far apart, each side has.

thought of this, inevitably sad, still holding the dough Cham North, parents, I do not like you did. blind while ago said, home to send him abroad you have to intend to look like two black, black home Even though I did not say anything, but it was all their own arrangements. high school graduation, you will not go abroad, says that in China, since not go out, good idea in the country and I hope to see you one day a lawyer. The reason is Xin Xia Yu. At the moment it touches the past, not words, to know her well-intentioned, one would like her own heart as well as on the expectations for him are more than their parents, but also joy is touched, my heart is hard. She hid in front of the school holding a large acacia trees, eyes dark, the dark,
- as long as you do not leave my side. Xia Xin Yu

biting his lips, it is tightly holding him, but this time did not allow it.

******************************************** ****** ****************************

author has to say: I do not abuse Ying's real mother is a drifting away ... ... Oh! Guess what the following accident happen? There is no abuse of the plot from some time, we do not worry ... Today at 19:00 of the second more ... ...

Part 42

******* happy New Year ******************************************* ******* *********************

year approaches, Shang Weiguo as head of the disaster area to go when those orphans suffering for sympathy, television to go along, naturally did not go home yet the truth. A result, New Year's Eve, yet it touches home with only the North still Zhan Yu Xia Xin two people, even the servants have been put annual leave.

such a situation, nor is it ever happened before, yet it touches the north used to Cham, there is no joy but also of mind. Xia Xin Yu heart is relieved, and ever since his father to know something, she really was true that snakes do not want the family to do one with still grateful for the kind of love each other, and now she and the rest is still yet, and is comfortable comfortable.

morning she would prepare the vegetables, fish, seafood, dried fruits and pears peaches there.

great morning, with a simple yet Cham north of the mouth eat, they pushed him to the book, his mettle in the kitchen of a person.

to noon, a dinner table, be it out, squirrel mandarin fish, fried shrimp, steamed scallops, fried spinach, lift with a smoked chicken salad, meat dishes all together, and clap his hands, unloading of the apron, out of the hall, into the kitchen, got on the ... ... ah! > Fast sit down to eat, Today the Dayton, but I got the chef pointing.

dishes than with Gazi, it naturally did not taste,Louis Vuitton Sunglasses, but with the summer than the previous level Xin Yu, Comin it be the upper Dayton, Northern Cham yet again and again praise. Two people should be with the King to drink a bottle of wine, two of the world, drink are a little drunk. Satiate, to begin to prepare dumplings Eve, Cham is still to buy the frozen North, Xin Xia Yu has strongly disagreed, saying that package should be with him.

results for dumplings in this course, two people a half a catty, a twenty-two inadequate. A bag of flour, he just wasted half the bag before rubbing out a mass of usable. Is ready, and began to pack, say dumplings are ingot, but Cham is still on the north curtain of a group looking at a group of suspicious objects, a little apprehensive,
Xia Xin Yu simmering laugh, pretending to be serious, said: South Africa are eating drill, flour is hoped cards!

dumplings Well, it threw the door, do not waste natural freezer.

two holding coffee, cuddle into the couch watching the show, and talk about who's a beautiful dress, talk about which comic boring, go with a few brilliant sketches language, time flies but added quickly.

start the countdown on TV, Yu Xin Xia had to remove the pot dumplings. A never revealed the secret, is very rare. But to eat, suddenly exclaimed, not as revealed the secret of the delicious, because the skin is too thick, filling too, like with Geda Tang.

eat a few bites, are thrown on the table, and then to see the show, such as the Uncle of the pieces.

Spring Festival is over, Yu Xia Xin rather disappointed sigh indeed year after year. Off the TV, rubbed his eyes, I twenty-two years of!

mother was still boast the hearts, sweeping away the tired, dark, thin point.

Museum of helping selected, that is the good jade.

still listening to the summer of North Xin Zhan Yu boast mother, my heart is smiling bloom, but also his mother would not find a flatter day, summer and Xin Yu that hideous kind, a look that is nonsense. He stepped forward, took the bracelet on the sets of Xia Xin Yu hands on the neck, white and tender wrist, accompanied by green bracelet, naturally beautiful.

did you buy it. I'm tired, upstairs Xiekuai Er, your kid rush to study with your father talk about the recent performance, do not wait for him to find you. thing really is the first time, he was a little frustrated, the mother is still looking into the room, smile down down, pushing still Cham North, the more urgent, white and tender wrist,Luxury Handbags, he just get the red one by her.

still Cham North saw on the anxious, br>
make life difficult, inviting her upstairs back room, , morrow have blue. What is this, she'd have to laugh against the enemy, the crackling of the first batch of tears fell down, simply more energetically exposed bracelet, Cham North conscious slip of the tongue, very, very distressed, is busy pulling her hold,
stained with the wrist like a bracelet, that everything exposed for it, yet full of hand-bubble the North Zhan, Xin Xia Yu's wrist watch has a piece of purple, do not feel bad that it is sad. Xin Yu

busy summer is drawing, he also felt a bit too much, actually played with yet is still so little patience. Few had when she had been so presumptuous pet it? Sorry for holding his arm, you wronged, let another day go jade shop, let the clerk to help you come off. Road, inexplicable little nervous. It is even more beautiful. a twist, he heard the Cham people still Xiecai the North, repair the foot, six had experienced, graduate next year in the test, go, go, Shang Shushu not training you. hey, yes, I told you to find six transcripts, holding to go. br>
turn to the transcript, into his hands, pushed him out of the bedroom.

Cham still slow to study the North, holding transcripts, watching the end of the corridor. Can not help but give birth to a kind of emotional, he knows some things and hate only too late, for example, share the feelings of deep species have long roots, and now even knows will hurt, he is resolutely turning back, no retreat no meaning.

but I'm afraid, our lives, there is always some catch things, unable to retain people. This fear, let him fear, midnight Dream, only to hold fast to the summer sleeping around Xin Yu, he can not resist those that he should have the empty bunk with until dawn, watching her Xinxin Ran opened his eyes, do not share good self-evident.

*********************************************************** *********************************************************** **

authors say: The new text of the outline finally finished exhausted ... ... ... ... last of a two-Ying tired more miserable ... ...

Part 43 Final departure times

******************************************** ****** ****************************


still Cham North flew taut, neatly followed into the study.

Needless to say people drinking water.

not natural, results? accident, only six passed, almost all professional examinations are over in September, with the past, this gap is not generally large. Made his son awkward look, under the clear understanding of the heart, a good one Sciascia and called it monkey bastard to clean up instill obedience, not only volunteered to test students, but also open to go to law firm practice.

hold back a smile, is extremely satisfied nod. The frown, words refused, North Reading is still legal to Cham, when the child do not want to look for.

married, I twenty-two years of.

Shang Weiguo suppressing a smile, this kid really was determined to eat, and how before he Sciascia no mind to see it! Loss back to Sciascia he specially arranged blind date, think is really funny! However, the Sciascia to this bastard, really is wronged.

Lengheng soon, with mock seriousness,
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