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teacher work plan

2009 . 3 .

time is really fast, blink of an eye, and these This semester has gone through a For the last semester of the specific circumstances and characteristics of the semester, I plan to do with the following aspects:

one discipline:

1, pay close attention to classroom discipline.

will directly lead to poor classroom discipline, a decline in academic performance, so I have been very stressed the need to maintain good classroom discipline. This semester I am planning to continue to intensify supervision, not only to class cadres to seriously make a record, also called the subject teachers with, I usually have more to look at the class, a good class discipline to understand the situation.

2, stable self-study courses in the discipline

self-study courses allow students to do something discipline and self-study course is to ensure that the premise,UGGs Boots Clearance, while the class cadre in charge also determines the degree of discipline self-study courses.

Second, learning:

strengthen swells into counseling work focusing on the students study method, which is the key to improving performance class, so this term must grasp good in swells of counseling and transformation,Bailey Button Triplet, making a good plan in full swing in the class, usually as much work to understand the learning difficulties in the swells, swells as possible to improve the academic performance, thus further improve the whole overall class performance. I also plan to strengthen the links with the classroom teachers to help for those with learning difficulties together. Characteristics for the subjects, I regularly discuss with the Teacher subjects of learning, and in a timely manner to introduce students to improve their learning, so that the art. In addition,UGGs Outlet Online, the continuation of

health, two exercises are the embodiment of good class atmosphere. Therefore, each of these two classes must work to improve the degree of attention. I intend to start this semester to work out more details about both the incentives and disincentives for students in the future management so that rule, there are cases to follow, so that the two tasks in the new semester to the next level.

2. continue to regulate good grooming.

student grooming is also a reflection of good learning atmosphere., while in standard uniforms to wear, hair and nails Strict students. Life member of the implementation of a small check every week, a major inspection of the system,UGGs Online, the students grasp the instrument dress.

3, continue to carry out duty work.

duty work this semester will focus on attention to detail. Whether indoor or outdoor sanitation health, should pay attention to the

four, psychological and other

students are in the rapid development of physical and psychological unstable period. This semester,UGGs Cheap, as students grew older,UGGs Online Store, some students may appear impulsive,UGGs, rebellious,UGGs Clearance Outlet, and other emotions. So, be sure to monitor students' psychological and emotional well change, so that children can grow up healthy and happy.
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