is their own money on boring

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is their own money on boring

Postby jacky8554 » Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:45 am

In the eyes of lay members, it is a beautiful costume design work, which benefited from the media's good news for designers used to worry a flashy Chaozuo, champagne wine, celebrities gathered in this business practices misled many people, even the designer himself, while most of the designer's work or in the practical work with them from the flowers, applause to maintain a certain distance, is not no flowers could get applause, but to see where these things come from, is their own money on boring, and the final halo is his own speculation. well-known fashion insiders, outsiders unknown phenomenon is best illustrated, this is like a popular song, not because the song famous, but because the song sounds, people remember the song. speculation, but the loss of a few pieces of silver business enterprises, this is not the sole purpose of business enterprises, and the designer is left to the taste of weightlessness.
objectively speaking, not the living environment of local designers optimistic, that is not too rough, often the domestic design to receive the latest fashion information, the first place, but really very few can be used on the first of the company is not recognized, followed by reaction of the market, which is complementary , it seems to make money may not be fashionable style,discount burberry handbags, but compatible with a large age from 20 to 40 people can wear the style, which seems to have become the most clothing companies invariably the election shall standards in terms of profits for the purpose of business has never been This is understandable, so pick one for the new and refined style, only placed in the sample chamber as a souvenir, and give you a for into misfortunes, your sense of shame enough to sweep you all an apology for their own design of clothing reserved. designer seems to have done too far class information, the company also compassion, to give you a way out, take the market it, said to go as it is copied, Which sell, copy Which, this efficient and effective ways of working is very encouraging, so you often hear around friends and family said, like, how the domestic design, chase mid-range companies, small companies and then chase each other a little better sales of the company, while the company's designers seem to foster an unconscious called buyers in foreign trade.'s job is to buy a hand, Which sights good goods, bought when the sample, and then mass production, but is called buyers, rather than the design called the domestic designers pushed to the baffling dilemma, leading to such a result is not a single reason. Frankly, China conditions do not meet the designer can breed conservation of the environment, the fashion designer is to guide the nature of consumption, this trait apparently has not been nurtured.
course, not that big foreign designers certainly good, as they need perfume, cosmetics backing, but Westerners by nature unconventional, easy to accept new things, a unique new concept of clothing culture has been formed, which the Western conditions and good for business operation mechanism, a second-tier brand not only points, but also clear customer base, while the customer base has been completely broken down most of what customers buy what brand of products, businesses complete control, which is called for fundamental, marketable.
with the comprehensive national strength, I believe that a comprehensive national will soon improve the quality of designers take time to develop, customer groups also takes time, which is a relationship of interdependence, we need to create a common cultural space aerobic clothing.

with established standards the continuous development of social economy and the rise of the fashion industry, designers improve the overall professional quality practitioners, and the judge rules to establish a relatively perfect garment industry has become the core idea in the fashion industry, the rapid development of China's ten years, we clearly see that the fashion designer's basic knowledge, professional skills, ethics and other professional content has been enriched, to a certain extent, also reflects the relative maturity of the industry, but as a professional fashion designer, the existing professional understanding and awareness of its quality, it seems still can not fully meet the market demand, which is also based on assessment of the level designers the ability of the evaluation system and the lack of.
have more and more aware of designer companies and brands important, but access to the system designer career imperfect, making good and bad design team. Karl Lagerfeld said, no more than four-year-old design known as the designer of employees are not eligible, while in the country, costume design graduate students in a professional to be called designers, design work resulting inadequate personnel structure of the unreasonable, so the number of mature designers such as development of the garment industry, form a complete design talent, fashion designer living environment and is not optimistic. Currently, the vast majority of enterprises to a single brand and market performance to measure the value of designers, including many designer itself as the market value of a single goal in the enterprise in order to to survive.
However, to maximize the benefits driven, corporate and brand will always choose to be more acceptable to consumers of the but still real. and therefore, to follow suit, copy models, Pa almost a designer version of the most efficient and effective ways of working, which in many companies is to be encouraged. original design and Chinese designers who create the burden on , but the face of this reality, the pressure can be imagined.
the other hand, the designer's career extended meaning has been enlarged, from product conception to market research, operational planning, drawings, fabric mix, plate-making process , modify the kind of clothing, product listing, information feedback, designed to supplement until the store is displayed on the entire design process, designers need to have more comprehensive expertise, we can perfectly done. and lack of vocational skills in the industry as a whole the case of training, many designers only outstanding talent in product creativity, to heavy spare time, then add a lot of knowledge of learning and the need for more pay, which is the work of designers feeling the intensity of the reasons one.
In addition, it is undeniable fashion designer at this stage most domestic and foreign counterparts, in the popular control, aesthetic quality, personal expression,louis uitton outlet store, innovation and product market grasp a certain gap, which is caused by many domestic financial strength of the garment out of the main designers hired abroad, of course, can not ignore the idea of ​​businesses and consumers xenophilia factors, but more and more foreign counterparts from the competition, so this is not the dominant domestic designers struggle in the fight for a job is more difficult to survive.
the same time, progress in a market economy domestic apparel market has not fully standardized, especially in terms of return of the fashion designer, is extremely unstable, different enterprises in different regions face of the designer is very different results given in return, although this value is followed by the market supply and demand changes,UGGs Outlet, but in the process, many irregularities of the unspoken rules to designers bring great harm.
In this plan, the designers interviewed for this professional development have shown a great deal of confidence, they believe that as China's comprehensive national strength, the garment industry upgrade the quality of consumers clothing and individual needs of increasingly prominent fashion designer would get more recognition, the living environment of this job will also be improved. this career fashion designer warming is inevitable.
consumer groups need to develop, design Like the perfect job need time to integrate, it is important to create a common aerobic clothing fashion consumer space. With the creative and cultural industries in the increasing percentage of the national economy, the fashion designer as a new economic form in important part, in guiding the fashion consumer, communication and even the mainstream culture to achieve the grand goal of creating China will play an increasingly important role. For this group, it can no longer be placed in the vanity of their surface, they objectively reflect the real life and life, and provide some practical help, in order to better promote the designer to enhance the overall team.
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