entitled More than 2Christian Louboutin sale

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entitled More than 2Christian Louboutin sale

Postby x6moncler » Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:42 am

At 10:51 on September 21, 2007 Challenger Wang Xiaoyan business world tide
comment July 67, is reluctant to leave the next Shantou University graduate, started a new life on the morning of .6 miles,Gucci Outlet, Shantou University graduation ceremony was held in 2007 cum Award Presentation Ceremony,CL Shoes on sale, Hong Kong Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd. Chairman of the Board,Gucci UK Outlet, Shantou University Council Honorary Chairman Li Ka-shing, and attended the graduation ceremony for the wonderful speech,UGGs Boots on Sale, encouraged students to live their own wonderful world .
when Li Ka-shing and other guests into the big Shan Stadium, the audience stood up to thunderous applause and cheers, Mr. Xiang Li expressed high esteem. Li Ka-shing is also frequently waving to the parents and students,Cheap hermes Handbags, with a smile. Nowadays, the flash flashes everywhere,Gucci Outlet Store, have raised the camera to record memorable moments.
Li Ka-shing at the ceremony with the language of wisdom, made a warm speech, entitled More than 2,000 graduates to congratulate certainly Shantou University for several years to implement the achievements of the reforms,Gucci purses Sale, and with the presence of those who share their insights on life. live a good life wonderful for the world spectrum of rich movement after another. out of your story
Dear managers, distinguished school leaders, distinguished guests, parents, teachers and fellow students:
Let me on behalf of the Council,Christian Louboutin sale, congratulations to the graduates,ghd Australia Online, and your families , we sincerely wish you happy life, wishful, healthy and smooth.
happy,Outlet ghd, because you know how to have the rational management of their own;
smug, because you have the ability to fight for ideals; health, because you know that treasure;
well,Christian Louboutin Shoes On Sale, because you can distinguish between good and evil,Outlet ghd, dignity and courage to face challenges.
Shantou University,ghd Sale NZ, school leaders and teachers are each paid a lot of effort to build a foundation for you.
this In recent years, reforms Shantou important achievements, not only outstanding performance and the highest level of evaluation by the Ministry of Education's assessment, not only in the employment rate of graduates in the province first, not only the School of Medicine for nine consecutive years All the first choice since the admission,ghd Australia Online, not only outside the language students at the National College English exam this year 99% pass rate on their achievements, the most important achievement is that they strive to implement the credit system, so you can be on their own of future choices,Christian Louboutin sale, teaching them to new, so you can find and play to their potential pursuit of excellence, all this is to you,Christian Louboutin sale, this time I hope you will join me in you school leaders and teachers to extend my most highest respect.
all for you, but the world is not only you and me. a person through their own efforts, for themselves and their families, for achievement,CL Shoes on sale, the establishment of well-being is very important, however,Buy ghd hair straightener, ; and view of the world. thinking of a single person may only be satisfied with life-long pursuit of wealth and in power,Beats by dr dre singapore, but the meaning of life is more narrow and overly balanced life can take a good, ambitious commitment to the principle of love, dedication and live out the values, their life is not death endless.
you want to be a dreamer, but also be realistic. you want to combine practical experience and practical justifications continue to test and strengthen their own dreams. If you have lofty ambitions for the guide light, life's goal will be clear,Beats by dr dre singapore, if you think Yu-life to move, you must be calm and vibrant life; if your values ​​are not empty slogans, but can be lasting for years, you there will be anyone to deal with real life social complex, diverse and unpredictable challenges; if you truly love your community, love your nation, love and the love alive in this world, you need to participate and no fear commitment, the conventional wisdom of our nation there are many noble realm, should you Nianchu students, a good living out your life as wonderful and rich world, a movement of a spectrum.
Thank you.
Li Ka-shing
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