Louis Vuitton Wallet What is the original single a

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Louis Vuitton Wallet What is the original single a

Postby jacky8554 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:42 pm

What is the original single authentic
? how Amoy to the original one, a good end of a single cargo, the original single genuine Taobao shop highlights

first to understand what is called the original one (more than a single, end single)?
We know that the fabric top international brands, the version, to search for manufacturers of domestic production, quality standards, is the major counter sale of genuine, of course, the manufacturers will usually have a small amount of remaining (ie: order quantity is 3000, manufacturers may need to prepare 3100, to prepare for the selection), which is often more than one or the end of a single trade. There is also a former one,Miu Miu Handbags, is due to various factors (the most common problem is a slight difference in color), was refused brands collection of Red arrows
In general, the domestic processing of finished products shipped to foreign countries, the first being a foreigner inspection,Louis Vuitton Purses, quality inspector singled out the clothes in question, posted in a little red arrow next to the defect, packaged so although there are flaws in the foreign trade returns, but with the highest quality fabrics, ingredients.
◎ The second measure: critical review of buttons and zippers
identify whether it is big brand important hardware mainly refers to zippers, buttons, whether complete, whether to pull smooth, a lot of buttons on the extension of the big names are trademarks, must look carefully.
◎ The third measure: looking back buckle, spare lines
a lot of genuine goods, such as ESPRIT,Louis Vuitton Wallet, ochirly have alternate or backup line deduction, no matter what the style, dress or pants, hanging in a small tag at the bag, put back buttons, or the same color line.
◎ the fourth recruit : Water Wash and Sample sample standard
big Potter generally Water Wash, cut off even if there are no traces of products if you find words like standard Sample, indicating that this is a sample belongs to the original single-Wei Huo or cheap.
◎ Fifth move: the interface color consistent
original single shipment of clothes shoulders, cuffs, waist interface, the same trend lines, especially flowers are embedded in each lace small place, the brand will do very fine goods.
recommend some better way Amoy * Po * net trade of the original single shop, we work together to learn to identify ,~~~

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