Louis Vuitton Outlet Jahwa cool challenge into the

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Louis Vuitton Outlet Jahwa cool challenge into the

Postby jacky8554 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:12 am

Jahwa cool challenge into the field of international drug store drug store giant Shiseido in China, announced following the drug store brands, the Chinese mainland's largest cosmetics group Jahwa also announced today, will officially enter the field of cosmetic medicine. Jahwa chairman, said Ge Wenyao The launch of the drug store brand is Jahwa Ruijin Hospital in 2003 with the establishment of cooperative research projects began to develop, Ge Wenyao stressed: better than competing products, so we are ready for six years. The final layout of the brand on a blank. Currently, the products are mainly sold through the hospital and pharmacy channels Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, the current 60 or so involved in pharmacies and hospitals, in January next year is expected to be officially listed in the pricing , took home slightly less than of Vichy, Avene and La Roche-Posay products and other similar strategies best cosmetic surgery hospital in Guangzhou Gewen Yao said that this is out of the consumer acceptance and consideration of the degree of competition in Shanghai home the cause of two of NetEase Finance Minister Dr told, General Manager Qu Jianning said, area for a long time, and has done a lot of work, the next year or two family-oriented and professional dermatology hospital will gradually improve and expand the brand with product lines of skin care products, pharmacy sales of this new channel is being accepted by consumers, whether have extensive product line, are the determining whether the drug store brands go factor. Thus, face the harsh reality of competition in recent years, a drug store cosmetics market, an emerging U.S. drug store sales every year for 10 billion dollars, while Japan has 16,000 drug stores, including pharmaceutical sales accounted for less than three one, and drug and beauty products sales of more than two-thirds, according to Synovate market research data show that between 2004-2007, the Chinese market, drug store sales growth rate as high as 10% -20%, 2008-2012 years, the Chinese drug market is expected to sustain this growth. Currently, the average annual growth rate of China's drug store market is twice the European market, the market potential is huge. Guangzhou plastic, however, the domestic drug market is almost Vichy,Louis Vuitton Handbags, La Roche-Posay, Avene so dominated by foreign brands, leaving the domestic drug store brands with very limited space. the face of the monopoly situation,Louis Vuitton Outlet, Gewen Yao stressed that does not consider profit first time in the drug store that was the monopoly of foreign brands in the market space, test the water first,Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags, to seek a breakthrough. big foreign pharmacy with years of rich experience in channel operations, and we are the first to enter the pharmacy channel, it is hold the exploration of the mind. home of the prior domestic drug store has had a similar Most short-lived, there have been no local leading drug store brands. Currently, Tong Ren Tang's recognized Guangzhou plastic surgery hospital in the industry believe that, to deal with foreign drug store brands, domestic brands in the market can not be opened after the pursuit of short-term profits, to continue to ensure product quality and extensive product lines, but also to explore their own pharmacy as soon as possible channels operating mode.
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Counseling Drug Offenders

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