curios transported to Kyoto UGG Classic Crochet

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curios transported to Kyoto UGG Classic Crochet

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Eighteen years old, her love had arrived.
Gilt painted dragon and phoenix like candles,UGG Classic Mini, golden tassels of the octagonal red gauze lanterns, red hijab to be a loved one slowly opened,UGG Ultimate Bind Boots 5219, it is winter, a maid to send specially to a plum, worshiped heaven and earth, drink wedlock, she and the groom into the bridal chamber.
groom named Mingcheng, when towards the prime minister's son Zhao Ting, the same as mayor, he and she both childhood, and is a good match, on scholarship, appearance, family background, he is a match made in heaven, and she deserves a pair.
marriage is not necessarily love the grave, and zhao Mingcheng very happy married life. The key was to see whether the two minds, whether similar habits. Qingzhao and Mingcheng this young couple called to set an example in this regard. hole are both loving poetry, poetry often exchanged for Qingzhao talent, and not as a jealous husband Mingcheng, some joy, sometimes He also Xingaoqiao, unwilling his talent under his wife, so he chose the first to write a few words, they mix with the poetry of Li Qing-zhao,UGG Bailey Button Triplet, and then showed a friend Lude Fu tasting.
Lude Fu playing repeatedly, that are written well. Mingcheng to force him to choose a best, he said: ecstasy, curtain westerly, thinner than yellow. yearning,UGG Classic Crochet, melancholy leap off the paper.
this point, Mingcheng even more admiration for his wife's talent.
Imperial College in that time he was still studying, she can not stay together, just to go home once a lunar month, So they put together again as one half the annual Tanabata, his best romantic sensationalism.
year's Lantern Festival, he was eager to go home. came to the familiar home, and no dreaming of her. wonder, one maid to report that a son visiting his guests out of the study to meet the Qing Zhao disguised as a man, curl Nana came to him and he exceedingly strange,UGG Classic Cardy, the son, delicate features, Ruoliu Fufeng, like where seen, but do not want to up this time,UGG Classic Short Sparkles, the son of the speaker, the sound is gentle jade:
finished, Puchi smile, the smile showed his true features, silly, he suddenly realized that standing in front of their own so-called son is disguised Qingzhao.
Later, he holding her hand, to to the busy street, flowers light, food products, until the crowd dispersed, they indulge them.
He is a collector, his interest in antiques and paintings of no less interest in her poetry.
She understood him, and also under the influence of his collection had a strong interest.
collection is the rich play of the game, Mingcheng just official career, the family is not rich, but to antiques, he would rather clothing simple vegetable rice, would also be conducted in case the poor side must field, make the world a classical strange word old books, paintings or stone Yi Ding, they collated together, appreciation, signed the whole set of problems, blaming flawed and happy.
day, he happened to see an authentic Wang Xizhi, put it down, with one month's pension money to buy it.
him as a gift for her, because she loved Wang Xizhi's calligraphy, she was ecstatic.
another day, someone tells, brought Barbie painting **. was able to a book on antique research 书吧.
he is with this intention, so hit it off, she asked, What is the name of this book is good?
He pondered a moment, called Perhaps the last generation
Qingzhao too good, God is jealous, so God gave her a chess well versed in painting, calligraphy and painting of antique hobby and some couples Qingzhao Mingcheng a fight.
his dedicated staff across the country collecting flowers, rocks, good trees, curios transported to Kyoto, for his admiration. transportation of these trees flower stone of travel, then called the with the King took the opportunity army south to gangbusters, and the potential elimination of the Northern Song Dynasty. Zhaogou picked up a great deal, Song led by the royal family fled to his south, separated by a Yangtze River, is a natural moat, so rest assured, in Hangzhou,UGG Sundance Limited Edition, Emperor Zhao Gou to do, given the country a package and ran, they want to take too many things, these things are antiques and paintings, is books. antiques and paintings from a general goods, easily damaged, unable to withstand the pain of back and forth. The key moment, for their common effort, which they spent half my life antiques and paintings from the collection, Qingzhao dropped a book, this life for the avid reader, she is undoubtedly a sad part with.
in flight during a fatal blow to hit the weak woman, her favorite people, Mingcheng, infected died in Nanjing.
was only in other people's poems lamenting the death of the sad state seen their homes destroyed, had not expected such a hit on in themselves, it came so suddenly, so violently that a woman has never experienced the frustration of how affordable? for Qingzhao, the world's most painful thing was that she could lose any one person, but She can not lose Mingcheng, he said he wanted to spend her old, he was her all she Kugan tears, nor did Mingcheng awoke crying over.
have a moment,Piumini Moncler Outlet, and she wanted to follow Mingcheng to go, but she survive, this woman is not weak weak.
Mingcheng that just because last wish unfulfilled, that the only written half of the It is complete, make a book, then in his grave, burn him.
So she living to Hangzhou, West Lake live alone in a dilapidated yard, devote themselves to creating , , Huzhou to know something, Tobu Mingcheng essays.
finished, she was a little tired, think of bed rest for a while, but she just lie down, Cheng pulls back, on surfacing, they want her to sleep more sleep , then simply do not sleep right. So she dressed and get out of bed, pour a glass of wine, to warm up for themselves.
ye warm this winter season also, a woman drinking alone, how can not full of melancholy. If in the past, she would drink and Mingcheng on. ah those wonderful years, why so short?
looked up, inadvertently saw a flying south of Guyan, it sends the whine across the sky, This whine is also straight to her heart the softest corner, it not only Guyan ah own it? So, my heart was a trace of a trace of sorrow out of, becomes longer.
looked down,UGG Ultra Tall, covered with yellow leaves to , which was the residual litter daisy it? yard, two Indus, like a pair of husband and wife trouble, but she, falling one independent.
Why such a long time? After an uncomfortable evening, but the next day and the pattering pattering from rain, this boundless melancholy, ah, where to vent?
So she used pen and ink, a tear of the written word Qi. turns warm again, the most difficult to rate. three glasses of light wine, how the enemy he late to winds. Yan had also, is sad,UGG Ultra Tall, but it is an old acquaintance.
Montreal accumulation of yellow, haggard loss, now worthy pick? guarding the child window, alone Zensheng was black? Indus even take rain, dusk, bit by bit. The first, how a Sorrow?
the first, how a worry Zile?
another ten years, Qingzhao, such a masterpiece was independent of the Yuan, Tokgo die.
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