custody shall then be transferred to my aunt

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custody shall then be transferred to my aunt

Postby hvba406jw0i » Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:04 am

police called a second time Tingting's father and her stepmother. Persuasion in the police, Ting-Ting's father and stepmother reassurance, not later Tingting abuse and punishment, and two people have solemnly promised to write down. However,louboutin, in the night,peuterey, Ting-Ting family's neighbor with a cell phone to shoot video,moncler doudoune, this video has been violently attacked, though not Tingting scenes, but

Ting-Ting Ting-Ting's father learned of the whereabouts, after which they go back with Tingting. And when in the hospital to see his father as in the case, had fun and lively look Tingting immediately changed.
Tingting said, and beat her stepmother, and aunt who heard about the Ting-Ting, Ting-Ting's father was also wounded. Intense bickering alerted police station, Tingting aunt very excited mood,在高坪区老君镇一大棚处Criminal Law stipulates: units to report that he had received about criminal punishment, not hide. In Article 100 is added as the second paragraph: Ningbo Haishu District Court female judges Zhang Dandan view, this reflects the state of child care,, compared to Ting-Ting's stepmother down looked very calm and still while folding clothes.
, know each other, look at themselves and call justice. Shandong TV 22:02 Sunday to Thursday nights to invite you to onlookers.

more than three hours after the final agreement on behalf of Aunt Tingting Tingting until her adult support. Ting-Ting's father to pay monthly alimony of $ 400, Jingdezhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau is also committed, Tingting monthly subsidy of not less than three hundred and twenty yuan. Ting-Ting's father and Aunt signed an agreement commissioning support.
counsel, in this case, you can try to remove Tingting father's custody proceedings, custody shall then be transferred to my aunt, but when we put this idea to the Ting Ting's two aunts when they do not agree to do so. They have said that themselves have difficulties to take care of Tingting.

forensic Tingting suffered injuries Sometimes, the condition does not constitute a criminal case, the public security organs of the Ting Ting's father can not take enforcement measures, can only continue to focus on the experiences of Tingting.

although Ting Ting's father kept saying, beatings Tingting for her talent, but we learned that 9-year-old Tingting should be in third grade students, in fact, she only read half the book. In March this year after dropping out of school, you never been to the campus.

video recording time in 0:00 or so,moncler donna, a man and woman pointing toward children, the woman's hand has been pointed in the child's face program planning, reached into her mouth to go.
Who would have thought Tingting home with his father the night, one person was taken to the police station, which wounded several people still go.

8 月 21 at night,christian louboutin, Ting-Ting's father and two aunts sitting in the Civil Affairs Bureau of the conference room together to discuss future support issues Tingting.
Ting Ting's home because of Jiangxi Poyang, in Jingdezhen had no fixed abode, if students drop out of school like this, the school can not help.

at the police station, Tingting aunt said, Ting-Ting Ting's stepmother does not want to go home, so the children would come back beaten. But the stepmother said their children did not play, just to scare her.
8 月 9 日 10 pm, the sixth day after discharge,moncler sito ufficiale, Ting-Ting, Ting-ting alone was found to stay in Jingdezhen City in front of the First People's Hospital. Tingting said they beat her father and stepmother, so she ran out, want to go to the hospital looking for nurses aunt, but hospital work, and no one, she had to wait here.

father swear this made to ensure that children no longer play, and finally left the room in tears Tingting, accompanied his father home.
neighbor said he saw this process lasted more than an hour, although he do before some understanding of the Ting Ting's, but the scene in front of him or surprise. He wanted, is not worried about playing this stepmother who left scars in children, easy to be found, so they changed the law to torture children? Neighbors to shoot down the situation, the police.

transfer of custody

Tingting injury healed, can leave the hospital. However, it was found that,并让孩子在遭受压力时、出现不良情绪时Criminal Law stipulates: units to report that he had received about criminal punishment, not hide. In Article 100 is added as the second paragraph: Ningbo Haishu District Court female judges Zhang Dandan view, this reflects the state of child care,,moncler outlet, because doctors and nurses to take care of too thoughtful Tingting, before her life is simply a heaven compared to an underground,moncler uomo, Tingting actually do not want to leave the hospital. But no matter how good the hospital, nor is it long-term places, his father Zhang Tingting pick new flag to ward home, but her stepmother did not work together. Saw his father, had a lively look Tingting immediately changed.
abused by their parents Tingting
Zhang Qi said that although her financial support Tingting, but working out every day, he did not have the time, he is willing to raise on behalf of her daughter to her aunt, and two aunts said, because the family economic difficulties, they did not take care of Tingting.

Tingting doctors do skin grafting, after 45 days of treatment, Ting-Ting's leg basically recovered,也经常打电话联系Criminal Law stipulates: units to report that he had received about criminal punishment, not hide. In Article 100 is added as the second paragraph: Ningbo Haishu District Court female judges Zhang Dandan view, this reflects the state of child care,, the hospital for her exempt from all fees.
agreement the next day, Aunt Tingting Tingting went to the orphanage to receive their own homes,piumini moncler, and in a nearby school for her to go through the admission procedures. Tingting can finally start her new life.

face of police,christian louboutin chaussures, Ting-Ting's father and stepmother have been very sincere attitude, their commitment to the future will be good to be children, to take the child home. This is the first night after discharge Tingting happened.

Tingting Zhang's father called the new flag this year, almost 50 years old, is a Ni Jiang, Tingting's mother with the health Under Tingting, the awareness now of this woman, despite family opposition with his wife divorced,moncler, and later flash marriage.
8 月 10 morning, Ting-Ting 7 days after discharge, a family of three third time to the police station. The face of police reprimand, Ting-Ting's father and stepmother was always sincere.
About the Ting Ting's education, children's aunt who talked with her father, fights, fought, what law children have been tried, but with little success. For this reason, almost cut off from among their loved ones. This year's spring, because Tingting fun way home late from school, his father Zhang Qi beaten with a wooden meal, followed by bleeding leg wound has been festering, infected wounds to the smell of summer, and no one noticed, the final citizens in the streets cause concern.

abuse from happening again

Shandong TV Shandong TV After the broadcast, people are not yet parents do not cease to denounce human nature, a people broke the news letting everyone was surprised: After media reports, the parents not only did not repentant, a fresh start, but with afflicted children new tricks, so you do not see trauma to!
now, Tingting live in institutions, it is only a temporary relief, after all, Tingting are not orphans, she and her legal guardian. So Ting-Ting's biological mother? She can not take care of the Ting Ting's responsibility?

the face of everyone ask, Ting-Ting's father explained: his two or three years old, father died, his mother took him to someone else raising the mother at home, he did not get too warm, mother families were often beaten. At 18, Zhang found the new flag of his mother, but his mother later remarried and gave birth to a succession of several Tingting aunt, not too much to take care of Zhang Qi. At age 20, Zhang Qi came to Jingdezhen to work alone. He said a man out to make a living is not easy, due to late marriage, he and his wife have a four-year-old Ting-Ting,louboutin chaussures, and this is his only child, his daughter had placed great hope. He stressed that he likes her, and beat the child, the child is to be taught. Tingting laundry and let cook in the household but also to hone her.
room facing the neighbor's new rental housing Tingting parents,moncler, you can clearly see through the window across a family of three moves. Man and woman in bed, staring at the kids, if kids want to fall asleep, the woman immediately stood up, get her awake.
suffered abuse for things Tingting Zhang is the new flag of their own childhood experiences made a normalization standard, to manage the education her daughter. He is so concerned about outsiders and even raise the children he has shown a great lack of understanding,louboutin pas cher, in his view, the child is his own private property, would like to play scold their final say. For such an ignorant people, to persuade and educate the public security organs in addition there is no other way to it? In fact, Tingting hospital, they do on the Ting-Ting's injuries were identified.

However, Ting-Ting Ting's mother with his father in a divorce and then marry someone else, had two children. Because people with mental illness hospital treatment, now she has been discharged home. She is now in poor health, medication on time every day to ensure that sleep will not fall ill. It seems the mother is unable to support Ting-Ting Ting Ting's. To keep her worry, we did not tell her what happened now Tingting. So Ting-Ting's future, how how to do it?

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