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Gallus gallus domesticus 1UGGs on Sale

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rice bran a two flavor Stir over low heat,Longchamp Bags, add water boiled into a gruel-like, pinned to eat brown sugar if the baby is too small to filter out the inside of the soup to baby to eat.

Act 1,Longchamp Bags,UGGs Clearance Outlet, Yunnanbaiyao 1 g, with 60 - 70% of the alcohol into a paste spreads in the navel, and fixed with adhesive tape or rheumatism ointment reportedly treatment Diarrhea 40 cases, cure rate was 100%, the average healing time was 1.7 days.

Act II, steamed 1. home furnace coke with simmered baked until yellow, eat bread burnt skin. sooner or later 1.

Act III, Plantago 3 grams of cloves 1 gram of cinnamon 2 grams of research to fine,UGGs on Sale, when the dispensary with the end of 2 g, placed in the navel, the externally bonded umbilical warm cream,UGGs on Sale, every 2 days for 1 According to reports, the treatment of pediatric spleen diarrhea, usually once been effective.

and France,Longchamp UK, pork kidney 1, Drynaria end of 10 grams, kidney cut open,Longchamp Bags, into the end Drynaria , after topical wet wrap simmer cooked, remove to Drynaria,Cheap UGGs Outlet, sliced,UGGs on Sale, with salt delivery service.

in clinical adjuvant therapy to diet therapy in children with diarrhea in the fall, the effect is obvious.

Fall of children with diarrhea easily hurt the stomach, so the diet should be mainly spleen and stomach to its principle is used to reduce the absorption of dietary and easy bowel movements as far as possible to give no residue or less residue,UGGs on Sale, no crude fiber, low fat diet. such as:

1. nonfat yogurt: 100 ml cold milk fat plus 36% of the yeast acid 4 ml, or 10 drops of 85% lactic acid in milk by lactic acid bacteria fermented into yogurt. this yogurt the lactose has been broken down into galactose for diarrhea.

2. applesauce: Apple cuts, mashed pulp after eating. apples contain acid,Beats By Dr.Dre Headphones, the toxin can be adsorbed moisture, and contains tannic acid , with convergence, suitable for children with diarrhea.

3. Yam Porridge: rice stems 50 grams of yam powder medicine 20 grams with Zhu Chengyu, with the spleen effect. for persistent,UGGs on Sale, chronic diarrhea effectively.

4. Hawthorn fried carrot: 2 fresh carrots, fried Hawthorn 15 grams of brown sugar,Beats By Dr.Dre Headphones, decoction. clothes several times a day, take 2 to 3 days,Longchamp Bags, on fresh wounds diarrhea and effective.

5. plantago MI Ren Jin chicken porridge: Health yi MI Ren 30 grams,UGGs on Sale,UGGs Outlet Online,Longchamp Le Pliage, Gallus gallus domesticus 1,Longchamp Le Pliage, rice 25 grams, with Zhu Chengyu. children eat,UGGs on Sale, enabling the wet Jianweixiaoshi effect.

each fall, infant diarrhea, gradually increased,UGGs on Sale, often more than their parents to switch to the hospital, repeated examination, medication is still not improved. Here I introduce the autumn infant diarrhea prevention and treatment.

diarrhea caused by reasons can be divided into: physiological diarrhea virus diarrhea caused by indigestion, diarrhea

(a) physiological diarrhea usually relatively mild symptoms, daily stool frequency in children is sparse and the spirit is still good, no vomiting,Longchamp Le Pliage, fever and other symptoms. 2 years of age, especially within the age of the baby, the first fall in life almost always experience physiological diarrhea. If physical diarrhea,UGGs on Sale, mothers do not stress,Longchamp Bags, do not take medicine busy chaos, more Do not baby momentary appetite.
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