for example Beats by dr dre headphones

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for example Beats by dr dre headphones

Postby x6moncler » Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:51 pm

The most classic market theory is two : one is the wave theory,Cheap Monster Beats Headphones, one is Gelan Bi law .
Wave theory is an attempt to advance a theory reveals the trend of late ,Monster Headphones UK, is a theoretical prediction ,Monster Headphones UK, while the law is changing in Gelan Bi to grasp the theory of resourcefulness . wave theory are five waves rose about you, three friends of such a wave to adjust the theory to predict future trends by assuming , for example,Australia New Style Dr Dre Beats, to see out of a five- wave upside movement ,Longchamp Handbags UK, then adjusted after we put a five- wave upside as the first five waves of the first big wave ,UGGs on Sale Cheap, then adjust the next three waves is a good time to buy , then buy there and then will meet the three waves of a large upside while in the wave theory of stress wave is definitely not the shortest of the three waves , so that when the majority of three-wave upward move call the shots ,Monster Beats Headphones, so seize the three-wave equivalent to seize the main upward ,Cheap Monster Beats Headphones, is equal to eating fish . then the stock market often say that the three waves three What is called three-wave three it? is divided into three waves among the five small waves , the third small waves ,Cheap Monster Beats Headphones, that time is the most profitable time .
Gelan Bi law is mainly the role of a moving average ,Monster Beats Headphones, the stock will have a far from average average return of the process ,GHD Sale, they fell more,Cheap Monster Beats Headphones, far from the average ,Beats by dr dre headphones, there will be a rebound to average requirements. go up deviate from the average price rose too far , there will be a return to average demand ,Australia New Style Dr Dre Beats, so that the stock price decline when the deviation from the average position will have a far better point can grab a rebound , and in the rising process, the deviation from the average far Withdrawing and proximity to all the money at the right time ,GHD Sale, will form a new point of intervention. of course, in addition to the wave theory and Ge Lanbi rules ,UGGs on Sale Cheap, the stock market there are some indicators that in some cases will also play a role ,Longchamp Bags Clearance, but the role of these indicators is not a general understanding of the role of everyone ,Longchamp Bags Clearance, such as we usually put these things MACD Sicha in fact,Longchamp Handbags UK, the main role of these indicators is reflected in the departure ,UGGs on Sale Cheap, I call this the
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